Monday, July 6, 2015

Scenes from the Weekend

I'm baaaack! Well, I wasn't really gone, I was off doing all things KD convention. The last few weeks have been pretty crazy, the three days before I left, I was in three days of Leadership Training at work. It was good stuff but left me 0 time to get everything in order before leaving. 

On Monday, well, I guess that's today, I'm facilitating a 3 day sales training for half my team, so I head to get ready for that as well. I was off for 4 business days, back for one, we have  3 day weekend then 3 days of training. It's all good but I noticed on Thursday that my team seemed a little distracted and just really un-focused. Part of that might have been due to the day's festivities and lie eating competition and but the rest might have been from me not really being around for the last 2 weeks. I think I'm going to have to re-focus them this month, after I finish training.

Alright, on to the weekend! I was off Friday and it was glorious. I did get up early and head to 930 Body Pump class since I skipped Thursday night. Then Kev and I headed to breakfast. We ended up at IHOP because everywhere else had a stupid long line. 

The rest of the day was spent getting groceries and binge watching X-Files. On a side note, I bet that Mudler and Skully would make out by the end of the 3rd season. We're almost there and they STILL haven't done it. Grrrrr.

Saturday morning I woke up and it was 75 degrees! I don't know that it's been that cool in at least 2 months. Since it was so nice I HAD to go for a run.

No really, if I have any hope of doing a triathlon, my ass needs to do some running. And swimming. And bike riding. Really, all of the things.

After I got home and watched some more X-Files, Kev and I headed over to Chapel Hill for the 4th of July celebration. 

One of the groups Kev represents was performing that night and we needed to work the merch table. If you get a minute, definitely check out Transit's website. They put on an awesome show!

I was bored waiting for the gates to open, and it was hot, my ass was sweaty but my selfie game was strong.

There were close to 40,000 people at the arena, it was CRAZY full.

The city put on a great show, the fireworks were amazing and really well done. Kudos to the city of Chapel Hill.

As we were packing to head home I found this in Kev's car.

I KNEW I lost moonshine. Believe, me, booze is never lost in my car. In case you're wondering, it's delicious. It has a vanilla cookie taste with a hint of marshmallow. I have no idea what to mix it with, or if I even need to. I think it might be nice in a shake with almond milk and ice. But it'd be pretty tasty just in a cup with ice. Mmmmm..

Sunday was glorious, I slept in like a boss. When I woke up I was struck with the urge to chop off my hair. Actually, I was struck last night and it carried over into the morning. I called around since my regular salon is closed on Sunday. I want to be clear, this is usually a really bad idea. Want to cut off all your hair and your salon is closed?? That's usually a sign to wait.

I'm not very good at listening to signs.

Thankfully my gamble paid off!

It;'s going to take me a while to get used to it. At least I like it today. Knowing me, I'll hate it in 3 days and spend the next 2 years growing it out... 

The rest of the day I need to fold some laundry and get ready to train tomorrow! Good times.

Hope you all had an amazing Fourth of July!

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  1. Oooohhhh your hair looks great!!!! And those fireworks look amazing! I laughed when I read "my ass was sweaty but my selfie game was strong!" Have a great week!!

    1. Thanks! I swear, I haven't been able to get my hair to look like that since she did it. I'm just gonna roll with it and probably end up growing it out again. lol

  2. You hair looks fab!! Those fireworks look fantastic. Your selfie game is super strong, what is your secret to taking great selfies??

  3. Love that I stumbled across another KD girl :) Looks like you all had a great weekend. Love the new haircut!

  4. Cute hair!! Your weekend looks like a blast & that moonshine sounds delicious!

  5. Isn't that how it always goes? "I need to chop my hair!" Love it for a while, then, "I'm growing my hair out forever!" Hahaha. I've been growing mine out for so long and really want to chop it...but I'm waiting until after my wedding in October. Your cut looks so cute!

    1. It's always the way. I do this every 2 years. Chop, then grow. One day I'll find a happy medium. Actually though, I think I chopped it all off last year. Dang, it grew a lot in that time.

  6. Great post! Love your hair!

  7. That moonshine sounds interesting! Your hair looks fabulous!

    Doused In Pink

  8. Training motivation, i need some too. I've just been going to Body Pump. I need to log more running miles and I haven't set foot in a pool in weeks.