Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Why Can't They All Be Three Day Weekends?

Oh Tuesday, you're like a Monday. Especially after a lovely three day weekend, there you are, rearing your ugly head. Let's take a look back on the Weekend shall we, and remember what it felt like to have an extra glorious day off. 

Last month I participated in a Spring Fashion Challenge, GYPO or Get Your Pretty On. I'll chat more in my next post but one of the things it taught me was how to take a crappy selfie. (Actually this one is better than most). I take my selfies at work in the bathroom and I'm always on edge thinking that someone is going to walk in and catch me mid picture. 

I hurry up and try and smile but I just can't not look at the screen. I don't know why and I only have seconds to take my picture since ANYONE could have to pee at a moment's notice. At least there are far fewer women on the floor than there are men. I even tried to lock the bathroom door while I was taking my pix, but it doesn't lock. Weak...

Any who, this is what I wore to work and to a baby shower that night. I'm really starting to get on this maxi dress kick. I always thought I was too short to pull them off but they're working for me. I got this one last year and didn't like it with a short sleeved cardigan, but I LOVE it with the jean jacket. I've gotten a TON of use out of this jacket and it literally stat in my closet unworn for 4 years.

Saturday morning I was up bright and early to run a 5K. Earlier in the week I was looking for a Memorial Day 5k but you know what? There aren't any in the area which I thought was really odd. Instead I signed up for the Stubborn Girl Race. 

The race was one of the oddest ones I've ever done. It was only $30 to run but no t-shirt. I don't know that I've ever not gotten a shirt at a race. One time I got a pint glass, which was cool, but I've always gotten something.

There were maybe 75 people running the race and it was supposed to be all women. The course ran through the Dorthea Dix Campus in Raleigh which was nice. I'd never experienced this before but the race was "timed" but the timing consisted of a guy with a stopwatch. Literally a stopwatch. 

We took off running and the first mile was pretty good, nice and flat with a few hills. I started to get thirsty and the "water stop" at mile one was a guy with cups of water on the side of the course, You had to walk over and get it and he clearly didn't want you to throw the cup on the ground. I decided not to stop and that was probably a mistake.

In mile 3 there was a giant hill and a headwind and I had nothing left in the tank. Ugh. I also should have eaten something that morning. I was just full of rookie moves that day. 

Queen of the positive splits right here. I clearly started out too fast. The thing that really annoyed me was that the course wasn't a 5K, it was barely 3 miles. My Garmin clocked the race at 2.92 miles. :/ If it's supposed to be a 5K, map that course out and make sure it's a 5K. 

We did get this medal, which I'm pretty sure came from Oriental Trading.

I got my exercise in for the day but as far as races go, I'd pass on this one next year.

Kev went with me and after we got back he tore out some dead bushes on the side of the house and planted some new ones. After that we took a trip to the mall. I ordered some shoes from Nordstrom and they were too big. I am a solid 7.5 and I was slipping out of both pairs. Grrrr,,,, They were perfect for Convention and I was really hoping they'd work out. 

It was dinner time and we opted for Cheesecake Factory. I was shocked that on Saturday night and there was only a 30 minute wait which is like finding a unicorn. There's always at least a 2 hour wait there. Really though, who waits 2 hours for dinner? 

All I wanted a salad and a few fries.

That's a side of fries. This is why we're fat....

Chopped Salad, no cheese. Nom.

While we were waiting for the table, I snuck into the Kendra Scott store. It's my new happy place, Add that to the lululemon store that's a few stores down, I could so some serious damage there. I showed my MIL the awesomeness of the store and she treated me to a new pair of earrings. LOVE THEM! 

Sunday morning was pretty lazy. I was sore from my 5K, my hips are really bothering me. It's odd because my hips never bother me, I think it might be time to get some new shoes. 

While I was out running my errands, I stopped into Xpert Nutrition and found a new protein powder. It's just straight powdered egg whites which makes me super happy. No dairy, no artificial sweeteners, nothing but eggs. I've been looking for a powder that wasn't full of a lot of junk and I think I finally found one. The true test will be tomorrow's smoothie.

After I got home, it was time to make our first trip to the pool! We have 2 awesome pools in out sub-division and it was a perfect day to spend some time pool-side. 

I DID dangle my legs in the pool which is a BIG step forward, especially if you read my last post. Kev didn't help, he  just talked about how the pool was washing off all his sweat and sunscreen and swirling around in the pool. Thanks...

That night I decided to see what all the X-Files hype was about. There are something like 202 episodes on Netflix, should keep me busy for a while. As I was watching, all I could think about was how having cell phones would make their jobs so much easier, Ugh, always looking for a pay phone, trying to find a fax, and they didn't take pictures of anything. Pictures would have made a HUGE difference.

Monday morning I went to a 90 minute combo class. Body Pump, Step and Attack. I realized that I really, really, really hate step class, Like a lot. It reminded me of an 80s aerobics class. 

At least I burned some calories. 

The rest of the day included looking for a fire pit, which is harder than you might imagine. We went to 3 different places before finding one. It's still in the back of Kev's car though, so no pictures of fire yet. We have so many sticks in the yard that I don't want to pick up and aren't being reclaimed by the earth fast enough for my liking, Now we can BURN THEM ALL. :)

That's all for me, I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!


  1. We bought a fire pit. We've used it 3x. One of those times, the fire was going and everyone was inside. We're those people. Lol.

    YAY for a fun weekend. I wish there were more random races around CHS, but nada. I think it's because no one can complete with the bridge run and I get it, but sooo depressing.

    Also, I super miss Cheesecake Factory at Crabtree. And you're right, that short of a wait is pretty much like fate telling you cheesecake was a necessity in your life.

  2. I hate when they have cheesy medals. Keep it.
    No tshirt? For $30race fee? Thats just weird.
    i cant wait to hear what you think of the protein powder. Ive never heard of that before