Friday, July 4, 2014

Five Thing Friday

Happy 4th of July everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying the day and staying safe! So, even though it's a holiday, I'm sure everyone is hoping that I'll still do my 5 things Friday. And don't worry, here it is! Sometimes I like to pretend that it's more than just me, my mom and the Russian spam-bots are reading this blog.

Today I'm linking up with Meet @ the Barre. Head over and check Amanda out when you have the chance!

So, these 5 things are kinda random. It's 4 things I'm loving and one thing I'm not. Let's just roll with it.

1. I LOVE THIS. Dried mango from Trader Joe's is the shit. They have like 5 different types but this one, this one is the best! Make sure you get the unsweetened version, there's plenty of natural sweetness in the mango without adding anything else. Just buy it and eat it and love it. I'm almost out of my stash and desperately need to restock.

2. Chuck! I love me some Chuck Norris. This is my work calendar and it's fantastic. Nothing like a daily dose of Chuck. Please let him be in Expendables 3... Please... because I totally screamed in the theater the last time when he appeared. Favorite Norris-ism? "What's underneath Chuck Norris' beard? Another fist".

3. I always love a good cosmo. It's totally my drink of choice and has been for years. Grey Goose Cosmo and I prefer Cointreau over triple sec (blech!). I may or may not be able to tell you where to get the best cosmo in Raleigh. It's Vinnie's Steakhouse on Six Forks Road. Hands down, the best in town. He doesn't skimp on the booze and never uses triple sec. The steaks are pretty good too but I usually end up drinking my dinner there. And there's this random guy who walks around with a tray of deviled eggs. I'm pretty sure he's "connected" or used to be and you feel that you should take the egg. I'm not a fan of deviled eggs but if you go there, take the egg, it's delicious.

(Not from Vinnie's)

4. So, I started a new job Monday and this is my desk. I'm not coordinated or tall enough to climb into the tall chair. Seriously, day one I almost fell out of it trying to get into the chair. It's on rollers and slides backwards when you climb up and I'm trying to hold onto the desk, and get my butt into the seat as it's rolling away. Nope. Not gonna happen. I have maintenance coming next Friday to lower it to a normal height.

In the meantime, I'm sitting at my tiny desk

I'm not really sure why this one is mine as well, I think it's so I can put bad kids there or new hires. Or I could use it as a snack station or perhaps a bar.... I think my new boss would disapprove if I brought in a box of booze my second week.

5. It's Cleo! I realized that I haven't introduced you all to Cleo yet!

This is the face of disappointment when I told her. So, meet Cleo, she'll be 3 years old in November and is a chow / lab / probably collie mix. We got her from the Durham APS 2 years ago and she definitely things she owns the house. She's super stubborn (probably from the Chow in her), about  55 pounds, loves all things meat and gives great side eye.  

That's my 5! Have a great Fourth of July everyone!!

What should I do with my tiny desk?

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