Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Komen Race Recap - #6!

On Saturday I ran the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure for the 6th time. Here's my 2015 recap, which apparently corresponded with Triangle Restaurant week last year too. Also, here's the 2014 post

Looking back over the posts, I got a little bummed because my face looks a lot smaller in 2014. Grrrr... I was also a little salty because the shirt I wore the last 2 years wasn't working Saturday. I'm just a little frustrated that even after losing 11.5 pounds, I still am not where I was last year. Such BS.

This was the 6th time I've ran this race and it's special because this was the first 5k I ever did, 5 years ago. On Friday when I was leaving Jenny, my consultant told me that "nothing matters, just do your best and try to finish". I was taken aback, this is my 6th year, I've done countless 5ks, a bunch of  10ks and 3 half marathons. I might sleep in and decide not to run, but if I go to a 5k, I'll finish, Walk, run or a combo of both, I'll finish even if I have to drag myself across the finish line.

I thought back to the first time I did Jenny. I started as what Kev likes to call "a sedentary indoor gal". (He's lucky I like him.) But he was right. I never went to the gym, I didn't care about the outdoors, well, I still don't, there are bugs and hot outside.

The majority of my time at Jenny, I was finding my fitness. I went to the gym, but only walked on the treadmill or did the elliptical. Then I moved to group fitness classes in March-ish of 2015 and started couch to 2 5K. Five years ago, the first time I did this race, even though I was 30 pounds lighter there was a definite question as to if  I'd finish. This year, there wasn't a question. 

I haven't been running, I've ran maybe 10 times this year. MAYBE. But I wasn't missing this race. 


This year the race moved from Meredith College to RTP. I was meh about the change

  • Lack of communication. I received 1 email when I registered and nothing else. 
  • Getting off the exit and trying to find the Park and Ride was a pain in the ass. There weren't any signs and it wasn't easy to find
  • Meredith is a super quaint campus and it's a really nice setting. This one was in a parking lot. It really lost a lot of the charm.
  • In the previous years, you run through neighborhoods and there's a LOT of support and spectators along the route. This one was ran on the road, in an industrial park. I saw maybe 3 groups of people on the course to cheer us on.
I do love me a flat course. I could have done well if I'd been running at all.

Industrial park

Even though it had moved, and there was still a good turn-out. I heard 8,000 people? I know there were 20,000 a few years ago though.

I hope they get the planning together and there's better participation next year.

I finished in 37 min and change. It's fine, mile 3 was a little tough. Again, I should run more, but overall I was pretty pleased with my time.

I saw my chiropractor Monday after the race and we were both pretty happy that I didn't hurt myself or throw my hips out of place. I had my adjustment and asked what kind of activity I could do this week. He said that normally he'd say that spin class was fine because it's lower impact than running, but since I keep throwing my hips out of place when I ride, go run on the treadmill.

I keep asking him if I can wear a weight belt to the gym. a la Hulk Hogan and he said no. I do have my Hulkamania shirt ready for when he agrees. Oh, I'm totally going as Hulk Hogan for Halloween this year.

Boy, this post has certainly taken a tangent. I did run tonight, on the treadmill, and it was surprisingly good. I didn't cry or die or hurt myself. It's a good day.

When it's hot as heck outside, what do you do?  Treadmill, suck it up and go outside or don't run until September?

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  1. Good for you getting out & doing it - & that's really a great time for someone who hasn't run a lot. Heck, that's basically my time when I DO run a lot :) haha
    They just changed our Komen race - it used to be a downtown where there's plenty of parking & good open FLAT roads... they moved it to a park where its 2 lane roads so parking is a NIGHTMARE & the path is a hilly route the entire way through the park. STUPID!!!!!!!!
    Hulk Hogan is the BEST Halloween costume. Please top it off with the old man balding cap with hair hanging from it!

    1. I wasn't a huge fan of the changes to the race, except the course, it actually bummed me out a little. Ans YES to the hogan hair and bandanna. That's totally happening.

  2. Good for you for still running the race and staying injury free! Flat courses are the best.

    1. Thanks! Yes, flat courses are the best. We just don't have may flat races here.

  3. Way to still get out there and run this race that has such a special place in your heart. I'm sorry to hear about the lack of spectators and frustration with your weight, but the important thing is you did it! Keep it up and you'll get to where you want to be :)

    1. Thanks! I do love this race, I hope they bring it back to the old location next year after the construction on the course is over.

  4. Good for you for running the race! YAY for a flat course- that always makes things a little bit better! :)

    1. Thanks! I definitely love a flat course! I need more of them in my life.

  5. I just found your blog through one of the link-up posts... hello :)

    Good job running the 5k... even without much training! Just getting out there is all that really matters! :)

    If it hits the triple digits, I go run on the treadmill, otherwise I try to brave the heat (part of the training, am I right?)... but I prefer a nice 70F, thankyouverymuch!