Friday, May 13, 2016

Five Thing Friday!

 OMG, I'm so ready for the weekend. Don't get me wrong, it's going to be insane for the next 3 days. Well, wait, the next 7 days. We have events Saturday and Sunday, then next week at work is going to be insane. Let's just say, there will be rainbow sweatbands involved. Draw your own conclusions.

How about I stay true to a 5 thing Friday and talk about 5 thing's I've been digging. 

1. Favorite phrase.
I'm impatient, and I'm annoyed and I think that after 3 weeks of work that all my clothes should fit again. But I know that won't happen, I need to be patient and trust the process. It works. I know it works. But there's a tiny voice inside me that says "what if it doesn't work" what will you do then? But it does work and will work. It worked before and will work again.

2. Fav new find

Sweet heaven, HAVE YOU TRIED THIS??? The entire pint is only 240 calories and IT TASTES LIKE ICE CREAM. Not like that Arctic Zero BS, but real, delicious ice cream. They have it at the Kroger and Whole Foods near me and it's sooooo good. Kev is super happy with the Chocolate and it fits in his low carb diet. Personally, I despise chocolate ice cream. It's gross. give me vanilla any day.

3. Favorite Brunch I make.

That's right, this weekend is the annual choir brunch and I'll be making bunch for 30ish people Sunday. I'm going to try my luck again and make cinnamon rolls. After my success on Christmas morning, I'm going to press my luck and try it again. Wish me luck with the yeast.

4. Favorite part of training.

TOYS! I've said it before, but training is like the mob. Even if you get out, you never really get out. OMG, you were a trainer for 4 years, can you train something? Sure. I can train some sales something. I'm a firm believer that you need something to play with when you're in a class. It helps you think better and the participants figdet less. My interns bought Chinese finger traps, squishy balls and Silly Putty. People fricking love the Silly Putty. 

5. Favorite Running Music?

HAMILTON! I am 120% on the Hamilton bandwagon. It's sooooo good. I've been listening to it at work in the background, but I out it on for my run Saturday and it was perfect! Everything I wanted it to be. Just download it and listen to it. ALL THE TIME.

That's all for me! Wish me luck at my weigh in tomorrow!

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  1. OK - I've got to go to Spotify & listen to Hamilton now - its all i keep hearing about.

    Oh snap - I know what I'll be looking for at Kroger today.

    1. YES, you MUST go listen to Hamilton today! Do nothing else except go straight to Spotify and listen. Bring some tissues for act 2.

  2. Halo Top is the best! I've tried like 5 flavors and my favorite is hands down birthday cake. YUM!

    1. I have been stalking the Kroger and Whole Foods for the birthday cake and there's a hole where the birthday cake should be. The minute it's there, it's mine! lol

  3. it's so frustrating, the weight loss thing, but it's true - trust the process!