Monday, October 13, 2014

Road Trip Snack Bag!

It's Monday and Columbus Day! One of the things I love about being back in banking is the random holidays I get off now. Columbus Day, Veteran's Day and I think President's Day. That means having to use fewer days of PTO for my vacation! 

As you're reading this we're driving up to NYC and rapidly approaching the land of bagels and real pizza! You should check out my Instagram to see what I'm up to.

One of the things we always do is pack a snack bag. We do like to stop, stretch our legs and get coffee, so it's not like we're driving non-stop and peeing at rest stops. (Gross) Kev refuses to let me stop at rest stops, we have to go to the next exit and find a McDonald's. Apparently molesters and murders hang out at rest stops. 

And let's be honest, when we get to VA and enter the land of WaWa, we're gonna stop. Who doesn't love some WaWa and the WaWa coffee. Mmmmmm

Kev and I both have very distinct childhood memories of the car snack bag and how mom would parse out the snacks as we were driving. We were never able to eat the snacks before a certain point in the trip no matter how often we asked. For us we had to wait until Breezewood. Breezewood was the magical entrance to the PA Turnpike where you could pee, have a drink and finally get a Twizzler.

Also, I have food issues and most of the time gas station food is going to give me pain and sadness. Gotta pack my own.

So what's in our bag?

Gum! This one is for Kev since all gum now has aspartame in it which is BS. You need gum or mentos for when you go over the mountains and you ears get all clogged up. I got him grape. Who doesn't love grape gum?

(I got my nails done too)

Grapes! Grape flavored gum and real grapes! They're super easy to eat in the car and there's minimal mess. No juicy fingers like you have with other fruits.

 Let's be honest here, Peanut Butter filled pretzels are freaking amazing. They're salty and peanut buttery and again, not too messy.

Pretzel Goldfish - I only ever eat these on a road trip and they are fantastic.

I don't know what it is but I love Twizzlers on a road trip. I almost got the long ones but the bites are just better. 

Last but not least, Quest Bars! I love having protein bars on a road trip especially if you're on a stretch of road where there aren't any good food options. I'd rather pull out a Quest Bar than stop at a Wendy's. I also love having them in my purse when we're in AC. We don't always eat lunch there and I need a little something to get me to dinner.

Some not so good things to have in your snack bag. (From personal experience)

 - Sesame bagels. No matter how much you love a nice Sesame bagel in the morning, have it at a table, not in the car. Otherwise sesame seeds will literally be everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

 - Anything with powdered sugar. It will fall on the floor of the car and a tiny cloud of powdered sugar dust will fill the car. Everything will be white.

What's your favorite road trip snack??

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  1. Snacks on road trips always taste better.
    I hate rest stops - I prefer mcdonalds... a good excuse to get iced coffee too :)

  2. Mark bought one of those huge tubs of peanut butter pretzels from Costco.....sooooo addicting!!!!

  3. Have fun on your trip! I usually always have to have combos. They are bite sized and so yummy. I can't do anything with too much sugar or I want to sleep but I do love the filled twizzler bites.