Monday, May 4, 2015

Orlando.. I love you. Sea World and Disney and Putt Putt Golfing. Florida pt. 1

If anyone is still reading this blog, anyone who isn't a Russian spam-bot, HEY!! welcome back! Oddly enough, I received a message from Blog Lovin' that I was up to 40 whole followers, which is 3 more than my previous 37. Apparently, when you only blog a hand full of times over the last two months, you gain 3 followers. I'VE FOUND THE SECRET TO BLOGGING!! 

Maybe not. 

Anyways, you might remember when I announced that Kev and I were going to Europe at the end of April. We were heading to Munich then to Paris. Well, there was a slight change of plans, we're still going to Europe, but not until later this year. Everything is fine, we're all good, thankfully we were able to reschedule the flight, the hotels were cancelled without a problem and we just have to fly to the same location before January of 2016, no problemo. 

Since flying wasn't happening, we decided to still take the week off and instead drive to Florida. Take a few days in Orlando and hit up some parks, then over to the beach for a day or two. 

Apparently when people go to Disney they take weeks to plan it and have an entire strategy to get around the parks and not spend a small fortune on food and drinks. We instead, decided to plan it with 5 days notice. 

We left Saturday afternoon and drove to Georgia. I really have no idea where we were, but I know it was definitely not in Florida. The next day it was just a few hours to Orlando where we had reservations at The Point resort.

The hotel was about a mile from Universal Studios and it was awesome. When you don't stay in Disney, it saves you like $400 a day. Instead you take the shuttle over to the parks OR you pay $17 to park and leave whenever you feel like it. (that was us)

On Sunday we pretty much hung out by  the pool until the room was ready then we took a giant nap. Pretty exciting, I know....

Sunday night we had reservations at Mama Della's over at the Portifino Bay Hotel at Universal. One of the cool parts was that it had roving singers who wandered around and sung opera. 

One of the down sides of the  restaurant was this:

WHO DOES THIS?!?! The ivy will never match, never, ever and it was all around the entire restaurant. I just don't understand.

We started off with some super yummy bread with some garlic olive oil and some butter.

I had the fish, after that long of a drive I wasn't in the mood for a bunch of pasta. It was pretty tasty, I don't usually get fish when I'm out, but it wasn't bad.

There were some shops around the restaurant, one of them being an art gallery, where I found the most perfect painting ever!

Really, how awesome is this?!?! It has everything I could ever possibly need in a painting, Sadly, Kev said no. I really don't understand what he didn't love about it, it's the most perfect thing ever!

After tooling around, we needed to find ponchos for the next few days since it was supposed to rain. I got this sexy number at the 7-11 for $2.99. Don't be jealous.

I'm totally going to drag this trip out over several blog posts because I'll have a much better chance of documenting it if I don't have dump it all in one giant post. Then, when I'm done, I have an entire series called "-Ish I didn't blog about last month", It's in several parts as well. :)

Time for bed and back to work tomorrow!

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  1. Hey hey welcome back! This sounds like such a fun trip! I love last minute trips like that, sometimes they are waay better than ones that have been planned for months anyway!

  2. Yay!! More CCC! Glad you had a blast. Hope you saw some Minions. Love those suckers. Did Pedro say Hi at the border?? 👍👍👍

    1. I am forever amazed that South of the Border is still there. I think it's a haven for molesters and hookers.

  3. Glad you had a great time in Orlando. Looking forward to hearing more about it.

  4. Haha things like unmatching ivy drives me crazy as well, I understand... ;)

    1. WHHHHHYYYY would they do that? and to an entire restaurant?!?! I would fire someone for that. lol

    2. WHHHHHYYYY would they do that? and to an entire restaurant?!?! I would fire someone for that. lol