Monday, May 18, 2015

Daytona Beach and the Saga of the Lemon Ice Garotade Florida pt. final

II had a great idea that last Friday morning I was going to type this post while I was at work and then people wanted things. I looked up and it was 10:30am, so now I finally finish my Florida recap. 

BTW, I definitely read all of your comments and love them all! I also swear that I've been reading all your blogs too, but it's on my iPad at night via the Bloglovin app which doesn't allow me to leave comments. Know I totally would if the app would let me. You know what else would be awesome? If I could speak my comments and it just adds it to someone's post. That would be fantastic, because I'm lazy.

Speaking of lazy, out final days in Florida looked an awful lot like this.

Check out my beefy calves.

After being there, I have no idea why Daytona Beach was so popular for Spring Break in the 90s. There were hardly any shops or bars and the ones that were there were all leather bars. I know Bike Week is a huge thing and there were a lot of biker bars, but no where I would go to have an adult beverage.

Our hotel was super fab though and we had lunch there when the sun was too much.

During my vacation I listened to the entire Serial podcast. OMG, what did everyone else do after it was over?!?! I seriously don't know what to do with my life any more. I tried to find other podcasts but nothing else compares. Does anyone have any suggestions for other podcasts? Really, I need my fix and nothing is doing it for me.

Oh, the other thing I discovered in Daytona were "Love Bugs". These bugs do nothing but have sex and collapse into a post-coital bliss and they're EVERYWHERE. so, nasty. Apparently it's a thing and everyone is used to them. I was disgusted.

Then for our last Florida dinner, I had an amazing pile of fresh seafood. So good...

And that was our Florida trip! We had a great time and we got to see new places and have a fantastic adventure. 

I might have also had an ulterior motive for going to Florida, I needed to find a 7-11. Had we gone to Europe, I would have driven to Dulles airport and stopped at 7-11 on the way up. Why? Because the most amazing Gatorade ever created is back, for a limited time, only at 7-11. LEMON ICE!

Let me tell you a story, in the lat 90s, early 2000s, the one beverage I turned to when I needed my thirst quenched or when I was sick, Lemon Ice. It was a delightful light, lemony flavor. Not syrupy or nasty at all. Just pure amazingness. Sadly, it was discontinued in 2003. For years, I looked and looked for it, to no avail. Anytime Kev asked if I wanted Gatorade I told him to get me Lemon Ice. He searched the first few times but finally caught on that it was discontinued. I still look for it everywhere I go. 

A few years ago I joined a Facebook group Bring Back Lemon Ice Gatorade. About 3 months ago they started chatting about how Lemon Ice might come back and I was so excited. So were the 800+ other people on the page. 

Well, it's back, but only at 7-11 for a limited time only.

It's just as amazing as I remembered and I might have brought a few home with me. I have my precious in the spare refrigerator in the garage, but I can only drink them for special occasions. It might be another 12 years before I can get any more. Really though, if you live near a 7-11, go get you some. You won't regret it. 

Happy Monday everyone!

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