Friday, January 16, 2015

Five Thing Friday

Happy Friday everyone! This has been a crazy week for me. It was Spirit Week which is capping off with a Sales Summit today. Every day we dressed up for a different theme. Monday = Fav Sports Team, Tues = 80s Day, Weds = Super Hero Day, Thurs = Dress for Success.

Yesterday morning the cat woke me up at 5am banging on the door. I couldn't go back to sleep so I got dressed and went to work. Everything was awesome an I was planning on sneaking in a little blog love then I got an IM from the CEO.

It was fine, we talked about my team and his expectations which are mine as well. I've got some more changes to make to turn around the ship I received when I started. I ran to my boss afterwards and he said everyone gets their first Walter call, he just thought my first would be after I'd been there 6 months instead of two. Ahhhhhh..... Apparently that was my initiation, I'm a real manager now.

Alright, on to my 5 things.

1. Godiva is in the cone of shame because she's neurotic and rips the hair off her back side. The vet says she's hyper sensitive to allergens and told us some things to cut out and gave her a steroid and a cone. We tried to take it off Tues and she immediately went back to digging. On goes the cone again. I'm a terrible cat parent because I kinda like it. She can't hide under the bed because she doesn't fit and keeps banging her cone on the bed frame. Snicker....

2. After 4 months of letting my credit sit there I finally decided to get some stuff off Thread Up. I used my $44 credit and got 3 sweaters and a dress. I sent in a TON of stuff and I guess it's nice to get a little something back. I decided I needed more colors in my cardigan collection and this was a good way to get some new ones. I know how Loft, Gap and Old Navy fit me so they're generally a safe choice.

3. The reason I went on ThreadUp is because I've become a little obsessed with Get Your Pretty On. If you haven't been there before, Allison will have challenges where you can purchase a shopping list and hook up with other women who are rocking the Challenge. She really teaches you how to re-mix the items in your closet. I'm so bad at this. I always wear the same things together and she gives such great pointers on how to switch up your wardrobe. You have to sign up for her newsletter, she'll send you an old challenge with the shopping list.

4. Kev and I decided to go low carb to get rid of some of the extra pounds we ate in cookies over the holidays. I started a few days before him and I'm sure I'm down a little, but in 3.5 days he lost 5 pounds. Seriously, All I want to lose is 10-12 and he loses 5 in 3 days. Men suck. This morning I didn't feel like I was rolling over my jeans which is a good thing. It's really interesting how much of your mood for the day is based in how your pants fit. Loose pants, good day.

5. I have 4 open positions and need to find some people to hire. I've been looking at resumes and some of them are a hot mess. One dude, no lie, listed his 2 half marathons and a 5K in the Activity section. He also managed 3 inflatables and knows how to drive a forklift. I really want to interview him. There was another guy who worked at 3 retail jobs and had a 4 page resume. 4 pages... Not necessary buddy. I kinda want to reach out to them and offer my resume writing services for a low low price. I'm not going to hire you, but please let me help you. :)

Have a great Friday and go see Amanda over at Meet at the Barre!



  1. The way men loose weight is so not fair!!!!!
    The cone of shame always makes me laugh... I'm evil I guess.

    1. I couldn't believe when he told me he lost 5 pounds in 3.5 days. We're fighting now. lol

  2. I love the first week of low carb, much needed after the holidays! Oh boy those guys do need your help!