Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Did you know Florida is full of bugs and Outlet Malls? Florida pt. 2

One of the awesome parts of blogging is that when people ask you how your vacation was, instead of telling the same story to a bunch of different people. Just kidding, I'll totally tell you all about any trip / weekend, but hey, you can read the blog too. Ehhhh....

On to the first day of vacay! Bright and early (9am) we woke up and decided to find some breakfast. Fun fact, when we're on vacation, Kev is a super planner and is constantly looking for the best places to eat and things to do. I'm much more of a fly by the seat of your pants person. After several years of this, Kev started to ask that I help with the finding of restaurants. 


Really, Yelp is the best app ever and they have no idea that I exist. This is just a shameless plug because I love them. Looking for somewhere to eat? Check Yelp. Anything 4 stars and over is generally a pretty solid choice. This particular morning, Yelp took us to the Hash House a GoGo. OMG yeeeeesssss, it was amazing! If you've ever seen any of my past food photos, you'll see a trend of me ordering eggs and Kev getting French Toast. Now I'll continue the trend.

There you go, French Toast for Kev.

Eggs and Bacon for me. I wish I had something to compare the breakfast to, because that's about 5 eggs. It was ridiculous!

Oh, they brought me the wrong potatoes, I asked for griddled mashed potatoes and they brought home fries. When I told them, they brought me even more potatoes. They were one of the best potato things I've ever eaten.

We left there thoroughly stuffed and ready for a day of shopping. First stop was one of those giant enclosed flea markets. I needed to get souvenirs for my people and it seemed like a good place... It wasn't. I was ready to leave after one building but since we had to trek 20 minutes to get there, Kev said I had to stay and go through the rest of the buildings.

He did find this shirt...

Want a close-up? That's velour on there. Yep, it sure is,

Thankfully he didn't get it, even though it was only $15 and would have been well worth the one wearing before it fell apart. 

On our way there, we saw a fantastic outlet mall complete with lots of high end stores. That was our next stop. I do love me some outlet shopping and even though I didn't walk out with a Prada bag, I did find a few things. 

First up, a blurry picture of 2 Under Armour shirts. I really, really love these shirts for working out. They're a little bit longer and are a perfect length for me. 

I was also successful at Banana Republic. 90% of the time I'm at a Banana outlet, I find a dress. 100% of the time I'm at the mall, I find 0 things at Banana. At the end of June I'm heading back to Orlando for sorority convention which means I need to start shopping now. You know, 2 months out, time to start compiling my wardrobe.

I found this super cute dress that might be my travel dress on the first day since My flight arrives at 8:55am and my first meeting is at 11am. I need to be dressed and ready to go.

I'm also pretty successful at the Gap and this time was no exception. I love, love, love these super comfy shorts. The check out lady asked  me if I would wear them "out" or just around the house. Oh yes lady, I'm going to wear these out all over town, (aka to Target and Whole Foods). I also FINALLY found a floral skirt, I'd been searching for the last 4 weeks for one. It as the final piece I was missing for the Spring Style Challenge. More on that later, it's part of the -ish I did last month and didn't blog about series. 

Everything was on sale and I scored all 5 pieces for $50. Score
I could shop and look at crap for hours on end, but after a few hours, we decided on a change of pace. We headed over to Disney and looked at the shops in the free part of town. Please don't as me where I was, I have no idea and I apparently didn't take an pictures. 

We did have an impossibly handsome waiter at lunch and I asked him if he doubled as a Disney Prince in his spare time. I would have pegged him for the prince that the Beast turns into. He could have pulled off an acceptable Gaston as well.

Oh wait, I did take a picture of something I saw there.

You don't make that sign unless bad things have happened there. Bad, bad poop things. This is the #1 reason why I don't do water parks. It's nothing but people and bodily fluids and the water washes over them and is recycled up and over everyone. Ugh, it's my nightmare.

After a long day we needed to get to be early and get ready for our day at Universal!

Kev and I finally sprung for HBO and we're re-watching the first season of Game of Thrones and starting the entire series. No need for spoilers, I know everyone dies.

Have a good night!


  1. Hash house A Go Go, I want to go there! We've heard they're amazing! Woo hoo for good deals at the outlet malls! And yes, we have a LOT of outlet malls. And bugs. ;)

  2. ....definitely thought of you yesterday when there were love bugs IN MY CAR ATTACHED TO EACH OTHER and I had to touch them and kick them out. NO ME GUSTA. I just can't handle that.

    1. I'd never seen them before and I was horrified! They were all over our balcony, falling on the ground in front of us and just doing it, EVERYWHERE. Seriously unnecessary