Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A Few Questions and Answers...

Hidey Ho everyone. I was thinking about my post fr today and I had a great idea but I need at least 5 if these random things to talk about since 3 isn't enough and 4 is an even number. But this list is 48 things, which is even, but it's OK. Don't ask, please don't, because I can't really explain it. 
MKay. I came across this quiz on a few blogs and on FB and I thought it would be fun to do. It's a little long so grab a snack or something. 
1.  Fired a gun– Yes
2.  Married–  Yes
3.  Fell in love–  Yes 
4.  Swam in an ocean– Yes. When I was a kid. I;ve been to the ocean several times but I don't really like swimming in it. I think the ocean is a giant toilet for fish. There, I said it. The ocean is a giant fish toilet.
5.  Gone on a blind date– I don't remember one. I've been on some random dates, but not completely blind that someone else hooked me up with.
6.  Skipped school–  I didn't in HS but everyone skipped a class or 2 in college. Fun fact, I took a history of jazz class in college that I only attended 3x. (it was once a week class). You could take the mid term and final test or write 2 papers. I did the papers, and got As on each. 
7.  Watched someone give birth– Nope
8.  Been to Canada– Yep. It's been a while though. We need to get back.
9.  Been to Hawaii– Nope
10.  Been to Europe– First time last year! We went to Germany, France and Austria.
11.  Been to Las Vegas– Only 1x but I do love me some Vegas. The RnR Las Vegas half is on my bucket list. Running the strip at night? YES PLEASE.
12.  Been to Washington D.C. - A couple of times. I like DC. I recently started asking Kev for a weekend trip to DC or Williamsbug VA. He said those seemed like odd weekend trip requests and I realized I'd just been listening to Hamilton A LOT. 
I could maybe go to Chicago and see... wait for it... Alexander Camelton
13.  Been to Nashville– I was there for work several years ago but that was before camera phones and Facebook, so I have no memories of it.
14.  Visited Florida– Yes, a few times for cruises and 3x just recently for vacation and Kappa Delta stuff.
15.  Visited Mexico– I'm pretty sure one of our cruise days was a stop in Mexico. There was a BBQ. I think.
16.  Seen the Grand Canyon in person– No
17.  Flown in a helicopter- No
18.  Been on a cruise– 2 of them. I'm good for one every few years, it's getting to be about that time again.
19.  Served on a jury– No
20.  Been in a movie– Yes. Fun Lara Fact, I have an IMBd entry for the movie I was in.
21.  Been to Los Angeles– No
22.  Been to New York City– Ah yes, NYC. I love you so.
23.  Played in a band– Sorry, it's for the best that I don't
24. Sang karaoke– Oh hell yes. 
25.  Made prank phone calls– Wow. Yes. In the 6th grade probably. Isn't that when everyone makes prank calls?
26.  Laughed so much you cried– Yes. Usually when I tell Kevin my favorite joke and he's not paying attention and falls for it. Nothing Funnier.
27.  Caught a snowflake on your tongue– Yes. I grew up in the North. 
28.  Had children– I have not.
29.  Had a pet– Growing up we had a cat and you all know that I have a dog and a few cats, and the damn fish that won't die.
30.  Been sledding on a big hill–  Yes - I grew up in the north. We have hills and snow.
31.  Been snowboarding– No. I went skiing 1x and it was so bad. In HS you could join the ski club and get out of school 1 day to go skiing. I did on the 10th grade and it was hell.
33.  Been water skiing– No
34.  Rode on a motorcycle– No
35.  Jumped out of a plane– I really hate heights. No
36.  Been to a drive-in movie– Yes
37.  Rode an elephant– I would so do this. 
38.  Been on TV- I don't remember. Maybe in High School for something?
39.  Been in newspaper- Yes
40.  Stayed in hospital- Yes
41.  Donated blood- Yes
42.  Gotten a piercing- My ears are pierced.
43. Gotten a tattoo– Don't read this mom... Really, move to the next question.  yes.
44. Driven a stick shift vehicle– Noooooo. There's no reason for me to do that
45. Driven over 100 mph- I've been close but I don't think I've ever made it over 100.
46.  Been scuba diving– No
47.  Lived on your own- Yes
48.  Got a speeding ticket- Um, yes. It's been a while but I've had my share of tickets.
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  1. ha! i skipped half my high school years hanging out at different high schools LOL. in fact, i was at my friend's high school so much that people actually thought i went there...and these are friends i've known forever!

    1. I was such a nerd. I never skipped school. If you missed fewer than 3 days each semester, you didn't have to take mid terms and finals. I never took them.

  2. I actually saved this in my drafts to do myself :)
    You must get back to Nashville - such a fun place.
    I LOL'ed at the tattoo one. I dont care how old I am, I'd have to hide mine from my mom too :)

    1. My mom posted a comment on the blog link I posted on the FB page. I didn't read it, but I'm sure I'll hear about it later.

  3. I swear that the biggest perk of taking History of Jazz was barely attend and write the papers! Score! A+!!! That and the *Fairy Tale* lit class! I think that's the only college book I still have. Lol

    1. History of Jazz was the best! I went 3 times, A. One of my shining college acheivements

  4. Oh man, I tried to go scuba diving and nearly drowned during training, and I attempted to learn how to drive stick and almost broke my (now ex) bf's car! Haha! So cool that you were in a movie! I like DC but Williamsburg VA is just so different and I hope you get a chance to visit! What's your tattoo of?

    1. i don't think I could do the scuba diving. i hate getting my face wet! I have a rose on my back. It was supposed to be white but white doesn't show, so I had it re-done in red.

  5. These quizzes are always fun. I have been to Canada, Florida and Nashville. I really really want to ride on an elephant!!! I love elephants. I would be ok just meeting one!

    1. I would soooo ride an elephant. I'll have to figure out ow I can make that happen!