Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Frosty Vox Box Influenster Review

A few weeks ago  I received the Frosty Vox Box from Influenster full of goodies to review. I was supposed to get the Victoria's Secret box with a pair of work out tights and a sports bra but something happened, it didn't ship and they offered me 2 boxes to make up for it. I really wish I'd gotten the sports bra....

A few years ago Kev and I thought it would be fun to try secret shopping, What we discovered was that it took a long-ass time and you got next to zero dollars. I remember going to Harris Teeter (grocery store) and walking around looking for the items displayed in the flyer. Then you would have to write a report and the whole thing would take 2 hours and you'd get paid $11. Not worth it. 

Free is awesome but if you aren't going to use it, it's just not worth the time it takes to review. I'm really picky too which makes me difficult to please. Yep, not even gonna sugar coat it.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of Influenster but sometimes the amount of tasks just isn't worth the freebies. After saying that, this might be my last Influenster box so let's go out with a bang. 

Before Christmas I got the box in the mail and here's what was inside.

THIS I liked. Mmmmm Cherry Fruit Vines. I busted into the bag (when I was still eating carbs) and enjoyed myself a handful or two. I love red licorice, mainly because it doesn't have any soy in it or give me a stomachache. But I never buy it. Why? Because I think licorice is a road trip food. You get a bag and eat it in the car on a log trip, or at the beach, and you get sand in the bag but it's cool because everything you eat at the beach has sand in it.

I would take you to the beach. Thumbs up!

Next up was a jar of Thyme. Not gonna lie, no idea what to do with this, Kev is in charge of the meat making and I don't think he's ever used Thyme. I have nothing to say about the quality of the herb or the depth of flavor. This -ish went right into my cupboard and will probably live there for 3 years until I throw it away. Eh, who am I kidding, there's a jar of Mrs Dash in there that might be 8 years old. I'm never throwing it away. 

This gets a meh from me. ***UPDATE*** I was making some chicken thighs with mustard (brown and 2 kinds of dijon because we only have mustard for a-holes in our house) and I sprinkled some Thyme on them.

Then there was a hair brush. 

Let me tell you, the older I get the more wavy my hair becomes which is BS. It means I have to actually do something to my hair every morning because it looks a hot mess otherwise. Another thing I can't do in the morning is use this brush. I got more static in my hair than I've ever experienced. I looked like one of those kids touching the silver ball thing at the science museum.

It's apparently called an electrostatic generator, #themoreyouknow. Thumbs down from me.

Oh look, tea! I love tea, oh yes I do, nothing like a hot cup of holiday peperminty goodness on a cold (for us) winter night.

But wait, Celestial Seasonings uses SOY in their tea. Annnd I can't drink it. Thumbs down for you.

This one I was super excited about. Eye make-up remover! Confession time. I never wash off my eye make up like I should. I generally get in the shower, rub my face and get long black streaks down my face which I leave there, Then I come downstairs and do my best Alice Cooper impression. 

 Needless to say, Kev was super excited that I might actually wash off my make-up. I tried, I really did but I had to scrub and scrub my eyelid to get my eyeliner off. I use Stubborn Brown by M.A.C and it wouldn't come off, Really, water works better for me. I had high hopes for this one but no, thumbs down.

Then there was a NYC lipstick in Sugar Plum (I think). It was a pinky brown shade with some shimmer. Hated it. I think my mom might like this but I actually think the dog hid it somewhere. I haven't seen it since I tried it on and immediately wiped it off.

 Thumbs down again.

Last but not least was an eyeliner from Rimmel... I don't like black eyeliner. I feel like an emo kid. I need a little brown in my liner. It went on well and I'm sure other people really like it but for me, this isn't an every day thing.

I'll give this one a neutral thumb.

Well, that's probably my last Influenster review. :) I've always said I would be completely honest on this blog and I'm not about to feed you a line of BS because I got a free something in the mail.

Disclaimer - I received these products for free in exchange for my review and promotion on social media, although they might prefer I not. Obviously, all opinions are my own.

Linking up because it's OK to not really like anything in the box of free stuff.
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Happy Tuesday everyone! This is Spirit Week at work and today is 80s day. I'm off to spray some Aqua Net on my hair and turn up my hair metal. Have a great day!


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one with that complaint about the brush. My hair looks awful after using it!
    Let's not talk about the Red Vines... it put me in a dentist chair for pulling off a cap!

  2. The red vines look to be the only thing I would want to try too. Bummer!

  3. I loved my box too! Though my daughter took the lipstick and the red vines..actually, I think she took most of my box.