Friday, July 25, 2014

We're "Those" Relatives

I'm sure everyone has a similar story. You're a kid and your parents drag you off to a relative's house, either to visit or for family vacation. You get there and of course you're hungry. Relatives say there's plenty to eat, go look in the cupboards or pantry and eat what ever you want. You get all excited for the food free for all, because it's vacation and you can eat what you want. Your mom won't tell you to stop eating the Twizzlers. Visions of Oreos and Pringles dance in your head, excitedly you rush to the kitchen, open the doors and what do you find???? Some stale Lorna Doones and a a bag of those gel spearmint leaves.

(They still look like disappointment)
Maybe there's a drink, how about some Hi-C or Kool-aid? Nope, drink some water. Sullenly up stumble back into the room they're in and make a face. Your mom tells you to stop making that face and dad says we'll leave soon and get some real food.
As much as we hated that as kids, Kev and I have become those people. We don't have any kids yet and don't keep much snack food. My sister-in-law and her family are coming to visit next week and as I was looking through the pantry, I kept seeing all the things that were bound to disappoint my niece and nephew. But here's the thing, I think every kid should be disappointed by the food choices when they visit relatives so I'm not planning on changing anything. I mean we'll go shopping after they get here, but I want to see their faces when I tell them we have snack food and they see what it actually is. It's really a rite of passage as a child.
Here are the ways I'm planning on disapointing them:
SURE! We have cookies, go see what we have!

I've got some gluten-free, Paleo cookies. Free of GMOs and trans-fats!

I have these low-carb Biscotti too. They're definitely a little stale. I was going to pitch them, but I'm going to leave them in there for sadness instead. 

Beverages -  I don't like drinking my calories. (well, except for booze) I love food too much. That means we don't have any sweetened drinks. No Gatorade, Lemonade, juice, nada. I also stopped drinking artificial sweeteners a few months ago. So what do we have?


A nice refreshing sparkling water. I've never liked milk either and a few years ago I got Kev to switch to Almond milk. Even if you want milk or cereal, we have a nice cold glass of Almonds. And some un-sweet tea.

I love chips as much as the next person but they're my weakness. I don't keep them. But I did find these at Whole Foods and they aren't bad. I'm going to tell the kids we have Doritos and when they get this bag, tell them it's the same thing. "They taste the same, just try one!"  Hahahahaha

Candy -
Not gonna lie, I have some Skittles at my desk at work. But at home, not so much. I don't do well with soy which means no chocolate. But I do have this!

It really is the small things that amuse me. I can't wait for them to get here!
Linking Up!
What are some of the foods you had to eat when visiting relatives?


  1. I love visiting my sister who has 3 kids! Kids have the best dang snacks! Thanks for linking up!

    1. Oh, they really do. My mother in law has a huge snack drawer for the grandkids too.

  2. Haha!! "I'm going to leave them in there for sadness" is just too funny. I don't have any junk in my house either. I usually pick up stuff if I know people are coming over though.

    1. Ha Ha! I just want to see their sad faces, then I'll take them to the store. I'd be even funnier if I took them to Whole Foods to pick out snacks. All the kale chips and quinoa you can eat!

  3. I know! I was thinking about maybe baking some treats so at least we don't have a bunch of processed stuff. Well, maybe a little bit of processed goodness.

  4. Hahaha! We're terrible about it. We can generally pull out enough random cheese to make a plate but that's about it. We have some Quest bars and some nuts. Eat up!

  5. I really think being disappointed by the food at a relative's house is a rite of passage as a kid. We all had to endure and now it's time to pass it on to the next generation!