Monday, June 22, 2015

Scenes from the Weekend

Every Monday you all are subjected to looking at what I did the previous weekend. Well, this weekend, it was a whole lot of nothing. Seriously, big old pile of nothing. 

Thursday I was supposed to go to Body Pump but my back was bothering me and I felt a bit of  cold coming on so I decided to skip and Kev and I went to see Jurassic World instead. 

I thought it was awesome. Dinosaurs and drama and eating people, fantastic. As I was watching it, I realized I'd never seen the original movie. Yes, I'm the only person who hadn't seen it. In my defense, there's an entire chunk of movies / TV Shows from the mid-90s that I've never seen and I blame it on being in college. We had no $ to go to the movies and I wasn't exactly setting my VCR to record Seinfeld. Hence, the 202 episodes of the X-Files I'm currently watching. Can I just take a moment and say that Mulder and Skully are some of the worst agents ever? Seriously, Skully has been abducted 4 times now. FOUR FLIPPING TIMES and  it's only episode 44. She STILL goes places alone. NEVER GO INTO A DARK ALLEY BY YOURSELF SKULLY!!! But I digress...

Friday night Kev had rehearsal and instead of going to the gym, I still felt like I was getting a cold and a sore throat, so I stayed home, watched Netflix with the dog and diffused some OnGuard.

Saturday morning I slept in, it was delightful. Then Kev and I went to look at houses, We decided to take a Chapel Hill run to see if I'd be willing to live there. We did see some houses we liked but I'm not 100% sold, I like living in Raleigh and want to stay in Raleigh. I'm still convinced that when the time comes and we sell this house, We'll find something that will work for us... in Raleigh. :) Thankfully no booger houses this time. BTW - someone bought the booger house! Ugh, I do hope they paid a decent amount for it, boogers an all, it's a comp for our house. 

Then we stopped at a birthday party and headed to Nantucket Grill for dinner. After we got home, I rented Jurassic Park for .99. Started watching and ...yep, never seen it before.

Jeff Goldblum was the best part of the movie. I have no idea what he was there to do except try and be sexy? He was a mathematician or something but the other 2 actually knew something about dinosaurs. He didn't seem to be an expert on anything pertinent. Maybe he was and I just missed it? He really seemed to spend an extraordinarily long time shirtless and what was up with those tinted glasses?.

For more Goldblum check this out.

Sunday morning I got up and headed to 1030 am Body Pump class. The classes at the gym close to me are in the afternoon but it was worth it to drive a bit and get my workout out of the way. I haven't really been posting about my workouts recently, really, they've been nothing special. It's hot as heck so I just want to get in, do my workout and get out. Which is what I did this morning.

So, gym, shower, grocery shopping, computer work and then Kev and I headed to dinner. Now it's bloggy time. Yea, totally uninteresting and low key weekend. 

Tell me you did something fun this weekend!

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  1. I hadn't seen Jurassic Park until a few weeks ago when I was subjected to it by Mr. Scrooge. I have ZERO desire to go see Jurassic World either. I really wish there were more classes at my gym. I should seriously just make the commitment and switch from the base gym that sucks so royally. I should.

    1. Classes are my #1 gym requirement. They have to not suck and I have to be able to make it there after work in time for the class. I've switched gyms when their class schedule changed. I go to Fitness Connection and it's $20 a month which is perfect. I even added Kev for $9 more. As far as price goes, I can't complain.

  2. I can't wait to see Jurassic World!! So excited! I love low key weekends like that, hope you feel refreshed and rested!

  3. Not a fan of dinosaurs, but I did take my10 year old daughter to see Inside Out and it was pretty cute. She's not really into animated movies anymore, but she liked this one. I started watching Gilmore Girls this weekend, too!

  4. Yesss Jurassic World! :) I saw a lot of X-Files as a child because I lived with older brothers. To this day, aliens freak me out! I know some people think alien movies are cheesy but they pretty much always horrify me (and I love it!). My brothers would be watching X-Files and I would see some of it before I went to bed and I would just be terrified and have to pull the blankets over my head because I thought I was going to be abducted. I started to watch the whole series a couple years ago but stopped. I need to re-start! But I don't think the fiance would be interested...gotta find the time!

  5. I so loved Jeff Goldblum in the original. All the meme's about him are hilarious!!!
    I loved Jurassic World but I got so upset with all the dinos dying. Ricky reminded me it wasn't real. I don't care - I was still sad. :) haha