Monday, July 13, 2015

Scenes From The Weekend

Do the weekends get shorter? I swear it was Friday I blinked and here it is Sunday night. Ugh. I need a vacation. Sadly, I just had a "vacation", actually 2, and now I need to save the rest of my PTO for the end of the year when we're planning our re-booked Europe trip. Meh...

Okie Dokie, on to our weekend! Friday night Kev wanted steak. Really though, Kev always wants steak so this night was no different than the rest. We had reservations at Ruth's Chris via Open Table but Kev isn't a fan of their steak so when a spot at Vinnie's opened at 7pm, we headed there instead. 

I've mentioned before Vinnie's is hands down the best Cosmo in town. Their steak is pretty awesome too, so there's something for both of us. Marriage is about finding things you both like and doing them together. 

We generally split a steak because I'm just not going to put away 8 ounces of meat, booze and a side dish. You gotta have priorities. We went with the Strip Steak, Pittsburgh Rare. I personally thought it was closer to Rare that Pittsburgh Rare and therefore, a little overdone for my taste, but then again, I noshed on a pile of raw steak tartare last weekend. Kev said I was insane and he ended up eating most of my food too. It was fine though, I had 2 Cosmos to fill my belly.

After dinner, we stopped at Whole Foods to get some movie theater candy BTW, that's a bad idea because Whole Foods candy is more expensive than movie candy.

We went to see San Andreas which I thought was AWESOME. It might be because I had 2 Cosmos coursing though my system but I still thought it was fantastic. 

heh heh heh.....

The one major thing for me was that I actually believed the movie could happen. Let me explain. 

The Rock had to save his daughter through a natural disaster. We've all seen these sorts of movies before. That John Cusack movie where he drives a limo though the apocalypse, and that other one where Dennis Quaid walks from Philly to NYC in a storm that freezes most people to death immediately. I didn't believe them for a minute. In this one the Rock flies a helicopter, steals a truck, gets a plane, parachutes out of the plane, drives a boat, then takes the boat OVER a giant tsunami wave, ALL to save his daughter. Fricking awesome. I feel if anyone was physically up to the challenge, it's him. There were some fantastic cheesy lines and it was pretty much nothing but iconic landmarks getting destroyed.

There was one part I didn't understand. How was The Rock not eating throughout the movie? I read that he eats something like 170 ounces of cod every day.

Fine, it was 36oz of cod but that's still insane.

After the movie Kev wanted dessert and we ironically ended up at Ruth's Chris where he got some bread pudding.

Saturday morning I got a much needed manicure. I might be breaking up with my nail guy. They're super nice and do a good job but take foreeeeevvvveeerr. I'm normally there for 90 minutes for a gel manicure and have been there 2 hours before. I had a gel mani and a regular pedicure last time I was there and it was almost 3 hours. I just can't spend that much time there. 

It's a bit of a hike to Cameron Village but they always do a great job at the salon there. Same price as my guy and 45 minutes start to finish. 

I came home, got Kev, we went to get groceries then debated pizza for dinner.

I have a confession to make. I don't love pizza. I just don't, never have. I know people who pizza is their favorite food and would eat it all the time (Kev). I just don't get it. 

When I tell Kev I'm in the mood for pizza, it's a special day and he has to take advantage of the opportunity.

We went to Paparazzi and I went with the chicken pesto pizza and Kev got something covered in meat and cheese. I think their pizzas are yum and perfect for the every 3 months I want a piece.

Sunday morning rolled around and decided to make use of the blueberries Kev picked the other day, We have an enormous blueberry bush in the back yard and it's blueberry season! I;m gonna miss that bush when we move.

I ended up making a blueberry protein pancake with protein powder and cottage cheese. They were surprisingly good and packed with protein. I think I have a winner! I'll post the recipe in a few days because it's good enough to share!

I went to Body Pump, showered and now time for a little blogging and catching up on e-mails.

What did you do this weekend??

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  1. I've never had a gel manicure... how long is it normally? 3 hours? AINT NO BODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!!!!!

    The Rock can totally save the world... I would believe that too! :)

  2. i want berries in my backyard.. although I do have a wisteria vine, so there's that.

  3. I was curious about that movie! I think we will save it for Redbox, but it looks good!

  4. Oh wow yeah that is way too long for a manicure, even gel! I don't blame you for not wanting to take that long! LOVE your polish color, that is gorgeous! Ooo fresh blueberries and blueberry pancakes, YUM! :)

  5. That steak looks like it's to die for. All I see in your post is the lovely yummy looking food you've posted pictures. Haven't heard of the movie you saw, but I'm actually not a big fan of the rock. Your nails look gorgeous!

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  6. I love the color of your nails! So pretty! Oh man I'm a huge pizza fan. My fiance just self-diagnosed himself as having a sensitivity to gluten and the thing I'm most sad about is we can't get pizza! (Well, we can, but gluten free pizza is a lot more expensive.)

  7. Your nail color is adorable :) I love it
    Chelsea @