Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wednesday Confessions - Not much to see here

Hello Wednesday!

OMG, I am draggggging today. I seriously thought about skipping this post but bloggers have to suck it up even when they'd rather hide under their desks and take a nap. I so want a nap. I've already looked at my calendar to see when I can step out for coffee #2 and maybe #3.

This past week has been sorority recruitment at NC State and last night was their preference party. It was a late night for me (even later for them) and my brain is mush. But today is Bid Day when they get their new members! And really, we find out how well we did in comparison to the other chapters. :)

Alright, things to confess.

1. I don't have much of a filter, and said filter disappears even more when I have an adult beverage or two. If you need someone to ask a random or slightly embarrassing question, I'm your gal.

We were at a beer and bourbon festival a few weeks ago and there was a Great Dane rescue with a table there (odd combo). There was also several people who wanted you to renovate your kitchen and bathroom. I guess those vendors capitalize on people who make bad decisions. Copious amounts of booze and new cabinets just don't mix. Anywho, I kept asking Kev about the size of Great Dane poop. How big is it, can it fit into a baggie or fill an entire plastic shopping bag. Finally I asked the rescuers and learned that Great Dane poop is the size of horse poop. #themoreyouknow

2. I'm on a poo tangent today.
This weekend I was at the pet store getting cat food and saw what might be the smallest animal I've ever seen in my life. It was a chihuahua and might, (I'm being generous) MIGHT have been 3 pounds. I was so startled to see something that small I exclaimed "My dog makes bigger poops that that!" #mydogpoopsyourdog

3. My food has stunk this last week. Too much eating out or eating what's convenient. I need a salad, lots of salad and vegetables. I don't eat fast food and haven't in probably 3 years which is a good thing that I'm not running through a drive though but it's been too many carbs and not enough protein. I need a week of meat and veggies to break through some of this sluggishness.

Thankfully my exercise has been decent, My "Exercise week" runs from Saturday to Sunday which is a throwback from my Jenny Craig days when I used to weigh in every Saturday morning. So far I ran on Saturday and Sunday and will be going to Body Pump Class Thursday and Friday.

4. What is up with all the Wrap people on Instagram??!?!?!
I wouldn't be exaggerating if I said that I've had at least 20 people who sell those dang wraps follow me on Instagram. They never reach out to me, they just follow. I really don't understand it. When they have the monthly wrap calls or go to the wrap convention do they tell them that this is a good idea? I've been in sales for a long time and have been training or managing sales people for most of the last 8 years. I would NEVER advise anyone to just creep on people and not reach out to them.

People, if you want to sell your product, less than 10% of the random folks you reach out to will be impulsive enough respond back and say they're interested. So, you have to follow 100 randos and MAYBE 7 people will want to give it a try. That's a lot of work for a poor rate of return. Here's some advice. Make a connection, follow people for other reasons, start a conversation, THEN pepper in info about your products, like how well you've been sleeping at night since using Vetiver on your toes before bed. Then they ask, Vetiver, what's that? and you say, "Vetiver is an awesome essential oil that's great for sleep. It helps me and Kev sleep much deeper at night and wake up far more rested. I never knew how helpful essential oils could be." Then you offer a sample, direct them to the website (like the doTerra one on my sidebar) and ask them to come to or host a party.

I should hold a sales training class for direct sales people. Perhaps that's my next venture.

I'm not posting a picture of those other wraps because it makes me all ragey. Have some turkey instead.

5. It's always better to end on an odd number, don't ask me why.

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  1. LOL! Great Danes are basically the size of a horse...I just didn't think the poop was the size of theirs too, but I guess that makes sense. I noticed the tons of wraps on instagram too, what's up with that?!

    1. That was one of my concerns about getting a dog in the first place. I wanted a small one. Small dog, small poop.

  2. Ha! I love that poop pillow :) I get hung up on things like that sometimes too... my husband really wants a Bernese Mountain Dog, and all I can think is "Would I have to carry a shovel to clean up after one??"

    1. When we were cjhoosing food for our dog, I went with a grain-free formula because she said that better dog food = less poop. I'll happily pay $5 more a bag for smaller poop. Of course she eats the cat food instead of her own so now I have to get the cat grain-free food too.

  3. I KNOW. I'd heard of the wraps before but they're like vultures on instagram. I don't understand why.

  4. The poop emoji is one of the greatest things ever.

  5. LOL at the poop conversations! We have a Yorkie who's about 7 pounds, so not much bigger than the dog your dog poops! ;)

    Love the skinny jeans meme, so accurate!

    1. I love it when someone wants to get all in depth about poop. It's such a taboo subject still but anytime people realize it's OK, the talk turns to nothing but poo.

  6. They're wraps that are supposed to tone and firm "problem areas". Sorry, eating right and exercise are what helps you tone up, not some plastic with goo smeared on it.

  7. I have both a dog that poops enormous poops and one that is the size of the poops...,so there you go. Those wrap people are's just Saran Wrap and ace bandages and lotion....,silly.

  8. Greyhound poops are about the size of human poops. I wanted a BIG dog and ended up with a Greyhound and now I'll never go back. Phil sleeps 20 hours a day and he doesn't require much energy and doesn't bark and doesn't smell (other than his bad breath) and I just love him. And he doesn't really need much activity, which is nice.