Tuesday, September 23, 2014

1900 Kids and Counting

We have a lot of spiders at our house. Seriously, a lot of freaking spiders. They have webs everywhere. We even have those big ass zipper spiders. (just Google it) They're on the side of the house, in the light fixtures, the windows, heck they try to come into the house and make webs too. 

We try to keep them under control and I'm sure we could spray but I think that spiders are one of those insects that while creepy, serve some really important purpose in the ecosystem. I'm afraid that if we kill the spiders we'll get some crazy locust or biblical plague type bug.

A few days ago I noticed a spider had made a web on our bathroom window. I also discovered that you can't take a picture of the web on your window because your iPad insists on focusing on the trees. Every time I'm in the bathroom I think about cleaning the window and getting rid of the webs. Then I leave and completely forget.

I noticed the spider a few weeks ago doing her spider thing, catching bugs, killing them, all that good stuff, then I noticed a few brown ball things that appeared, but I didn't think anything of it. But then the spider stopped moving, she just kinda hung out in one place and didn't do much.

WAIT! I know what's happening! Because like all good 2nd graders I read Charlotte's Web. Every thing I know I learned from that book. Needless to say I was pretty excited because I was gonna get a message! I thought "Put The Seat Down" or "You Missed a Spot" would have been really helpful and location appropriate.

Those brown balls that I thought were dead insects were probably egg sacs! Which means that 100s of baby spiders will hatch and fly into the woods. Good Lord. And now I can't clean the window, because I'm not killing 1 spider, it's 100s

Well, the other day I noticed that one of the egg sacs had opened and there were SOOOO MANY tiny baby spiders! I was fascinated and horrified. OMG, the house is going to be covered in webs. The good news is in a few days I'll be able to say that I'm decorating the house for Halloween instead of admitting that I don't clean the outside of the house.

The spider is still there and she's hanging out with the last egg sac. I really thought they only made one of those. My spider is the 1900 Kids and Counting of insect world. Awesome. 

And I never did get my message.

Did you read Charlotte's Web?


  1. oh hell to the no! I am petrified of spiders! They are totally awesome for our ecosystem but I prefer they are very very.....very far away from my home. If I see one I have to get my husband to grab it and throw it out the door ASAP

    1. I HATE them in the house. If I find one I actually bring my cat over and she plays with it and eats it. It's really a win win for me :)

  2. OMG, I think I threw up in my mouth a little bit. I honestly don't even know why I read this post because I hate spiders...... the thought of 100s of baby spiders crawling around is enough to make me wanna flee the house for good hahaha... you're way nicer than me, had I realized there were egg sacks on my house I would have for sure killed them :( I need my sleep. haha

    1. HAHAHAHA. I thought the post would be OK since I didn't actually show pictures of nasty spiders. :)

  3. Holy freaking cow that is a really huge egg sac (TWSS). I have this huge spider by my front porch light and it freaks me out but I don't want to kill it either. Luckily no big baby sacs though.