Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Things I didn't post last year - NC State Fair

I was looking though the posts I started last year and didn't finish because life and everything else got in the way. Well, I had most of these ready to go, including our European Adventure which never made it up. Better late than never, right??

Every year Kev and I go to the NC State Fair because it's full of culinary atrocities and one year I got fondled by a camel, or a llama, whatever that thing is.

The things you'll do for the picture...

Every year, Kev scours the interwebs to see what new foods will make an appearance this year. I'm still waiting for the deep-fried butter but it still hasn't made it to NC yet. A girl can dream. But, there were a few new things this year that Kev had his eye on, and the 1/4 lb bacon on a stick was at the top of his list. 

Just take a look at the other options available...yeas, that's BACON SMORES. I tried, I really did try to get him to take the plunge on that one, but I was shut down. 

This is what 1/4 pounds of bacon on a stick looks like, and a lady who would not move out of the way, no matter how hard I tried.

She was loving that snow cone though.

We walked around and looked at all the things and we wandered into the "penny" candy area. Now, I mentioned it before, but I LOVE me some granny candy. Granny candy being the hard candy that you can't ever seem to find in a store, but always seems to appear at the bottom of your Grandma's / Mom's purse. My chiropractor has a bowl of those candies too. I'll have to ask where they get them...

Strawberry filled hard candy

Butterscotch discs!

Take a good look at the granny candy in there. Bit O' Honey, those sesame things, squirrel Nut Zippers? Yes, yes and yes! Love all of these except those caramels with the nasty cream in them. Those were Kev's.

The one thing he'd been looking forward to was this new creation,

It was basically all the pig you could stuff on a bun. I'll be honest, it didn't disappoint, There was a deep fried pork chop, BBQ, Bacon, slaw, it was all present and accounted for and it was delicious. 

However, this sandwich represented a rare mis-step in Kev's fair food strategy. This bad boy was amazing and filling. Like super filling and he was barely hungry the rest of the evening. Usually He gets things, I take a bite or 2 and we move through the fair. Nope, not this time. He barely had room for dessert after wards.

That meant no deep fried atrocity this year. He was too full to give any of these a whirl.

I had my eye on that bacon wrapped deep fried Reese's cup but I wasn't going for it by myself.

After looking around for a bit, we wandered into the bunny area where I got to pet this cutie.

But that wasn't the best part. LOOK AT THE BUNNY TOES!

OMG, now I remember that I want a bunny.

There was a super cool exhibit of balloon art.

We saw the gigantic pumpkin.

Finally on the way out Kev was hungry and he got some deep fried apple pieces. These always kind of remind me of the old McDonnald's apple pies. Remember, when they used to fry them instead of that BS baking they do now?

These are good but I've had them before. They're no bacon wrapped deep fried Twix.

Finally it was time to go and on the way out we passed the trailer that said it head a bear exhibit. We pass it every year and never go in, Honestly, we weren't convinced that there were actually bears in there. Well, this year we FINALLY went in and guess what?!??? BEARS!!!

I swear, this was the highlight for me. These bears gave 0 Fs and were just... bears. They weren't giant, but could probably eat someone's face if they were pissed enough.
Just sitting like a bear.

This isn't the best angle, but those are 2 bears, one chilling in a tire swing and the other just laying there.

This bear in the swing is everything. 

Better late than never! That's my recap of the 2015 NC State Fair! Next up, I'll FINALLY recap our European adventure.


  1. Love love love your fair recap. I always want to go to ours but never seem to make it. Can't wait for vacay recap :)

    1. I know, the vacay recap has been MONTHS in the making. lol

  2. Omg I love bunny feet. And I also love that bear in the swing! I've had deep fried pb&j and deep fried Snickers and they were both amazing. I always want to try more delicious deep fried things like that.

    1. ACK! Those bunny feet! Loved them. I was really quite sad that Kev didn't go after more deep fried treats. Le Sigh. Next year.