Friday, May 8, 2015

And that was Epcot, Florida pt.4

Full disclaimer, Epcot was my least favorite of the parks.

One of the cool things was that the park was having some sort of Spring flower spectacular, and that was lovely. I'm not really into to gardening and flowers but I can appreciate pretty ones. I kill all the plants but it's nice when other people can make them live.

We bypassed the things at the beginning of the park and walked around the lake looking at all the different lands. I thought that there were rides and attractions in each of the places but nope. There used to be, right? Epcot is the only park I've ever been to. When I worked for a certain bank, my boss was located in Orlando and I;d go down to meet with her. When I did, she took me to Epcot because her husband worked there and it was free. Awesome... Since then, I've pointed out to every one of my bosses that I've been taken to Disney, the ball's now in their court. Most of them laughed at me but I'm pretty sure I can get a trip out of my cuirrent one. When I told him the story he said I could fo to a trade show. :)

In Canada land we saw some lumberjacks performing and in Japan there was a cool drumming trio but for the most majority of the lands it was like this, HEY, you're in France, do you know what else was in France? Beauty and the Beast, that's French because Gaston is obviously a French name... buy ALL the Beauty and the Beast merchandise here!


There were some characters who were definitely missing. I didn't see anything for the Little Mermaid, Cinderella was noticeably absent, but the worst was Norway. Norway isn't even Norway anymore, it's Frozen land. Hey, you're in Scandinavia, but don't worry about where, just know that this is where you buy all of your Frozen gear. Oh merchandising....

In Japan Kev got some fruit sushi that was pretty interesting

Disney bought the Muppets and I'm still not sure how I feel about that. If it means we get more Muppets, that's awesome, but if they become Disney-ified, not so much. At least I saw a Miss Piggy flower arrangement. Now a Muppet land, THAT I would have been down with. I would have bought all the merch there.

By far, my favorite land was Germany, no real reason, it was just awesome and full of beer and pretzels, like I assume real Germany is.

In one of the shops I found this display.

I told Kev he must choose....

He grabbed one of the barrels on the top shelf and said " This is the cup of a carpenter". That's why I married him.

Finally we made it around the lake and headed over the educational parts of Epcot. In the "Land" section I went on a boat ride to learn about how we farm for food. Kev gave a big nope to the boat ride and I went by myself. This is a pretty crappy picture of the boat.

The entire ride, all I could think of was the scene from Willy Wonka when they were on that creepy boat.

It was a big meh for me. We also headed over to the "Sea" building which is where you buy everything from Finding Nemo. I thought maybe, maybe I'd FINALLY see a dang squid in the aquarium. Nope, nada. I did see a manatee and it was super adorable. 

All in all, Epcot was my least favorite place to visit. I felt that it wanted to be really educational and force me to learn something, I didn't want to learn anything and it really was geared more towards kids. Take your kids there to learn something, they'll be fine. For me, it was just OK.

On a high note, the day after Epcot we went to the Kennedy Space center and it was one of the best experiences EVER! Coming next!

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  1. I haven't been to Epcot in YEARS, but I always loved all the food!! I think the gardens are just beautiful!! I think you're not alone in the love for Germany at Epcot lol! Happy Friday! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

    1. The food in Epcot was great! I loved trying something different in each of the lands. Well, not every land, but most! In Norway we had what I can only describe as a cold butter and cinnamon crepe. :)

  2. Epcot is our least favorite too, there's just not a lot to do there, other than eat! We do love the Mexican place on the water, and the Werther's shop in Germany is OMG amazing! The only ride we really care about doing there is Test Track, it's pretty awesome.

    1. That's right! I almost forgot about the Werther's shop there. I was busy looking at all the pretzels. haha. As I think about it, all we really did there was eat...

  3. First of all, 'Cup of a king... Choose wisely" ... I. SOOO love y'all even more! #LoveMeSomeIndiana. Secondly, fruit sushi?? Do tell! What is it? What's in it? And the sauce w it? #FoodieNerd Lastly, please tell me you did not skip the Minions in Universal....

    1. I saw the wall of chalices and I couldn't not. Kev got it right away and I was super proud. I think the fruit sushi was fruit wrapped in sweet rice, in what might be compared to a not disgusting fruit roll up. And I did miss the minions ride. sad face...

  4. haha!!! Choose wisely... love it.

    Yep... I'd be broke buying all the Beauty & the Beast things!!!!

    1. There were SOOOOO many cute Beauty and the Beast things in France. I totally thought of you!

  5. OMG you didn't do Soarin'?!?!?! Nooooo! It's my ultimate fave (and kinda not really a ride)... Why didn't you do the fast track "go karts" they go sooooo fast!!? Most of the "rides" in Epcot are at the beginning before the countries. The best part of Epcot for us was the Princess dinner in Norway (Elsa and Ana weren't even AT the dinner, which made it PERFECT) and my 2nd favorite thing was the pearl thing in Japan. I wish we would have gotten to eat in Mexico because I bet the food would have been delicious, but there's only so much I can eat in a day (we had lunch in Japan). It rained when we were at Epcot, so we got to sport super sexy panchos too, so I completely understand your pain (different post, don't care, I do what I wawnt). :)