Friday, October 10, 2014

Whatcha gonna do on vacation?

FRIDAY!!! It's the last day of the work week before vacation!!

Kev and I moved to NC 9 years ago and we absolutely love it here but every few months we need to make a trek up North and re-set our Nothern-ness. (Yes, it's a real thing). The land of sweet tea and slow drawls is great but I need to see every other person wearing a Steeler's coat or someone calling another person a jag-off. I want a real bagel and to wear a track suit without shame.

We're heading to NYC, NJ and Northern VA for a North-tastic journey and I figured why not dedicate my 5 Friday things to what I want to see and do on our trip? Here goes.

1. Eat at Katz's or Stage Deli. There was a line out the door at Katz's last time we were in NYC and we didn't have time to wait. This time we will. I want a giant, piled high meat sandwich and a pickle.

2. Stop in the Diamond District. I love all things sparkly. So, so much. My engagement ring and band and my diamond studs were all purchased in the diamond district. The prices are SOOOOO much better than anywhere else. When I managed a jewelry store and got 50% off, the NYC prices were still infinitely better. Honestly, if you or someone you know is planning on getting engaged or looking for a nice piece of jewelry, it's worth the trip. The savings will easily make up for it. If you're a haggler (Like Kev) you'll get a great deal there.

3. Eat glorious steak with friends. We have reservations at Peter Luger's on Long Island with a group of old friends. The steak is hands down, the best ever and worth every penny. I love everything right down to the cranky old waiters. You don't ask for special accommodations there. You eat the steak and the sides and don't complain. But you won't because it's amazing. Kev is counting down the hours to his steak. 
Steak for 2, Rare please.

4. Slots! It's no secret that I want to be an old lady in a track suit sitting in front of a slot machine. I'm going to get my fix. I want a slot machine and a cosmo and to sit there and play and try to spot hookers. (They usually sit on the machines on the end and slowly play a line or quarter at a time. They hang out in the bars too. I've gotten pretty good at finding them.)

5. Jersey Diner! There are no, and I do mean no diners in NC. Yes there's Poole's diner but that's fancy diner food. I'm talking about a big ass plate of eggs and hash browns with never ending coffee so hot it will burn the skin off the roof of your mouth. AND I want the giant case of butter cookies when you come in the door.

And I realized that 3 of the 5 things have to do with food. This is why I can't lose those 10 pounds...

There are so many other things I'm excited to do, visit with Kev's aunts and uncles, see a good friend get married, see more friends at said wedding, eat a NY bagel, fend off street vendors, maybe go into the back room and look at knock-off handbags, revel in the Jersey-ness of Atlantic City, hit up the outlet mall for some leather leggings (it's going to happen), watch Kev develop a NY accent for 5 days. All the things.

I have a few posts ready to go so you won't miss me too much. I'm sure I;ll be updating my Instagram the entire trip so if you want to see pictures of all the food, that's where I'll be!

See you later!

Ever been to Atlantic City?

If you eat steak, what temperature?

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  1. I went to AC when I lived in Philly it was so close! I am definitely a medium rare kinda girl and the diamond district I totally agree such better prices! Thanks so much for linking up!!

    1. When we lived outside of DC we went to AC a lot more often. It's a once or twice a year trek now but I love it so much. I'll eat my steak rarer than most people and a lot of times it comes out over done because the cook doesn't believe that I really want it that rare. :)

  2. Have a great time! Hit that jackpot!!! :)

    1. Thanks!! I never win anything on the machines but Kev does pretty well in the poker room. He makes up for what I lose.

  3. Have a great trip!! That is a serious meat sandwich!! Hope you hit it big on the slots girl!!
    xo Krissy @ Sneakers and Sequins

    1. Thanks! Me too! ONe of my favorite things about the slots is watching all the Jersey track suits. Love it all.

  4. Have fun! I've never been.

    And mmm, I want to eat at Katz's too!

  5. Yeah for going up North and calling people jag-offs. Hope you have a great time and get all the treats to last till the next visit.

  6. Hey, it worked!! I asked my advisees at NSCU where they went after going out, there aren't any diners, what the heck are you supposed to eat at 230am? Apparently they go to Cook Out. Ugh, not the same and don't even get me started on Waffle House.

    Kevin's accent comes back full force when he's up there, it's fantastic.