Monday, July 11, 2016

Weekly Weigh-In Recap #11

For real, this is week 11. I counted and double counted and counted again and this, yes, this is week #11. Here's what happens. I Weigh-in, have my consultation and while she's getting the food, I make the image on an the VanillaPen App. But she's fast and I get distracted and then I f-up my images. I should just wait until I get into the car, but nooooo, I have to do it right then, because I'm impatient.

Anywho, after losing 1 pound in 2 weeks, I was super excited to see -2.4 on the scale! Hooooray! And, since I can't add, that's -18.4. OR just -4.1 to halfway of my original goal but really, it's -10.6 to my revised goal. I was a little nervous because I did some baking (and tasting) for a poker game Kev had at the house and a pie bake-off at work Friday. I can't control myself around a batter bowl. 

 My consultant was really happy for me, and she said she wanted to bottle my attitude and give it to some of her other people. That I almost make it look easy.
Losing weight and being on a plan is never easy. But neither is being overweight and unhappy with yourself. I've tried and tried a multitude of plans over the years and Jenny is the one thing that consistently works for me. If I were to quit before reaching my goal, what would I do? Really, what would I do? Go on my own? Obviously that doesn't work for me, so the only option I have is to stay focused on the Jenny plan and let it work. When you have exactly one option, it's not that hard make the right choice.

Saturday - Body Pump
Sunday - Body Flow
Monday-  4th of July - 4 on the Fourth Run in Carborro
Tuesday - Rest
Wednesday - Body Combat
Thursday - Rest and bake all the things
Friday - 3.3 mile treadmill run

It's taken a while but I'm finally starting to feel like I'm getting some of my fitness back. I think a big reason is that I'm just moving almost 20lbs less of myself around. I'm getting into deeper stretches in Body Flow, I'm almost back to my old weights in Body Pump, I'm only like 5lbs away in each track, and I;m running faster and longer before I want to die. Progress yo.

What I'm eating this Week
 Have you seen this stuff? When you buy it, there's a powder in the top and you smoosh it down and mix it with the water. There's a bunch of different flavors with different benefits but this one is my favorite.

I've seen them in several places, I got my first one at Whole Foods where it's the most expensive. Harris Teeter had them on sale for 2 for $3 last week which is the best I've seen. When I'm super sweaty after a workout and never re-hydrate, I have this and it makes me feel immediately better, 20 calories for the entire bottle isn't shabby.


I didn't have a great one this week, but I did wear this for 'Murica Day at work (and the pie contest). You were encouraged to dress in your best "America" themed outfit. I ordered this Reagan shirt off Amazon and it was perfect. Sneering Reagan, "I smell hippies". And my super-fly Lularoe leggings.

I'll try and get a better one this week

I had quite a bit of non-jenny food this week and I was a little nervous, especially with the baking treats.
Saturday - Dinner at Mothers and Sons in Durham - amazing. I recapped it in my last blog post.
Sunday -

Kev made yummy steak and I had veggies. Not really off plan, since it was 4-ish ounces and no starch.
Thursday - Omg, I made 2 pies, chocolate chip meringue bars, bacon yummy nuts and blueberry muffins (I burnt them but put my finger in the batter before I did). While I was making food, I knew I had to do something to salvage my weigh-in in 2 days. Instead of having Jenny dinner, I had 3.5 oz of plain chicken breast and some zucchini noodles and no dessert. I guess it paid off!

Ugh, off to a full week of work, can't they all be 4 day weeks??

Here's to another week of losses!

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  1. All those numbers are going over my head, but congratulations on the continued weight loss! Loving that smile in your photo! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

    1. Thank you! I'm excited to see the scale going in the right direction!

  2. Congrats on the weight loss! I wish all weeks were 4 days!

    1. Thank you! Believe me, I'd love another 4 day week. :)

  3. You are doing AMAZING!! Look at you still loosing big numbers in a week!
    I've not seen that drink! I'll have to keep my eye out for it now.

    1. Thank you! I was definitely surprised to see a -2 on the scale this week. I'll definitely take it, that -20 is sooo close!

  4. Congrats! You are doing great. I have never seen those drinks but I am going to be on the lookout now. Have a great week!

    1. Thanks! You should definitely give those drinks a try if you see them, they're really good!

  5. Get it girl!!! That is an awesome loss for the week! Your steak dinner looks delciious and all those treats you baked? I would have zero control. Zero!! That drink you got looks really good. I love pineapple anything so that would totally be the one I would reach for. Have a great week!

    1. Thanks! There were so many treats. Thankfully my brother ate them all and I didn't have to be tempted!