Thursday, May 19, 2016

Thursday Confessions?

I was all set to make this a Wednesday Confessions post, then people wanted things from me and I had to take on a project I hadn't anticipated. So pretend that Thursday Confessions are a thing.

Tuesday I needed to come home in the morning and pick up some fans. We were doing some training and the room got super hot. We were going to send the interns to WalMart to get a fan, but I have several at home, so I headed home to get some.

There are several deer in my neighborhood. It's a nice place, plenty of stuff to eat and no one to kill them. It's just a matter of time before someone hits them. Well, I did coming back to get a fan.

I was only going 20ish miles an hour when I saw the deer cross the road, I slowed way down and he ran back across the road to the side where he started. By then I was going 5ish miles an hour, I got parallel with the deer and HE RAN IN FRONT OF ME. He bounced off my bumper, fell down, got back up and ran away. I pulled over to the side of the road and there was zero damage to my car. I didn't think there would be, I didn't hear that horrible crunch. There was a tuft of hair on the bumper and that was it. I swear the deer had a death wish.

When I told my brother, he said he saw a deer in the same place running  back and forth across the road. I learned that deer are assholes who just want to fuck with your car.

Confession #2, I'm considering going back to the evil empire.

A few months ago, ATT Uverse came to my neighborhood and brought high speed internet. HUZZAH! I as finally able to get rid of our last TWC internet service. It was beautiful and I got such satisfaction from it. Yay.

Then it slowly started to be less awesome. Connectivity issues, the internet dropping, the outside box went down, the fiber to the house stopped working, the inside modem has been replaced 3 times.

I call and they insist on walking me through all of the BS troubleshooting. Reboot the modem, restart the computer, push the reset button, reboot the modem again. 30 minutes later grudgingly agree to send out a technician. 

In my great frustration I called Time Warner Cable to price their internet. I can get twice as much internet as I have now for $15 more than I pay now. But I sell my soul to the devil. It's something I said I'd never do but when you're tired of my 600 pound life stopping every 5 minutes, you make some tough choices. 

3. I dislike Minions. I don't think they're cute or funny. There, I said it. I tried, I really did. I even tried to watch the Minions movie on the flight back from Paris. I couldn't do it. I just couldn't. 

4. I ate chili for the first time ever yesterday. Really, the first time ever. I don't really like beans, well, I said I didn't like beans but I do now. Beans are delicious. I did have Jenny Craig turkey chili so I'm sure there are better, more tasty chili. Apparently I like beans now. I eat beans.

I'd post a picture of my lunch but the internet sucks and I can't upload the pictures from my phone to Dropbox. 

5. This is really strange, but I mentioned before that I have an issue with soy and some things make my stomach hurt, a lot. Like anything fried or chocolate. I started having the problem when I went off Jenny Craig the first time. But JC food never bothered me. 

I asked the gastroenterologist why Jenny food didn't bother me and he said "It's not like Jenny Craig has magic fairy dust in there". I told him that apparently it did and he needed to figure out what was up. He didn't sigh...

Since coming back to JC, I've had 0 and I do mean 0 stomach aches. I've eaten gluten and soy and chocolate. Seriously, wtf? A month ago I ate 3 peanut M&Ms and had pain. Chocolate lava cake? Nada. Chocolate Smores bar? Chocolate Cheesecake? BROWNIE??? Nothing! I mean it's totally cool that I can eat this chocolate, but completely confusing.  Dumb.

So dumb.

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  1. That's weird about your stomach issues ... I'm sure you're not complaining, but I wonder what has 'cured' you.

    I'll join in with you - I'm not a fan of the Minions either. I dont get creatures that dont talk or have a weird voice.

    UGH - I get so tired of TWC - they just raised our rates something CRAAAZZZYYYYYY - but they did just install new internet microfibers out in our country of a land so its basically the only way to have fast internet out my way. Pretty much, they have us by the kahunaas

  2. i wasn't a fan of chili either but my BIL's MIL makes THE BEST CHILI EVER. it doesn't taste beany (i dont like beans), has lots of meat and veggies and it just amazing.