Monday, November 24, 2014

It's a short week

Remember when I used to blog regularly and read other blogs and comment and stuff? Yea, me too. Last week I talked about the Blog Baton and how I would be posting all day long on Instagram and I would try to make it interesting? Nope, not so much.

I woke up Weds with a raging headache. I've never had a migraine before but I imagine this is what it would feel like. I left work at 830, on day 8. Yes, I had do be feeling pretty crappy to leave my new job on the eighth day. Any who, I went home and slept all day. Pictures of a dark room and People's Court probably wouldn't be terribly interesting to anyone and really, I wasn't doing anything that day. Apologies if you actually went over to Instagram and looked for any posts.

The rest of last week was pretty uneventful. I went to work, didn't go to the gym and that's about it.

Friday night Kev and I did head out to the movies to watch Mockingjay part 1. It was pretty good, lots of talking and drama. Katniss was angst ridden most of the movie, but it was fine. I barely remember the 3rd book (it was the weakest out of the 3 story-wise).

Saturday morning we got up, went to breakfast and headed out to get some groceries for the week. Well, 3 days. We're heading up to my parent's for Thanksgiving and really don't need a lot of food. I'm also bringing dinner to a friend who recently had a baby and I needed supplies.

After we got back, I wanted to go for a run. I had Kev drop me at Whole Foods and I ran to the dog park 4 miles away.

I felt pretty good about that, especially since it's been 2 weeks since the last time I ran. The Jingle Bell run is December 6th and it's my current PR of 30:11. I really want a sub-30. I'm not sure if it's going to happen but after this run I felt considerably better about my chances. 

When we got home I made a crap-ton of banana bread. We had a bunch of bananas that Kev brought back from his road trip and I needed to do something with them. 

I found the recipe on Pinterest here. It's seriously awesome. You should try it.

Moist Banana Bread
1/2 cup butter, softened
1 cup sugar, white
3 eggs, room temperature
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 2/3 cup all purpose flour, sifted
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 cup mashed bananas
1/2 cup sour cream
Combine butter and sugar until creamy. Add eggs one at a time. Add vanilla and mix well.
In a separate bowl, sift together flour, soda and salt. Add dry ingredients to the wet ingredients and mix well. Add banana, sour cream and nuts. Mix until combined.
Bake in a pre-heated 350 degree Fahrenheit oven for 1 to 1 1/2 hours. Cool in the pan on a wired rack.
Yield: 1 9″ loaf
I baked 4 loaves at once and it took about 90 minutes. I think if you only made one, you'd want to err closer to an hour. 
Alright, time for more laundry and I have to get ready to head over to the KD house for my official visit meeting. Hope you all had a great weekend

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  1. So sorry about the migraine, I hear they are the worst!

    That banana bread looks yummY!

    1. I've never experienced anything like that before, it was crazy!

  2. I get migraines, and they are so horrible. Sorry you had to go through one! That banana bread sounds tasty-thanks for the recipe! :)

  3. THat banana bread looks like perfection!!! THanks for sharing… Hope you're feeling better this week!

  4. Glad you're feeling better :) And I'm so jealous that you saw Mockingjay, I can't wait to go!

    1. Thanks! It was really good. We saw a few movies that I didn't care about, it was nice to actually see a good one.

  5. Glad you are feeling better. All this weather changing doesn't help. I love Banana bread and have been making my Paleo version regularly. So good.

    1. I have a paleo banana bread recipe that's made in the crock pot, it's amazing. I'll have to make it again soon.

  6. Yum! That banana bread looks awesome!!

  7. The banana bread was soooo good! I gave most of it away but did score a piece. That recipe is a keeper!