Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Weekly Wednesday Weigh In #12

Big loss one week, little loss the next week. I'm completely fine with the progress. 

Honestly, one of the main reasons I can keep going week after week is that I don't feel deprived at all though this process. If there's something "naughty" I want, I'll have it on Saturday night and leave the entire week to work it off. I still have my cosmos every Saturday, I have meat, sushi, dessert, all within reason, but I still eat it. Jenny feed me pasta (which I rarely eat) and desserts that hurt my stomach when I eat them from anywhere else. A JC brownie is the only one that doesn't hurt me. 

Also, when I make my own food, I eat the same thing every day. For 6 months I had 2 rice cakes and 2Tbs of peanut butter for breakfast. Every day.  At least on Jenny I have something different most days. I need my food to be convenient and healthy. Honestly, after I lose the weight this time, I need to get into meal planning or something else. Who am I kidding though, I'll probably keep buying Jenny breakfasts and some lunches. 

In other exciting flashback news, these 2 posts popped up on timehop.

I'll spare you the math, but 1 pound to the old "halfway to goal" was exactly what I weighed in at on Saturday. Yes, 6 years later, same Jenny Craig, same weight, same "almost to halfway". Le sigh, "Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it." I'm going to learn this time. 

Saturday - Body Pump
Sunday - Body Flow
Monday-  Chiro
Tuesday - Run 4.2 miles
Wednesday - Rest
Thursday - Body Pump
Friday - Movie Night

Workouts this week were pretty good, my run was good and I got in 2 rounds of Body Pump which was nice. I upped my weights again and I'm almost back to my pre-injury weights. I'm 5 pounds off on my squats, 5 on the back and I'm still not using weights on the lunge track which is OK with me. I'd rather work on my form.

What I'm eating this week

I don't really have any fun extra food pictures this week, but I did have this nice pic of JC Fish and Chips. Complete with a side of malt vinegar, sauteed spinach and a bit of Kev's steak that he put on my plate. It was good.


I was pretty happy with the picture this week, I was able to do an exact side by side comparison in the same outfit, just a month and a half apart. I can definitely see it in my waist and in my arms. I still have a ways to go, but progress is progress!

My cheats this week weren't that different than in the past, I had Subway for lunch on Saturday, we ended up at Vin Rouge again that night where I had 2 cosmos, a few fries and steak tartare, again. Then on Sunday night Kev made a pasta / sausage / vegetable / cheese dish and that was my dinner. The other 5 days were pretty much on point.

All in all, it was a pretty decent week! Here's to another week of progress!

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  1. I know for me, it seems like your weight loss is coming off FAST!!! I know for you, it probably feels longer. But you are looking SO GOOD! Those picture comparisons really show it off.

    1. Thank you! I remember the last time it felt like it came off relatively fast in the beginning then it slowed way down. That was when I started upping my exercise and this time I'm exercising at that intensity the entire time. Hopefully it helps me get to goal sooner. I'm anticipating this will take an entire year.