Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Thoughts I Had While Watching X-Files

Last week Kev and I decided to start watching the X-Files on Netfix. Before this I'd only seen 3 episodes of the show and I thought it was the same episode with the smoking skinny man. Apparently he showed up more than once so maybe I saw different episodes. They all seemed kinda similar to me.

Before I get started, let me say that I'm only on episode 17 and there are over 200. I'm sure there are a bunch of things that are going to happen and I already know that Mulder and Skully are going to make out eventually which is really what everyone is waiting for, right? 

On to my observations...

 - Does Skully's skepticism go on for the next 200 shows? I'm pretty sure it does. This is going to get old eventually.

 - Wait, did someone just get abducted while she was looking the other way? REALLY?!?! There's already so many reasons for her to believe. Oh hey, I'm tying my shoe and in the mean time a crop circle popped up. It must have been swamp gas.

 - There's her Dad's ghost... still doesn't believe. WTH...

 - Why do things from the 90s look so old now? Is that a fax machine? Oh Lord, Mulder is looking up data on microfilm. I remember microfilm. Damn I'm old.

 - Their jobs would be SOOOO much easier if they had cell phones, and Google.

 - Oh, Mulder has a cell phone, it's enormous, good for him. I guess Skully isn't allowed to have one. It was a different time. She still has to find a pay phone to make a call. Pay phones were a pain and always dirty. Ugh, nothing but herpes crawling all over the phone receiver.

 - Gillian Anderson is not a great actress, She has that same strange clipped speech pattern that Moira Kelly did. I wonder if they had  the same acting coach.

 - I wonder what happened to Moria Kelly. Her career seemed to peak with "The Cutting Edge". I think Kev want to a party in the 90s and she was there. 

 - Ione Skye had that same odd speech in "Say Anything". I wonder what happened to her. I think she married one of the Beastie Boys. She apparently divorced him too. Thanks IMBD.

 - Kev says Gillian Anderson gets better as the show goes on. That's good...

 - Why is Skully always by herself??? She should have back-up and not go places alone. 

 - Yep, there she is getting attacked... and abducted... Maybe after the first time you always take a friend when you look for a bad guy? Hmmm Maybe? Mentally she seems to be handling this pretty well. I wonder if she cracks later.

 - How does Mulder ALWAYS get it right? Whatever ridiculous hypothesis he has, that's exactly what it is. He just knew that when those 2 people died at the same time, some sort of Freaky Friday happened and one inhabited the other's body. No. No. No... there's no reason why that's the first thing he thought of.

 - Why are people in the towns they visit such assholes? If the FBI came to my house I wouldn't be a jerk to them. I'd get the FBI a soda and a snack and answer all the questions.

 - They're taking a bus? Why is the FBI taking a bus? Can't they rent a car? You could rent a car in 1993. They're investigating the supernatural, they must have a pretty decent budget.

 - You know, there just aren't a lot of shows about the supernatural anymore, What happened to Unsolved Mysteries? Robert Stack was the -ish. Seriously, one of my favorite shows. So many of those cases could have been solved if they had Google.

Since all of these thoughts live inside my head and come out my mouth, Kev was less than thrilled that I talked through most of the show. He loves me.... I'm sure I'll have more questions and thoughts as the show goes on.

Did you watch the X-Files back in the day? 
What did you think?


  1. And that should read TOO much TV. I hate it when it looks like I use poor grammar.

  2. LOVED X-Files. When that Rolling Stone cover came out with the two of them in bed, I couldn't breathe for like 2 min.

    1. Hahaha. I'm placing bets on when they finally make out. My current guess is season 3, episode 20.

  3. Hahahaha love all of your observations. And I don't know if I should tell my hubs or not that this is on Netflix lol.

  4. Hahahaha, I;m glad Moira Kelly had jobs after The Cutting Edge. Oddly, that is Kev's favorite movie.

  5. How many episodes into the X-Files are you??? Lol, You'll get hooked, I can;t help myself anymore.