Monday, October 27, 2014

First time running with a cape and probably not the last

Annnnd it's Monday again. I had a pretty low-key weekend, Kev was away at a conference Friday night and most of Saturday which left me to my own devices. I discovered that meant lots of laundry. I really don't mind doing laundry, it's the whole folding thing. WHY is everything inside out? I mean seriously, It adds a good 15 minutes to my laundry time.
We're also dog sitting for a few days. Our friend who watches Cleo while we're away is gone for a few days and we have her dog. Only problem, her dog is allergic to everything and can only eat special food. That means Cleo's treat parade grinds to a halt while her friend is here. She gets really excited to have a friend stay over but by day 2, she realizes that friend = no treats. On Saturday I didn't finish the chicken I was eating and Cleo waited until Lily's back was turned, came over to me, looked at me and the chicken and pawed my leg. I gave her the chicken and she kept sneaking glances over to make sure Lily wasn't paying attention.
Lily also likes to counter surf and in the past she's eaten a frozen steak and a stick of butter. We thought we locked everything up but she got into the trash under the sink and ate foil covered in bacon grease. Good times..
I got this mug for Kev, but really, it applies to everyone.

Saturday morning I wanted to make a treat for a friend who just had a baby. I settled on these Crumb topped pumpkin muffins. I found the recipe on Pinterest but can't locate the link right now. That's when I decided that there weren't enough foods in this world that had a crumb topping.  

On my way to her house I stopped at Bean Traders to get a coffee and I reveled in how I was such a basic white girl that day. Boots, leggings, flannel shirt and a coffee. All I needed to do was stand in a pumpkin patch.
Spent time with mommy and baby then I had to head over to Raleigh to get my bib for the Monster Dash.
On my way there I stopped at JC Penny to look for a new white dress. I need it for sorority ritual stuff and the one I have is impossible to zip by myself. I dislocate my shoulder every time because it has this odd band around the waist that the zipper always gets stuck on.
I found a dress on clearance for $20 (SCORE!) and this gem.
I also found my leather pants there for $22, YAY! JC Penny had a huge selection of leather pants, including several pairs that were pleated. No no no no no. Pleated pants should be outlawed, especially leather ones.
Sunday morning I still had some groceries to pick up and I headed to Target first thing in the morning. We're having a spooky food contest today at work and I needed a few more things for my dish, as well as the prize for the spookiest food!
I was also contemplating my costume for the race. I was supposed to do it last year but had last minute visitors and couldn't make it so I still had my Tardis costume that I never wore. Problem, it was supposed to be in the high 70s and the costume didn't really "breathe".
I found a Darth Vader shirt complete with a cape for $8 so I snapped it up as a back-up plan.
I was super sleepy and contemplating not doing the race. Then I drank a big glass of almond milk and protein powder (bad idea)
I get to the race, forgot my Garmin and my phone is currently jacked up and I can't make or receive calls and I have no data. Oddly, there weren't many people at the race. Usually it's a full one with lots of people in fun costumes. While I was waiting for the run to start this odd smelly guy kept getting closer and closer to me. I finally gave him some side eye and moved far away. I don't know what his costume was supposed to be because all he had on was a pair of running shorts and his old bare chest for the world to see. He was in front of me and I could tell he shaved his back but he had the longest armpit hair I'd ever seen. It was pretty disgusting. 
It was dang hot. I should have brought my water, and I really shouldn't have drank that shake. I felt like I wanted to vom most of the time. I was actually looking along the side of the course for a space. I walked a lot. Far more that I should ever need to and I was pretty angry about it. I still finsihed in 33:48 which is my fastest 5k in a while. Grrrrrrr. There was a good race in there if it wasn't for that dang shake.
I got home, showered and then we went to the Angus Barn for dinner. We always eat upstairs and split the 20oz prime rib. It's really one of the best deals around, they split it for you and you each get the side, no charge for the split. 
The pianist was there and I got to play my favorite game, "what the hell is she playing". All in all a great end to the weekend!
Crumb topping, yay or nay?
Did you get a run in this weekend?
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  1. Coffee doesn't make me poop! :( Haha! That muffin looks so yummy, yes to crumb toppings. Barf to the guy with long armpit hair. Gross.

    1. The armpit hair guy was so gross. Then there as a guy who mde himself 5 free sample coffees at Fresh Market and stood there while he drank them for a good 5 minutes. It was the day of strange men.

  2. haha! i thought that was only me with the coffee. i drink coffee and 30mins later, i have to deploy. never fails.

  3. ahbahahah, basic white girl had me crackin' up!
    My ugly christmas sweater has a cat too!
    My little dog gets belly issues easily, so she doesn't get as many treats as the greyhound, I feel kinda bad, butttt then again I hate cleaning up spots on the carpet.. so I don't feel THAT bad.

  4. Oh, we have the same issue with our dogs getting the trash. Sneaky, sneaky! Basic White girl....too funny!

    1. My dog doesn't care about trash but her friends do. I don't even think to lock it up since she doesn't ever care.

  5. I couldn't believe that JC Penny had those out. But they also had pleated leather pants, their buyers are apparently stuck in 1987...