Thursday, September 4, 2014

Mug Swap!

A few weeks ago I was trolling through my blog feed on BlogLovin and ran across a post by But First Coffee. Kallie had done this before and it was so popular, she decided to do it again!

We filled out a Google Doc and a few days later she sent us the email for our swap partner. It was pretty simple, learn about your partner choose a mug and send it off by August 30th. We had a price limit of $15 and should scale it back a little to cover the cost of the shipping.

 I was paired up with Rebecca who blogs over at xoxorebeccamae. She's pretty cool and you should go check her out! Come to find out, we both live in NC, are doggie parents and huge fans of rescuing animals. We both love coffee (obviously) that's flavored, but not flavor added.

I got my box in the mail and I'm super excited! She absolutely "got" me based off our conversations.

There was a super cute "Must Love Dogs" Mug, Birthday Cake coffee (YUM!) and even a treat for Cleo!

I love the paw print detail inside the mug!

I gave Cleo her treat and she immediately lorded over it. Because the cat wants your treat. The cat doesn't care about your dang treat. On a side note, I FINALLY caught her in the act of eating the cat food. She knew she was in trouble and spent most of the day pouting. But you know what? She hasn't snuck in there again.

The mug swap was a great idea and I'd definitely do another one! It was great getting to know Rebecca and making a new blogger friend! 


  1. AWWWW, so cute! Bummed I didn't find this fun!

    1. It was a blast! and I love anything that has to do with coffe so I couldn't pass it up!

  2. Bummed I didn't sign up this year, I participated last year. Love the mug you got. I am the same as you I love flavored coffee, but not flavor added.

  3. You can never have enough mugs... especially cute ones like that.

    1. I AGREE! And I recently broke a mug so I had room fo a new one. :)