Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Scenes from the Weekend

I know I promised a recap of -ish I didn't blog about last month, which is TOTALLY coming. I have like 10 different posts floating around in my head. There's a list on my phone where I keep all my ideas. Type A people are list makers and also extremely prone to forgetting things.  

Alright, what I did this weekend... Friday at lunch I headed over to Cary Towncenter Mall to do a little shopping. I have 40ish days until I leave for KD Convention and that means a few things. 1. I need to not eat carbs for the next 40 days so I can be cute in the 100s of pictures I'm about to be in. 2. I need to do some shopping. Since I'm now on NLT, I get to convention a day and a half  before the collegiates and we have National Leadership Training Academy. The dress code is Business Casual and I have plenty of that, but I still want some cute new things. We also have a semi-formal and a formal night and while I have plenty of black dresses that I can use for semi night, I do need a new formal dress. 

I learned something very dangerous while I was at the mall. The Limited AND the NY& Co stores are both outlet stores. Heaven help me,

I found this super cute maxi dress at NY&Co. You can't see the lace at the top of the dress but it's there.

It's not dressy enough for convention but nice for a summer evening out.

Then I discovered that my favorite Body Pump class on Friday nights was moved to 5pm. That gym is literally 2 minutes from my office and I realized I could peace out at 430pm and make it to class. Really though, there's not much going on at 430 on a Friday. Most of my team are sitting pretending to look busy until it's time to go home. If I;m going to leave early, the least I can do is be productive.

On to Saturday morning. Kev's Mom is in town for a few days and we went to look at some possible houses to get ideas of what we would like when she moves down here. We've moved a few times so it's not like we've never seen nasty houses but Saturday we saw the nastiest one ever. It's right down the road from our house and I pass it every day on my way to work. 

The walls were absolutely filthy. So, so filthy, with hand prints and stickers all over them. Really, It would have taken 15 gallons of paint and a weekend to put a fresh coat over the worst of the walls. The worst part was the boogers on the wall in the upstairs hallway. There. Were. BOOGERS. On. The. Walls. We aren't buying that one. 

All we learned is that I'm really picky, refuse to settle on things I don't like and we might have to build something. Or we might have to sell this house and get an apartment for a few months while we wait for what we want to come on the market OR we build something.

After house hunting, I hit up the mall (still looking for Convention clothes) and found a moisturizer to replace the M.A.C. stuff I returned 

I really love my Benefit mascara and they were having an event at Belk, The nice lady hooked me up with a new BB cream, moisturizer and a cream blush.

Busy day? Yes! Not done though! We had dinner reservations at Vin Rouge before going to DPAC. I get one thing at Vin Rouge, the steak tartare. Yes, it's a pile of raw meat but if you can get past that, it's one of the best things you'll ever put in your mouth. Oh, that's a raw quail egg too. I had this and 2 delicious cosmos, needless to day, I was a happy gal,

We had tickets to the Durham Performing Arts Center to see Pippin! Fun fact, Kev was in community production of Pippin when he was a senior in high school. His mom was the asst. director and choreographer too! They have a soft spot for the show and I was excited to finally see it.

There's a fantastic picture of Kev at his mom's house in a mesh shirt in the show. When she moves here, I want that to come with. :) In case the lead and understudy weren't able to perform, Kev was ready to step in.

We waited to get the seats and couldn't fin 3 together so him and his mom were 2 rows in front of me and I was by myself. I amused myself by taking selfies and making instagram friends with the people next to me. (I wore that back dress at the top of the post and a jean jacket) For some reason, I'm really liking the maxi dress with a jean jacket. AND it was a jacket that I've had for years and never worn. Way to shop the closet. Really though, who am I kidding, I shop all the time.

The show was AWESOME. It had just the right about of 70s groove and when they planned this revival, the show was re-imagined in a circus and the acrobats were phenomenal! I highly recommend it if you have a chance to go!

It was definitely a jam packed Saturday!


  1. If it's something you have to deal with, it's totally worth being picky IMO. And no to boogers on the walls. EVER NO.
    Also, maxi anything are the shiznit. (says the girl who wore a maxi dress yesterday and a maxi skirt today and there's another maxi skirt on deck for tomorrow, I ain't even playin'.)

  2. Hahaha. I always think I'm too short for maxi dresses but I'm definitely embracing them this year!

  3. Oh my gosh... I had to just stop a second & hold my breath or I thought I was going to puke after the booger comment. OH MY LORD.... are people that nasty? Apparently.