Tuesday, June 23, 2015

GYPO Summer Style - Week 1

Well, well, last week was the first week of the GYPO Summer Challenge! I'll be honest, I totally struggled with this one. I was good, seriously, I was really good for this round and then the fiery gates of Hades opened up and it was too damn hot to wear most of my creations. Don't get me wrong, I still wore some of the loner sleeved outfits, ans thankfully my office is an icebox most of the time.

Alright, let's get on with what I wore. The first day called for patterned shorts, a drapey tank and a denim vest. You know what the perfect outfit would have been? This one. Except I wore it the week before. Le Sigh...

Instead I subbed for a patterned skirt, pink tee and a white cardigan. I like to think that I "re imagined" the outfit and made it work appropriate.

Day 2 called for a graphic tee and brightly colored shorts. No shorts for work but I did have some orange pants from the Limited and a graphic tee with gold pineapples and gold sandals. I was still waiting for my graphic tee from (which FINALLY arrived)

I felt super summery and then I went outside for lunch and when I came back, felt super smelly. I'm sure it wasn't as bad as I imagined.

Day 3 was the white dress, denim vest and nude sandals. I really, really wanted to wear my denim jacket with this dress and some turquoise jewelry. But again, it was too stinking hot to wear a jacket. Instead I subbed for a navy cardigan but I didn't love it. I actually think it makes me look larger than I am. I liked the shape of the dress a lot better without the sweater but I hate my arms. I know it's good to accept yourself and love every part of your body blah blah blah but I swear, no matter what size I am, my arms are gigantic. It's not for lack of work, I even have muscle definition in my biceps and triceps but I still won't go sleeveless. Ehhh,,,,

I scored this denim jacket at Goodwill for $5 and I had every intention of cutting off the sleeves and making a vest. But the more I looked at it, the more I liked the shrunken look of it. It's a small, and I'm definitely not but it think it's pretty cute. 

Day 4 - Patterned kimono, flowy tank and boyfriend shorts. Yeah, none of those were happening. I did look for a kimono and tried on a bunch. I mentioned before, they didn't work for me. I looked like the madam of a whorehouse every time I tried one on. 

For my work wear version of the outfit, I swapped for a flowy patterned tank and a flowy cardigan. No shorts for me so I wore more Limited exact stretch cropped pants. Please don't ask how many pairs I own... it's embarrassing.

I took a break from bathroom selfies to show a glimpse into my Skittles OCD. My intern had a bucket of Skittles to share and I perhaps had catch the rainbow. I always have to line them up by color and if there are extras, I eat them first.

Day 5 called for brightly patterned shorts, an eyelet white top and a colored necklace. I went complete off the reservation on this one. I scored this super cute jumpsuit at Ross and needed to wear it instead. :) It's bright, right? and there's white on the top.

Yes, I had to get completely undressed in the bathroom every time I had to pee but damn it was comfy. It might have been a little too "resorty" for work but 1/2 the office wears superhero shirts and ratty shorts, I think this is just fine. 

When I got home I changed into the casual version of the outfit. The shirt is over sized but I think it might be a little boxy for my taste.

Day 6 was supposed to be white shorts and a chambray shirt. I planned for white pants and a jean jacket but that wasn't happening. Instead I had a chambray skirt and a white shirt. I didn't love it, I usually wear a blue shirt with that skirt. Since I wasn't a huge fan of it I changed into a different skirt

Day 7 was a maxi dress with the denim vest. I'll be honest, I wasn't wearing a maxi dress to go to the gym and get groceries. Part of the challenge is to force people out of the comfort zone and not look like a slob while out and about and I think I'm pretty good at doing that 95% of the time. But wearing a dress to get groceries? Nope.

Instead, here's a picture of me, in a patterned maxi dress and my denim jacket. If I had dressed on plan Sunday, it would have looked like this. :)

What are you wearing this week??

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  1. Can I just have your wardrobe? it would just save me a lot of time :)

  2. That's kind of silly that shorts are the basis of almost every outfit! I definitely can't wear shorts to work! I think I'd be like you and improvise often. :)

    1. It's really, nearly every outfit. I get it but I'd love to see more suggestions for people who work every day!