Wednesday, November 5, 2014

I got another new job!

OK, think I'm back now. For reals.

Soooo I got another new job. But gee Lara, didn't you just start a new job 4 months ago? Why yes, yes I did. What happened?

Before we went on vacation my phone rang and it was a company I'd interviewed when I was interviewing with everyone back in June. I met with the bank (job I took) on Monday and this company was one of the three I had that same week on Wednesday. I thought I killed in the interview and I really liked them, they were actually my number one choice. The Director of Sales said I would be perfect to manage the Sales Associates. I said that would be fantastic. Annnnnd nothing. I sent my think you e-mail and even called when I got the bank offer. Silence. Crap. Until my phone rang four months later.

I was sitting at work and when it rang, announced, "SERIOUSLY?". I listened to the message from the recruiter and decided to give them a call back, ONLY to give them a piece of my mind. No call for four months and I'd taken another position, I was ready to do some scolding.

The recruiter and I played phone tag for a few days and while I was in Atlantic City the Sales Director started blowing up my phone, We played tag all day Friday because casinos don't want you to have cell reception, and I told him I would call on Monday after I got back.

Monday we finally made contact and he said that he wanted to offer me the position of managing the Sales Associates. When we met in June the position wasn't open, but it was now. They didn't post it online, didn't interview anyone else, they wanted me. Then I asked about the compensation and the tide changed. Let's just say things became very intriguing. I told them to make me an offer and I'd seriously consider it.

Last week on Wednesday they called and made me an offer I couldn't refuse. Before signing I did want to come in and meet with them again to make sure I remembered everything correctly and they weren't crazy. Thursday I met with the Sales Director, had lunch with several members of the team and laughed harder than I have in a long time.

They kept asking what they could give me to make me come aboard. They have free snacks and whatever snack I wanted they would have for me. (I asked for Skittles). They told me about the cool bags they had and I could get a hoodie too. We talked about movie drinking games and how Patrick Stewart bared his chest far more often than necessary in Star Trek Next Generation. (Really, it's a lot)

At the end of the day I knew what I had to do, I was going to leave my job of 4 months, leave my team and get a new one.

I was so nervous all weekend because I felt terrible about telling the bank. I knew my team really liked me, I had a few new hires and felt bad about leaving them so soon. I actually called out on Friday and went to the Junior League Shopping Spree because I knew I would just sit there and look at them and feel bad.

I met with my boss first thing Monday morning and surprisingly the conversation went really well, my boss understood and wished me all the best,

We told my boss' boss and he said that even though I'd given 2 weeks notice, I could leave at the end of the day. I packed my boxes, said goodbye and left. I knew that was a possibility and maybe new company will let me start on the 10th. If not, I get 2 weeks of vacation while I wait to start.

I don't believe that everything happens for a reason. I believe that life is a series of choices and there are crucial decisions that you make which shape the course of your life. If I had stayed at Sweet Briar College instead of transferring to Pitt I would have never became a KD. If I had stayed in Pittsburgh instead of moving to Martinsburg to manage a jewelry store I wouldn't have met Kevin. And if I had just ignored that call I wouldn't have known about this amazing opportunity.

I guess you just never know how things are going to work out.

Would you ever quit a job after four months?

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  1. WOW! congrats with your new job, that is super duper amazing lady! ROCK IT OUT!

  2. You are a woman in demand! You gotta do what you gotta do! Congrats on the job though!!!

  3. Congrats on the new job!! That is exciting news!! And I mean, you gotta do what you gotta do... even if it means leaving a new job after only 4 months!

  4. Been there, done that. ├╝ber proud you found a great 'employment home' :)
    I too reflect on life's choices and how a person's path is important to follow.

    1. I so agree. It's crazy to think how one decision could have completely changed where I am today.

  5. Congrats on the new job!! It was your first choice and if they made you a great offer you have to go with your gut.