Monday, July 7, 2014

Scenes from the Weekend #2

I can't believe it's Monday already! Well, I can and actually I was pretty excited to head back to work this morning. New job, lots to to and plan and stuff. But we had a pretty nice weekend and I thought, hey, lets share what happened.

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Weds I went to the gym and when I got there, realized I'd left my pants at home. I've managed in a regular bra or without socks but there's no getting around no pants. So home I went but I made sure to schedule time on Thursday after work.
I got to the gym a little early and had some time to watch People's Court on the elliptical. I LOVE me some People's Court and this guy's sweater was epic. Good for you young Cosby, good for you.

I did that for a while and headed into Body Pump where this guy planted himself right in front of me.

Mr Olympiad took this class really seriously. Each of those orange weights were 10 pounds and during the squat track he had 57.5 pounds on each side and was grunting like a mad man. He also dropped the full bar at the end of each track. Stong Man competition this is not. Seriously though, kudos to you for all that weight but I just don't associate that level of weightlifting with a Body Pump class. I see him in more of a hard core weight setting.
I burned not quite 600 calories which is cool. I'm just such a cardio queen, I have trouble reconciling gym time vs caloric burn. I know weights burn more fat in the long run but I still love the numbers.

Friday Morning Kev headed out to our blueberry bush and found these gems. 

When we moved in, we had no idea there was a giant blueberry bush in out back yard. It's literally 12 feet tall and 20 feet wide. The berries almost ready to pick so it's time to shoo away the deer and birds!

Friday was a ridiculously lazy day. I'm really embarrassed by how few steps I racked up on Friday. It was almost impressive how lazy I was. I started the day doing a little blogging, then we headed to one of our community pools for the festivities.

I really need to find some sort of adult beverage in cans to take to the pool and hide in my koozie. Instead I had some raspberry club soda.

My choice of reading materials at the pool? So far so good and if you have any interest in zombies, definitely check it out. I'm usually a huge zombie fan but this book was written by the super talented Nikki Hopeman who I went to college with and we were in the same sorority. Really a great summer read and I'm a little sad that I've had it for a while and am just now getting to it.

Then I sat on my ass the rest of the day. We watched Transformers on Amazon Prime and it was awful. I swear I needed Cliff Notes to follow along with the plot. I'm glad I've never paid to see any of those movies.

After lazing around all day Friday, I was up bright and early Saturday morning for a run. There wasn't any humidity and it was glorious out. My run, not so much. I'm going to have to suck it up and run on the treadmill while I wait for it to cool off.

After my run we headed to the State Farmer's Market where I ran into these two.

I don't know why furries were there. Confession time, I can't stop getting my picture taken with people in costumes. It's like a borderline obsession at this point.
 We didn't have any plans for the evening so we headed out to the Durham Bulls Park to watch some baseball. It was Team USA vs. Team Chinese Taipei.
Baseball selfie.

Kev and I both ordered burgers and we split some fries. After a bad case of food poisoning I don't usually eat burgers but this one was supposed to be grass fed and delicious. It wasn't. The texture was just gross. I gave it to Kev and he ate the patty so it wouldn't go to waste but yuck.

After a few innings I stumbled on a taco stand. These... These were delicious! Chicken, some sort of slaw, a little cheese and plenty of salsa, Delish!

And it was fireworks night! It was a great show, we were really impressed. And since we didn't see any fireworks on the 4th, we felt we got our holiday on.

This also happened. Kev wants to buy a pair of jorts for the show.


Those were the highlights of the weekend! Don't forget that my give away is still going on. Click here to enter!

 How did you spend the holiday weekend?


  1. Sounds like a fab weekend! I really struggle with running in the heat too... it just saps all the energy out of me. Glad you were able to enjoy some fireworks after all! :)

    1. I just hate running in the heat and I won't get up at the craqck of dawn to do it. I prefer to work earlier and do my workouts in the evening. Annnnnd that's when it's 100 degrees.

  2. A little jealous of those TV's on the elliptical machines. Hmmm that baseball field seems familiar! ;)

  3. I feel your pain, I'm so not a summer runner! Sounds like an otherwise great holiday weekend, though!

    1. Thanks! I didn't run much last summer and I really regretted it in September when race season started back up.

  4. omg that sweater though! love it. i have definitely forgotten things for the gym before, but never pants thank goodness. the worst is when i go to work straight after and i forget something like a bra / underwear to change into. yuck! that baseball selfie is so cute!

    1. This was the first time I've ever forgot pants and I was so cranky about it. I could have managed in a non-sports bra or without a hair tie but not wothout pants. Lol

  5. Those tacos look amazing!! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend =)

    1. Thanks! It felt good to actually do something outside on Saturday instead of imprinting myself on the couch like I did on Friday. Hope you had a great weekend as well!

  6. Good pants really should be a deal breaker for more ppl lol. I'm glad you had such a great weekend and thanks for joinin up with the club girl!!