Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Step on up to the Confessional

It's Wednesday! That means only a few short days until a much needed vacation! I can't even tell you how badly we need to go away and relax, but yeah, I probably will.

I was thinking about my confessions and realized I had quite a few this week and didn't need to stretch to fill the post. WOOO HOO go me!

Confession - I've only been to confession once. It was in third grade right before my First Communion. You had to confess before you could dress up in your white dress and head up with your class and get the Communion.

I remember it was a tiny room and the priest sat across a table from me. There was no wooden wall and a little slidey screen thing like in the movies He sat me down and pointed out the box of tissues in case I got upset. It was a struggle because I was 8 and had no idea what I was supposed to say. Finally I confessed that I fought with my brother and he told me to do better. No Hail Marys or anything but I remember him being vaguely disappointed that I didn't have more to share.

After that I got my First Communion but wasn't Confirmed. I like to say that makes me Diet Catholic. All the goodness of a real Catholic but without the guilt. (Some Catholics don't find this nearly as funny as I do.)

If only there was...

 - I kinda really want a pair of leather or faux-leather leggings. They're so darn cute and I love the edgy-ness factor. Problem, Raleigh isn't exactly a leather pants kinda town. I also think my place of employment would heartily disapprove. I would wear them in NYC and to Atlantic City. I think leather pants are more a northern thing. But I still love them a lot. Rachel Zoe is in her 40s and can pull of leather pants. I love her too but I want to feed her.

Let's be real, this is probably going to happen.

 - Taxes - We're terrible when it comes to doing our taxes. Since we have business expenses and all that fun stuff it's a LOT of information gathering, miles and expenses and receipts. So we put it off and submit extensions until it's October 7h and HOLY CRAP we have to do these immediately. Good news is we're finally DONE!!! YAY October 7th with 8 days to spare.

 - For a while now I've been suspicious that I might have a resting bitch face. For those of you who aren't familiar, Urban Dictionary defines it as:
resting bitch face
a person, usually a girl, who naturally looks mean when her face is expressionless, without meaning to.
I heard it recently from the college women I advise and pretty much my entire life. I asked Kev if it was true and he said it was but he still loved me. That's good.

I do think I skew several years younger than I am. This makes a lot of sense. I don't get wrinkles from excessive smiling.
 - I recently found Once Upon a Time on Netflix and I CAN'T STOP WATCHING IT. I don't know what it is about the show but I really kinda love it. I'm on episode 13 of the first season. Kev has seen a few episodes with me and he just wants to know when the evil queen gets her come-upins. He wants to punch her in the face which is probably the whole point. Also, Jennifer Morrison is the queen of the resting bitch face. I don't have anything on her.


- We all know I love my Doctor Who and David Tennant is my Doctor. Matt Smith was fine and I'm trying to have an open mind towards the new Doctor. I have a small problem though. Sometimes I don't understand what he's saying. I feel like such a dirty American complaining about not being able to understand a Scottish accent but I think he mumbles too. Ugh, I need subtitles like in Honey Boo Boo

- I have a Tablespoon measuring spoon that I keep at my desk to portion my peanut butter. I never wash it. I just lick the peanut butter off and put it back in my drawer. hangs head in shame. I might be a little embarrassed but I'm not going to get up and wash it every time. So, if you ever come to my office, don't ask to use my spoon.

What do you have to confess today?

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  1. Diet Catholic hahahHAAhahahhaaha OMG I can't breathe. That is the most amazing thing I have read all week.

    PS I am with you on the faux leather leggings; they look sexy but do not suffocate the legs - total win!

    1. I had a boyfriend in college who was really Catholic and needless to say, his family didn't think that was funny. I think it;'s funny and I'm glad someone else does too!

  2. Yes, leather pants! I had a pair years ago when they were cool then they went out of style and I wished they didn't. I got rid of those pants and they are back in - oh well, such as the cycle of fashion.

    1. That happened to me with tall boots. I had tall boots years agho and got rid of them. Now they're everywhere and of course I re-bought them.

  3. The last time we went to H&R Block they told us we owed $700 and then owed them $400. We walked out, did it ourselves with Turbo Tax and got a refund. I need a trustworthy accountant but I'll never go back to one of those preparers.

  4. I KNOW! Mine will never look that way but I still think anyone can rock them. :)

  5. I have the same problem with the leather/faux leather leggings! I think they can look so cute and chic when paired with the right things. But I know that I would look absolutely ridiculous in them! Maybe I'll get over it, but probably not.

    Southern Belle Secrets

  6. I want faux leather leggings/pants so badly! Unfortunately, there would probably never be an instance where I'd be able to wear them because 1) I live on Guam and leather anything is kind of ridiculous because it's so damn hot, 2) I don't go out - like ever - unless it's a really special occasion, and 3) my thighs would probably burn a hole in those things because of it rubbing together so much since my legs aren't as skinny as those damn models who wear them so nicely.