Friday, August 26, 2016

Five people you meet in a group fitness class

OK, I want to preface this by saying that I love me a good fitness class. It's really the only thing I go to, unless I'm running on the treadmill or outside. I'm not really the type to go work a bunch of weight machines and I've spent so many hours on the elliptical that I literally can't even any more.

However, just like Sesame Street told you about the people in your neighborhood, these are the people in your group fitness class and they are special.


I've mentioned the constantly talking, thinks he's hella funny, but he's really just annoying gym guy. Please respect the rest of the people in the class, you want to have social hour, do it outside. Go to a juice bar or have some coffee or a bagel and chat, I don't care, just let the people who want to have a good work out do it in peace,

2. The "I look prefect after class" chick/dude. 

When I got to class, I go there to sweat. I want to get my heart rate up, break a sweat and leave smelly. I turn into a red faced sweaty mess who needs a 1985 Richard Simmons sweat band to keep it from dripping in my eyes. It's delightful. But there are those people who never break a sweat! I just don't understand, how, how does this happen, I see you moving, you seem to be working out, but you don't leave class with your mascara running down your face like a horrible Alice Cooper impersonator.  (this might have been me)

Then I like to go to Whole Foods, where everyone smells earthy and is in gym clothes

3. The guy who takes the class really, really seriously. 

We've all met this guy. I remember 2 of them in particular, there was a Pump class where someone wore a giant, leather Hulk Hogan-esque weight belt. Look, I've got no problem with a Hulk Hogan weight belt, I totally need one for my Hogan Halloween costume this year. Body Pump is suppsed to be lower weight and high repetition. he had a decent. not over the top, amount of weight on his bar, but at the end of every song or every break, he dropped his weights and grunted loudly. Brah, come on....
Last week in Combat, one of the tracks was "King Foo Fighting" and the guy behind me really tought he was kung foo fighting. He was super serious and there were a few times I felt the wind from his foot at the back of my head, he was that close to me. Taking class seriously is great, but maybe dial it back a notch. :)

4. The person who I'm convinced is going to really hurt themselves.

Most instructors do a great job correcting people's form and giving solid directions, but there are some folks who are just so far out of the realm, that I;m genuinely concerned that they're going to hurt themselves.  Lordy, please be careful I'm not great in medical emergencies. I panic and if you hurt yourself I can't help you.

5. The I'm going to give you stink eye for being in my "spot" chick. 
Who am I kidding, this is me.

Who do you meet at the gym?

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  1. haha - I know every one of these people :)
    There's "The Competitor"... or also knows as the "I know it all" person
    There was a girl that would ALWAYSSSSSS stand next to me & she would always try to make the point that she was jumping higher or exerting a bit more than me. It was a little TOO much.

  2. OH MY GOSH, the looking perfect after class one! I don't normally see this in my Tuesday night Zumba class, but I went to a Zumba class at noon on a Friday a couple weeks ago and this girl had full makeup on, her hair was down and appeared to be straightened/done, she was wearing sweatpants (like, cute ones, you know?) and a t-shirt that either had sequins or gold foil on it...AND SHE LOOKED THE SAME AT THE END OF CLASS. And she was good too. She is obviously a regular because she knew all the moves and was actually good at them. I was like, "I've missed 35% of the steps because I never come to this class but I'm still sweating like a whore in church."

  3. LOL at all of these - so true! I'm the same way about "what is that smell?!" before realizing it might be me! :-P
    Green Fashionista