Thursday, October 9, 2014

What's in My Halloween Bag?

It's October! That means boots and scarves and cider and pumpkins. Or you live in the South and it's 75 degrees and you pull out all your warm clothes anyway because DAMMIT IT'S FALL. And then you get a little sweaty because you really shouldn't be wearing a sweater.

Like most basic white girls I totally love fall. Growing up, this was my absolute favorite time of the year and one of the biggest reasons is Halloween. I loved dressing up and going door to door and getting all the treats.

Remember, I'm a child of the 80s when we went Trick or Treating in awful plastic costumes. And heaven forbid it was a little chilly out, them you mom made you wear your winter coat and it totally ruined the look of your costume.

Not me but it really could have been... And WHY do pictures from our childhood look so dang old now??

I don't know about you but I have some definite favorites and not so favorites that used to show up in my bag, well pillow case, because you can fit a LOT more candy in a pillow case! So, you get home and dump out the candy on the floor so your mom can look for razors. Yes, because everyone was shoving razors in apples in the 80s. Apparently that's the best place to hide a razor.

What used to get my chubby kid heart all excited?

 - Full sized ANYTHING. Seriously, how excited were you when there was a full sized bar in your bag? You get a full Snickers bar and your night was made. And you REMEMBER who gives out the good candy. Year after year, you know.

 - Treat Bags! The treat bags were awesome. Even if it was a bag of sweet tarts and a few pixie sticks, treat bags were the best. 

 - Name brand fun sized candy. Any Snickers, Twix, Milky Way, they're all awesome. 

Wanna piss off a kid? Put these in their bags

 - Money. It was the 80s so you'd get a dime, maybe a quarter if you were lucky. All kids hate change, I can't eat your change and I'm probably going to lose it. I'd rather have a piece of gum than have to ask my mom to drive me to the store to spend my dime.

-  Mallo Cups, WHO EATS THESE? I've never seen them in the store but they always appeared in your Halloween bag. You give them to your dad, he'll eat them.

 - Toothbrushes, We all had a dentist in the neighborhood and they ALWAYS gave tooth brushes. Not cool. I want to do bad things to my teeth, not clean them.
 - Apples or any fruit for that matter. We aren't going to eat it and because of the whole razor blade thing, mom was immediately throwing them away. Fruit is heavy and just weighs down your bag.


 - Granola bars. Don't try to be healthy, we don't want that. Give me a dang Blow Pop instead.
 - Pencils. We had a couple in our neighborhood who won the lottery. Legitimately won like a million dollars in the lottery. She was our old gym teacher too and after they won, they gave out pencils and 1 roll of Sweet tarts. I remember this because we were pretty pissed. You won the lottery! Give out a full sized candy bar!
Your turn! What did you hate seeing in your Halloween bag???


  1. I never got to go trick or treating or anything, so unfortunately I didn't even get a toothbrush lol. Hopefully one day I can take my own kids and steal their candy.

    1. I definitely trick or treated loger than I should have. And I would seriously go now if someone would let me. :) There should be adult trick or treat and they pass out chapstick and wine. :)

  2. I was always the nerd that liked pencils ;)
    I always hated those peanut butter taffy tasting things - ugh!

    1. I'm the strange one who likes that peanut butter taffy. I love those oldie time candies like bit o honey and squirrel nut zippers. :)

  3. SO true about the pillow cases. I loved Reeses PB Cups, those were definitely my fave :) I always gave my mom the coffee crisps (I don't think you have those in the states).... and the treat bags were always awesome haha, so fun to open and see what's inside ;) I miss trick or treating but HOPE that we get lots of kids this year to hand out candy to!

    1. Ever since we moved to our new hose we don't get a single trick or treater and it's really depressing. I keep a bowl of candy just in case someone comes. And it's the good candy too, PB cups and Skittles. :)

  4. Lmfao! YES!!! Full-sized anything was definitely winning. And I love the treat bags too because you never really know what you're going to get until you open it, and the fact that they even took the time to put it in small bags was awesome. The candies I hated were those dots and little sugar-free gummy candies that came in the small boxes. Yuck.