Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Three-Day Weekend Recap!

Back to work Tuesday for most of us. At least it's a short week and that's nice. I haven't been doing a lot of weekend recaps recently, I just can't figure out how to get them to flow. The weekly weigh-in posts are doing well on Monday and I just feel that if I push a weekend recap to Tuesday, it's just dumb. Eh... Maybe I'll do 2 Monday posts if something exciting happened.

Saturday morning started off bright and early with my 8am Jenny appointment. Before I move on, I want to comment on something I see every week. There's a Burn Boot camp right next door to Jenny and they have an 8am class that's PACKED. I mean every.damn.Saturday there are a ton of people in there. I swear I've never seen so many people at a class before, especially every week. I looked online at their prices and I can't believe all 50+ people are paying in excess of $150 per month to go. Maybe Saturday morning is a free class or something?? 

Anywho, after jenny, I came home, ate, and went to Body Pump and my perfectly nice $20 a month gym. Before I left, Kev and I were watching Fit to Fat to Fit on A&E, which I'm obsessed with. Trainers gain 40, 50, 60 pounds over 4 months and then work it off over the next 4 with the person they're training. I can't stop watching it. When Kev does, he feels immediately compelled to go to the gym. He's down 30+ pounds since his birthday in March and is doing amazing. 

After we got home, we needed to go to Best Buy and look at a new printer, but first, someone had to get a bath.

She pouted the rest of the day after we washed the stink off her.

We go to Unleashed, which is a local pet store. They have really nice self-washing / grooming facilities for dogs. You use their supplies and they clean up the mess. Works for us.

This was one of the available shampoos. Because boy dogs need sport / performance shampoo?

We went to Best Buy, looked at a bunch of printers, picked out a really nice one, looked it up on Amazon after the sales person went away, saw it was $25 cheaper for the same one, plus free shipping... We ordered it from my phone in the store and left and went home. Sorry Best Buy.

We hung out until it was time to leave for dinner. We had reservations at Mothers and Sons in Durham, which recently opened. Disclaimer, it was AMAZING.

I started with a glass of Lambrusco, because bubbly red wine is my thing. Then I ordered the panzanella salad special to start.

Homemade ciabatta bread, local mozzarella, local heirloom tomatoes. omg.

Kev started with a primi of gnocchi alla romana, with prosciutto and some stupidly good cheese.

It wasn't heavy and potato-y like most gnocchi. It was just right.

Then he got the porchetta with roasted potatoes. They have this crazy wood hearth that they cook stuff on and the potatoes had this amazing roasted char.

I had the hearth roasted chicken with charred broccoli and cauliflower.

I really can't even begin to tell you how good this place is. 

To end the evening, Kev had the zeppole with some caramel sauce. I had a bite because fried food = pain for Lara, and it was unlike anything I'd ever eaten. I've had zeppole, but this was next level awesome.

Just go there and eat all the things. The come back and let me know what you ate.

Sunday morning dawned bright and early. Kev went to work and I started the laundry. But first, I needed to find an outfit for work next Friday. It's 'Murica day, and we're encouraged to wear 'Murica themed clothes. There's a pie eating contest and a pie bake-off. I needed something good.

I found this shirt on Amazon. Yep, that's a picture of a sneering Reagan, "I smell hippies". 

I'm so not a conservative but this, this shirt is perfect. Then I was lucky enough to find these leggings to go with. 

Oh yeah...

Groceries, laundry, then off to Body Flow. I got home, and eventually Kev made dinner.

Oh yes. Lovely rate strip steak. 

We needed to hurry up and eat because at 7pm we were going to see the new Independence Day movie!

I was so disappointed when I saw that it didn't get good reviews. Well, you know what? Those people are WRONG. JUST WRONG. It was over the top and plenty of Goldblum being Goldblum-y, which was all I wanted. I'm really glad we went, it totally didn't suck.

Monday morning I was up early to run the Four on the Fourth. Four mile race in Carborro, it's part of the Tour de Carborro, and one of 3 races. The others are October 1st and Thanksgiving morning. I've never ran it before, but I thought I should.

I posted this on Instagram, but when I registered for the race, it asked me if I wanted to compete in my age group or by weight.


I've never seen such a thing before. Don't get me wrong, I have a faaaar better chance of going against 160+ pound ladies than the 105 waifs. But really??? Who came up with this???

I got there at 730am, to not much parking and rain. I got my bib, made my way to the track and it really started to rain harder. I'm glad I brought a ziplock bag for my phone, because it definitely would have gotten wet. We made it to the starting line for the 8am race and stood there. In the rain. For 15 minutes. Finally the rain slacked off and the race started, I get it. They started late so the rain would let up. But you know, maybe you tell people what's going on instead of standing confused in the rain.

I did OK for me. Considering I've only bee running again for the last few weeks, I'll take it. 

The course was reasonably flat, a few hills, but fine. I felt much better at this one than I did at the Komen race and definitely saw some progress in just a few short weeks.

I got home, dried off, had breakfast and took a nap. Big 4th over here.

Kev and I headed to the mall for a bit and checked out the sales. Nothing really thrilled us though.

Now we're watching TV/blogging.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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  1. Loving the food posts. Gnocchi is my krytonite... And that looked....*drooling*....

  2. You are doing amazing with your running. Great time!
    That Ronald Reagan shirt!!! OH MY GOSH - I gotta get that for my dad.
    What's happening at that gym? I'd have to see if there is a free class to try it out just so I could take that Saturday class to see what's so amazing about it.

    1. I have NO idea. I 'thought' I saw something that was 21 days for $21, but that's the only thing that makes any sense.

  3. You managed to fit a lot of exercise in! :)

    Sounds like a really fun weekend, and that food looks great!

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. I always seem to do better when it comes to exercising on the weekends. I shoot for 3-5 days per week and when I can knock out 2 of those days on the weekend, I'll do it!