Monday, August 1, 2016

Scenes from the Weekend

I'm sitting here wondering what where the last 2 days went. Sunday was the worst, I went from one thing to the other to the next and oh -ish, it's Sunday night. 

Friday afternoon I had an appointment at the genius bar because the GPS on my phone wasn't working. They ran some diagnostics and decided to give me a new phone because it was still under warranty. That was pretty nice, considering I'm pretty sure the issues happened when I dropped it in the toilet about a month after I got it. Thankfully they didn't shine the light of truth in and see whatever is in there that tells them you dropped it in the potty. 

After I got home from work, we sat around for a while then Kev and  decided to go to Layfayette Village and catch Pokemon. Yes, yes we did . There are a bunch of Poke Stops there and plenty of people walking around. Yep.

Saturday morning I had my weigh in (it went well) came home, had some breakfast and even though I wasn't feeling it, I went to the gym. I got an Apple Watch last week and was eager to see how it did with the different work outs. I wish that there were more options for types of workouts and most everything for me wasn't "other" but I think it tracks it pretty well. I really like how it separates active calories, which is what you actually burn in the workout, and doesn't include the calories you burn just being alive.

Body Pump
413 total and 301 were active calories. I have a goal each day of 590 Active calories and on Saturday, I was surprised it took me until the end of the day to get there.

More on the Apple Watch later, but I'm really liking it. Numbers, goals!

After the gym I showered and went to get my hair done. It was time to cover those greys! When I got home, Kev and I headed to Costco. Yeeessss Costco. The Samples were epic. 

For dinner we headed to Glenwood Grill. I was convinced we'd been there before and Kev said we hadn't. He was right. 

Thursday at work we were discussing Cougar bars in Raleigh and where an older person looking for companionship would go to find other similarly minded people. We googled it and Glenwood Grill came up on several websites as one. I didn't know that when Kev made reservations, but the website was right. There were lost of grey hairs there. We might have been the youngest couple in the place. Us and some kid who was there with his grandparents. 

I was thinking that since the name of this blog is Coffee and Cosmos that I should start reviewing all the Grey Goose Cosmos in the Triangle. Since I eat mostly Jenny Craig food, the one night I give myself off is date night on Saturday with Kev. 99% of the time I have a cosmo. I feel a new feature coming soon. 

I still need a rating system but one of the things will be the shrapnel content. Shrapnel is the crap floating in the drink that gets in the way of my alcohol. The one at Glenwood Grill had not only random lemon rind, but also lemon pulp? Gross. I hate pulp and I even more hat things getting in the way of my booze. It was passable. 

For dinner I had a very poorly lit 4oz fillet with parsnip mash and it came with fried oysters. Kev also ordered a Rare Fillet, and his was 10oz, in case mine was over cooked, which it was. I gave him this and he gave me 4oz of his.

It tasted good, just overcooked. 

Kev wanted dessert and I wanted a better beverage, so we went to Vinnie's Steakhouse to the bar.

When I do my reviews. this is the Cosmo by which all other Cosmos are rated. Vinnie's has the best in town and the bartender is amazing. This one was a little short, I like my booze to the top of the glass, but the color, smoothness and taste are all on point.

Notice the lack of shrapnel in there. 

 Kev got the blueberry crostada dessert special and I helped. It was amazing.

Sunday was a mash of the same old, same old things. Wake up, tidy the kitchen, start laundry, fold last week's laundry that I was too lazy to do last week, then head to the gym for a run and Body Flow. 

Apple Watch wants me to run outside for at least 20 minutes so it can understand my pace before so it can better track me on the treadmill. Well Apple Watch, it's 8000 degrees here and that's just not happening. I ran without the calibration and it was pretty close to the distance on the treadmill.

I was running 5 min and walking 2 and the treadmill said 2.35 miles. Not terrible for no calibration.

I was curious to see how many calories I burned in Body Flow and I was pleasantly surprised that it was 237 active calories.

After the gym I stopped at the grocery store to get beverages and a watermelon. I was disappointed 2x this week with bad melon. Both Costco and Harris Teeter gave me un-ripe, inedible melon which is BS. I might have to be that person and return the cut open melon, especially since they were $5 each.

I capped off the evening with a second batch of laundry to fold and a little Sharknado 4. I apparently missed Sharknado 3 and thought I could catch up pretty quickly. I was mistaken...

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Happy Monday!

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  1. Wow! I'm pretty impressed with everything that apple watch can trackc!

    1. I might love it a lot. It doesn't do sleep tracking but I really don't like things on my arm when I sleep. I'm a huge fan so far!

  2. I'm all about numbers & goals too. They inspire me.
    HAHA - no light of truth shining on you. that's awesome! They screw people over so much over the price of phones, I love hearing people give it back to them.

    1. They really do get you with that little light! I'm glad I wasn't subjected to it. lol The new one does work MUCH better!

  3. My husband got the Apple Watch several months back and loves it. My SIL got it a few months ago too and she seems to love hers. I am on the fence as to if I want it or not. I think if I do decide to get it, I will wait until after baby since my workouts aren't monumental things right now lol. I would love to hear how you feel about it in a few weeks after you have had it for awhile.

    1. Definitely so far so good! My favorite part is the HRM built into the watch and I don't need a chest band. There have been a few times where it wasn't reading my HR properly in a workout, but it seemed to right itself after a few minutes. Other than that, it's been great!