Friday, September 19, 2014

I might have to go dumpster diving

I was trying to think of a topic today and I realized there seems to be 2 schools of blog thought. One is where you just talk all about your day and provide a snapshot into your life and the rest is blogging on a topic.

I have to confess, blogging about a topic is much easier than trying to capture your day. I think it's because I don't think my days are very interesting. I get up, walk the dog, go to work, maybe go to the gym, eat dinner, maybe watch TV and surf the interwebs and go to bed. Sadly, not terribly interesting.

I'm all for a new genre, brain dump! Where else can I put my random thoughts?

This week I did a lot of sitting on my ass. Then again, where else would I sit? But really, I've been dealing with this lingering crud and it gave me a sore throat and lots of sleepiness. I think that 35% of my daily caloric intake has come in the form of throat lozengers.

My entire life I called it a lozenger. Come to find out, it's lozenge. Apparently in the Northern Panhandle of WV / Western PA we add an R to to the end for no good reason. I continue to add the R because Kev rolls his eyes when I do.

LOOK! Courtesy of
LozengerLozenge. (Submitted by Joy Buzzelli, Pittsburgh)

Thank you Joy.

My mother in law is visiting this week which is pretty awesome. We love having her here and this trip signifies that she's been here enough times that Cleo is convinced she's not here to kill us. Cleo does still try to herd her into other rooms but the lack of side eye is pretty nice.

For an anniversary present we're getting new dishes. The last time we got new dishes it took us 3 years to pick them out. Kev likes heavy plates with an interesting design. I prefer not to get an arm cramp when carrying my plate and food. I caved and we got heavy plates, and they all chipped, one by one. I HATE chipped plates. It makes me all ragey. I like to point out that Corelle doesn't chip but Kev says they feel like college. We'll see if we end up with dishes or are eating off paper plates.

Last night I learned that you can put Chapstick on your had and when they stamp you for being under 21 you can go wipe it off. WHY DIDN'T WE THINK OF THIS????? We had Chapstick in the 90s! Ugh, this would have upped my quality of life in college, annnnd probably lowered my GPA.

There's a runner who passes Cleo and I every morning while she's mid poop. Today he ran by and said "Good Morning, it's a beautiful day for a run!". I wanted to trip him. Yes, it's 65 with a glorious cloud cover. Running would be fantastic at 7am. But nooooo some of us have to go to work and can't run in the morning because they are sweaty messes and poor hygiene is frowned upon in the workplace.
Damn right.

One of my friends is having a baby sprinkle (She had a shower for her first, so this is a sprinkle, cute name) and I have no idea what to get her. She's a huge proponent of reusing, recycling and reducing which I think is fantastic. I wish I could be more like that. Instead I always forget my reusable bags and pick up Cleo's poop with plastic Target bags. I guess I could stop picking it up and let the poo go back into the earth? It's the Circle of Poo Life.

I want to follow the theme but I'm so bad at it. I could make something, but I waited until the last minute and that's not going to happen. I could scout out some garage sales for baby stuff? I could also go to a consignment store? Yea, let's be honest, not gonna happen. Can I just put some cash in a card?

UPDATE - There's an Amazon registry and I have Amazon Prime! Cue choirs of angels!!

Tonight we're taking my MIL out to dinner at Vinnnie's. The seriously have the best steak in town, but more that that, they have hands down, the best Cosmo in the Triangle. Perhaps I only think they have the best steak because I'm 2 drinks in when my food arrives?

That's right, just a nice light flush of pink. I didn't order a vodka and cranberry.
That's all peeps! Have a Happy Friday!
Oh, I still haven't heard from the winner of the Lawson's Gift Card. If I don't soon, I'll draw another winner. Thanks!
Does your part of the country pronounce things differently than other parts?
Do you remember your reusable bags at the grocery store?
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  1. Haha I thought it was lozenger as well!!! Oops!! I hate chipped plates too, chipped anything really!! You're posts are great. Have a nice weekend! :)

  2. Seriously though?....It's not lozengers? That's almost as bad as when I used to call Genoa Salami General salami. oops

  3. I usually remember my bags....sometimes not so much....dagger.

    I was trying to think of cute baby gifts, then saw you had an answer...woooohooo!

    Have a great weekend.

  4. I always remember my bags... once I'm ready to check out & they're in my car - DRATS!
    That chapstick thing ... oh my... I'm going to grill my youth kids to never do that :) (like they'll listen)
    I've got a country slag so I say everything wrong. I say Toilet with an r in there - Toirlet ... sue me :)

    1. Love it! I couldn't believe the Chapstick thing, I mean really, why didn't we think of it?

  5. The chapstick trick would have helped me a lot in college lol!! I would love some new plates - I think that's a sign I've grown up lol!

    1. I'd kinda rather have new boots but that's not an "us" present. Kev could look at me in my new boots and that would bring him joy, right??

  6. Ooo bio bags! They're proably much better than the Target bags. Sometimes she poos in the neighbor's yard on the pine straw and I just cover it up with more straw and no one's the wiser.
    So Kev is REALLY excited for the new products. Seriously, he wants the Cardamom and the Arbovitale and some OnGuard toothpaste. Sigh... We could/should definitely make the lozengers. :)
    and thank you for having an Amazon registry. I cried happy tears this morning. :)

  7. Have a good weekend as well! I ambitiously have 6 miles on the calendar this weekedn, we'll see how that goes! :)