Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I've got a few notions

Happy Wednesday!!

It's a gloomy day here in NC and I was legitimately cold when I walked Cleo this morning. She was dancing around enjoying the breeze and I was looking for a parka. Maybe that's an exaggeration, it was only 58.

Any who, I didn't have time to type this post last night but I love Wednesday Confessions so much, I had to bust one out this morning.

Confessions, I have what Kev likes to call "notions". The thing about my "notions" is that after all these years in sales, I'm pretty convincing when I make a statement and it might cause other people to take my notions as fact.

Disclaimer - These ridiculous ideas are all my own and may or may not be true. I happen to absolutely believe they are.

There are certain celebrities who I think "smell". Just looking at them I'm pretty sure they don't bathe or if they do, don't get all the places they should be scrubbing. Or maybe they like the earthy smell of themselves. Either way, I think if you passed them on the street or in the grocery store, you'd say, "Holy Crap! There's...." "sniff sniff OMG do you smell that?" On my list are: Matthew McConaughey, Lady Gaga and Courtney Love. Alicia Silverstone is on there too, but that's not a notion, a lot of reports say that she went all vegan and earthy and really does smell. Kev also adds Drew Barrymore to the list.

There are some celebrities who I think are the same people. They have no discernible differences for me and if I were a casting director they would be interchangeable. For example, Bill Paxton and Bill Pullman. In the late 90s, early 2000s, they were each in several things. Don't ask me who was in what.

Recently I saw adds for the new NCIS and I guess Scott Bakula has a new gig? They were showing him and Mark Harmond and for me, they're the same person. Reached their peak in the 80s and have been able to keep working in other moderately successful shows since then. I think they both drive sensible cars, or a non flashy SUV, like a Toyota Forerunner.

See, same person.
BTW, searching for pictures of Scott Bakula brings up many shirtless in the 80s, trying to be sexy but failing with your really hairy chest pictures.

In Pittsburgh there's a part of town known as the Strip District. There are tons of amazing food shops and (I think it's still) where the restaurant people go to get their produce and meat. For years I was convinced that everything down there closed at noon. They opened early so people could shop before the day started and closed early. I told Kev this for a while. When we were in Pittsburgh for our wedding he ventured over to the Strip District and discovered that everything is open until 6. He was a little miffed that he believed me. In my defense, I'm pretty sure my mom told me that and it MAY have been the case years and years ago. Even though I've been there several times since, I'm not convinced that they're open every day.


Bookies are legal. This one isn't my fault. I really thought that bookies were legal until I was 23. My dad's bookie was at my high school graduation party. I "know" they aren't but I still kinda think they are.

Do you have any crazy notions?
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  1. B is for bookie...that's hilarious!!!!

    I love Marc Harmon. I can't think of him as anything but Gibbs, though.

    I think certain celebrities smell too. Matthew like sweat, Lilo like booze Ke$ha like booze and glitter bombs.

    1. Oooo, I didn't think about Ke$ha, she definitely smells. I used to think that Christina smells, but not anymore. She cleaned herself up.

  2. I have often wondered that same thing - if a celebrity smells. I've seen a few that I would guess that they a) douse themselves in perfume/cologne or b) smell awful.

    1. Exactly. I think that if you have enough money you can do whatever you want and no one says anything. Like if you want to stop showering, no one will say anything.

  3. I am with you on some celebs looking the same. The smell part is interesting and I can totally picture Courtney love smelling anything but good.

    1. lol, Courtney Love is the poster child for "you know she smells"

  4. Courtney love smells SOOOOO bad, I just know she does. Oh and Jeff Bridges and Jeff Daniels, same person too.

  5. EWWWWW... I can see that. I bet it was Angelina's influence. I think Jennifer Aniston would have made him shower.