Monday, July 4, 2016

Weigh-In - Apparently Week #10

I realized that I've somehow completely mis-numbered my weigh-ins. I looked back over my posts and weigh-in #7 was 6/14, #9 was 6/20, #10 was 6/27 and for some unknown reason, I called this picture week 12. WTF Lara? Really, 10 weeks and I messed up my my counting TWICE. Actually it makes my average loss per week waaaay better.
Remember when I said that I knew the point something losses were coming? Yep, here they are. I've only lost a pound in the last 2 weeks. Definitely disappointing, but times like these, it's important to keep my goals in sight. My consultant flipped into 'consultant mode' and I could tell she was trying to encourage me to keep going. I interrupted her and asked "If I were to leave this program, what would I do? It's the only thing that's ever helped me to lose a significant amount of weight." It works. I know it works and will continue to work. I just have to stay the course.

I did have a few Non Scale Victories this week that helped off set not seeing a decent number on the scale. I had someone at work ask if my face was getting smaller, I was finally able to wear a dress I bought 3 months ago that was not flattering at all and I had to re-tie some of my shorts to make the waistband smaller. To make that much progress in 10 weigh-ins? I'm OK with that.

Saturday - Body Pump and walk all over the outlet mall
Sunday - Run 30ish min then Body Flow. I'll be honest, I felt like crap on Sunday with a stomach and headache. The only time I didn't have a headache was when I was running, which is just dumb.
Monday - Chiropractor
Tuesday - Run 3m miles
Wednesday - Body Combat (kickboxing). I used to go to Combat all the time and I loved it, then I stopped but every time I go, I remember how much I like it. I'm going to add this class into the rotation on Weds.
Thursday - Nada
Friday - Nada
What I'm eating this week
This was a really odd week food-wise. There wasn't anything new or out of the ordinary that I tried this week,

I'm really liking being able to compare pictures each week and track progress.

Last week of June

First week of June

There are only about 5 pounds between these 2 pictures. The first week of June vs the last week of June. The outfits are kinds different, but essentially the same.. Medium Lularoe Azure skirt, Target t-shirt (the pink is a med and the white a large) and both cardigans are Merona Mediums from Target. I can see a difference in the hips and you can't tell from these pictures but I thought the skirts were less clingy in the belly. 

I didn't take any pictures, but my brother and I had sushi and let me tell you, it was a LOT of sushi. I totally over indulged and nearly made myself sick. I was sick most of the next day and honestly, I had some sort of intestinal distress all week. Gross.
Monday Kev was back from his trip and we went out to a steak house. I had a salad, about 2-3 oz of meat, 1/2 a roll with some butter, a few bites of Kev's cheesy potato and a salad. Not terrible, but I still didn't feel right. I really think my stomach issues affected my weigh-in. You know how you just 'feel' like you should have lost more. That's what happened this week.

Another month in the books!
For the month of June, my goals were ;
1. Lose 8 pounds
2. Run at least 1x per week
3. Don't get injured.

How'd I do? I ran the Komen race on 6/11 and I've ran at least 2x per week ever since then. I wanted to not get injured and I was kinda a little hurt at the beginning of the month. When I go to spin class a lot, I hurt myself. Every fricking time. I'm grounded from spin and I have to run instead. Because running, which is supposed to be harder on the body... doesn't hurt me, which is stupid. I didn't lose 8 pounds, I lost 5.8.

For July?

Keep running! Let this be the first year where I actually get better over the summer than worse before the fall races start. I need to limit my cheats to only 1x per week. I can eat non-Jenny food, but I need to keep it calorically in-line. If i indulge, it has to be within reason, not a sushi binge.

Hope everyone has a great Fourth! I'm off to run  the 4 on the Fourth this morning, wish me luck!

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  1. You are doing AMAZING!!!
    I just got on the scale this morning & am ready to punch myself in the face for the weight gained back lately... its something that's going to be CONSTANTLY watched. UGH.
    So back at it today... on a holiday. I'm not a smart person.

    1. THANK YOU! It's so true, I know that once I hit goal, I have to weigh myself every. week. No excuses and that's from someone who hates the scale. You're right, it has to be constantly watched or else it just all creeps back.

  2. Feeling the change in your clothes is definitely the biggest victory for me - I love knowing that my clothes fit looser and then you get to go shopping!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

    1. So true! I did try to go shopping yesterday and nothing was thrilling me. I'm holding out for the fall. lol

  3. This is so inspirational! I really need to become a workout regular. I can't wait to get to where you are!

  4. Great job! It's great that you're running more than your goal, and I think those differences you see off the scale are even more important than what numbers show up on the scale :) How are you feeling, like in terms of energy and mood? I hope you're feeling accomplished and strong, because you earned it!

    1. Thanks! I actually feel really good. More like "myself" if that makes sense.