Thursday, June 23, 2016

European Adventure pt. 1

On Friday the 20th we drove from Raleigh to Washington DC for our flight. Kev doesn't do multiple flights, so we needed to go direct. In other news, they just announced a direct flight from RDU to Paris in 2016... Just a few more months. Any who, the flight was good. You fly for 8-9 hours and we ended up in Germany at 8am on Saturday.

There was no sleeping on the plane. Since this is only the second time I've flown internationally, one of the things I didn't know was the non-stop feeding that happens on the plane. Seriously, there's nothing but food and beverage. We took off and almost immediately we were brought cheese and crackers and a beverage. Then dinner and more beverage. Then ice cream and more beverage. Then water, then an hour before we landed, a croissant. In between all of that, there were announcements and lights and people walking past and no sleeping. 

Yea, if I got an hour of sleep on the plane I'd be surprised. In other news I watched the 2nd and 3rd Harry Potter movies on the way over. 

We got into Munich, got out bags and got on the train to the station closest to our hotel. When we arrived, thankfully they had a room ready for us and we were able to check in and get a few hours of sleep.

Kev only let me sleep 4 hours and I might have been a little cranky about that, but it was time to get up, explore and have some food. I get it, you have to acclimate yourself and deal with the jet lag, but that doesn't really matter to sleepy Lara.

We wandered around in a bit of a daze because I was fricking tired. We walked around the areas outside of the hotel and into the city. I took a bunch of pictures of things.

In my sleep-deprived haze, I have no idea what these picture are, but know they're in Munich.

We knew we needed to do some walking and we ended up at Residez which was the former royal palace of the former Bavarian monarchs of the House of Wittelsbach. It was hella amazing inside.

I'll be referencing this a lot during the European recap, but my Art History Degree was LOSING IT'S MIND. All of the art and architecture! OMG.

Kev felt this was his rightful place.

The painted ceiling, I die.

So much Rococo. Like everywhere.

After we left, we wandered around a little more before heading to dinner. We found this amazing chocolate/cookie/tea shop that had the most amazing looking desserts.

I will eat all of you

They also had an entire selection of chocolate barks, all sorts of toppings and nuts, and coconut ahhh... We ate it all. I still think about it.

Finally we went to dinner and ended up at a place that specialized in pork knuckle. There's a lot of pork in Germany. Everyone loves the pork there.

Kev got the knuckle, and the first of many giant beers.

My year of German in college resulted in me having no idea what I was ordering, which was apparently a cheese plate. I earned that B- and C in German 1 and 2. 

Spoiler alert, I did much better in France.

There are also a lot of pretzels in Germany (shocker) and they were all amazing. 

We finished the meal with the first of many apple strudels.

I was most nervous about getting around in Germany and having no idea what anyone was saying or what to order. It really wasn't a problem. 99% of the people we interacted with spoke English and they were super helpful. They did like it when we tried to pronounce things, at least we tried.

Back when he taught college, Kev would teach music diction, which means he can pronounce about 11 languages, He has no idea what he's saying in any of them, but he sounds good when he does.

That was the end of day 1! Off to bed and another adventure packed day in Germany!


  1. I cant believe its only 8 or 9 hours on a plane & you're in another foreign land. It feels to me, someone who hates traveling, it should take DAYS & a life time.
    I'd eat Germany out of its pretzels.

    1. I KNOW! and 8 hours seems like forever when you're on the plane but then you're there and holy cow, foreign country! And I might have eaten all the pretzels.

  2. We have a selfie in front of that statue (it's actually King Luitpold (yes I looked that up to verify))! I am super sad we didn't go inside the residence. Apparently, they were in a hurry to get to another Bier Garten in the huge "Central Park" of Munich. Now that I see your photos, I'm super annoyed. Thanks for the motivation to edit my photos. I want to see how my Munich photos turned out.

    1. I was so tired the first day, I barely knew where I was. Hence my inability to remember what was going on. You do need to edit your photos!