Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A Triathalon? - This might really happen

I'm sure I've mentioned before that I'd like to do a triathlon. I can run, I can ride a bike, all I need is the swimming. Don't get me wrong, I can swim well enough to keep myself from drowning but laps? Nope. I know that the swim part would be my biggest nemesis.

Last year I even bought a swim suit and some goggles, or maybe it was 2 years ago. Darned if I can remember. I even took 1 swim class with some college swimmer who was home over the summer. And that was it. 

Here's the thing, pools skeeve me out, seriously, big time nasty. Don't even get me started on water parks. All those people, their sweaty nasty selves and that water washing all over them and back into the pool and onto you. #poolsarenasty 

Kev says that the chlorine in the pool kills everything. If that's the case, WHHHHHYYY do they post these signs at the gym??? 

The chemicals on your body can cause the pool to become cloudy and they have to close it. That pool is closed all the time and I KNOW it's from people's funk. You also know that the minute a kid poops in the pool, someone just goes in and scoops it up. They don't boil the pool to kill the poop germs. 

Don't even get me started on the pee in the pool. Let's be honest, everyone pees in the pool. If you don't now, then you did at one time or another. Don't lie about it. #everyonepeesinthepool, The ocean is also full of nothing but pee. Dolphin pee, fish pee, people pee. No one is sitting on the beach, has to pee and walks back to hotel or cottage. Pee everywhere.

Have you ever seen the South Park episode where everyone pees at the water park?

Then people die in a flood of pee. I'll rank that as one of my top 5 worst ways to die. Being trapped in something sticky and not being able to get it off also ranks up there.

Although I could go on, I'll stop talking about what Kev calls "my irrational notions".

So, Sunday morning I left to run some errands and the cyclists for the Rambling Rose Triathlon were riding though my neighborhood. Some looked happy, some not so much but all I could think was that they'd just finished the swim, were in the middle of the 9 mile bike ride and still had 2 miles to run, How fricking awesome. They were out doing fantastic things and I was off to buy a watermelon and some cat food. 

As I was getting my coffee at Breuggers, I posted on Facebook that I really wanted to do a triathlon. This was the response I got.

If I had to sum up all the things I love about being in a sorority, it's this, right here. All three of us went to Pitt together and are KDs. They live in Charlotte and I haven't seen Beth since graduation. I've seen Rachel the last 2 years when she comes up to Raleigh to do Ironman. At a  moment's notice they're ready to jump on a bike and run a few miles with me. I have no words, I know I'm super fortunate to have had the opportunity to make such awesome friends. 

It sounds like I have plenty of motivation to get over my fear of a pee pool and learn how to swim some laps! The oooonly thing that might stand in the way is when Kev and I re-book our Europe trip. We have to go before January 2016 and the month of October is out, because, Octoberfest. There's a small chance we'll be traveling on September 20th but I think it's far more likely that I'll be doing my first Sprint Triathalon! 250 yards in the pool, 9 miles on the bike and run 2 miles, Let's do this!

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  1. We'd NEVER shun an outsider! You do need your own bike but honestly, my bike is 1/2 a step up from Huffy. I can switch gears and I still haven't really learned how to use hand brakes. I want to push the pedals backwards to make the bike stop. I know I can physically be on a bike pedaling for at least an hour because spin class tells me so. Now to actually do it on land. But yes, you should TOTALLY come!

  2. All of the pee, poop and funk stuff above about pools - Yah, I'm never going to go in a pool again, I never thought about it like that.

  3. oh my god. I've never really thought of pools that way. but triathlons! those are really impressive! I'm not so good at swimming, just good enough to "not drown" so I could never get that leg accomplished anyways! ALSO ALSO sorority alum groups are the best. I'd be lying if half the reason I joined was to have a built in network of friends anywhere in the world after I graduated......

  4. HAHAHAHA this is so funny! Although now I'm a little upset that you may have ruined pools for me. Maybe.

    1. Sorry! I just can't not see a big pool of pee when I look at them. Can't do it. I can put my legs in the water but that's about it. lol

  5. haha... I'm not a big watcher of South Park but that's hilarious....

    I know swimming would be my nemesis in a tri ... I can barely make it from one end of a pool to the other.

  6. I rant about it all.the.time. Kev loves it so much. hahahah