Monday, September 1, 2014

Random Thoughts

Happy Labor Day!

I hope you're all enjoying your 3 day weekend! If not, I'm sorry and I'll try not to gloat. I'll warn you all in advance though that I will be gloating on both Columbus and Veterans Day as I enjoy those 3 day weekends. LOVE BANK HOLIDAYS!!! SO HAPPY TO BE BACK IN BANKING!!!

This post is going to be a random collections of thoughts so, yeah. I realized I was getting into a little rut with lists and similar types of posts and I'm gonna make a conscious effort to break out of that.

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So, I'm sitting here writing this, drinking red wine while Kev is having rehearsal at the house. I haven't mentioned yet but Kev is in a super-awesome vocal jazz group, Avante. If you're into accapella and vocal jazz, definitely check them out! Their CD is available on the website and soon on iTunes. Every few weeks they have a potluck and rehearse at the house. Tonight was pizza night, and wine, because there's always wine. I might be a little dehydrated after my work out and this wine is delicious.

Has anyone seen Drunk History yet? I LOVE IT. I also think I would be FANTASTIC on the show. A martini and an half in and I must say, I'm brilliant. I just need something historical to talk about. I wanted to tell the story of how Celine Dion started her career but Kev said no one cares about that. He's probably right. I need a good historical topic to talk about. If someone has a good one, let me know and I promise I'll drink some martinis, record it and post on the blog. But really, it has to be a GOOD one. Annnnnnnnd go.

Kev asked me to make something for the potluck and thankfully I usually have supplies to always make cookies, a cake or some sort of dip. Today I pulled out a beer bread mix from Tastefully Simple, added Parmesan cheese, oregano, garlic powder and basil and baked it. When it came out, I sliced it, brushed with butter, added more garlic powder, Parmesan cheese and shredded mozzarella cheese and put it under the broiler. It was amazing, but really anything with warm butter, cheese and carbs is stupid good. Annnnd I have a stomach ache.

I need to start half marathon training this week and I've been waiting for a decent day to run outside, instead it's been 90+ degrees with 89% humidity the last two days. Grrrr.... I'm ready to run dammit. After grocery shopping, I broke down and faced my nemesis, the treadmill. I don't know when I started hating the treadmill so much, I did Couch to 5k exclusively on the treadmill and most of the training for my first half was on the treadmill as well. Now, I avoid it like the plague. I was planning on going to Body Pump class at 3:15 and that gave me 35 minutes for the treadmill. I did 2 miles and have to say, it wasn't awful. Don't get  me wrong, I was bored as heck but I made it through. I was watching some cartoon about a horse on Netflix and it was OK, I needed to put on some Supernatural, which is a GREAT treadmill distraction. So's any Rocky movie and any movie about running. Spirit of the Marathon is my jam. 

I feel really good coming into the fall season. I've ran more over the summer than I have in the past and unlike last year, I'm not injured. I'm doing the North Hills 5k next weekend and I feel much better about it than past years. When I did it last year I hadn't ran in 4 months and had no business being there. It's a great race with a big-ass hill in the middle but the best part is the shirt. Hands down the BEST RACE SHIRT EVER. I'm actually wearing last year's right now. I'm a little paranoid that they changed the shirt this year and I might cry if they did. 

Can't heading over to recruitment afterwards

Last year I head no business doing the Bull City Race Fest. I did the 5 miler and didn't run at all leading up to it. I thought I was going to die and barely made it to the end. The WORST part though was the course. The 5 milers ended over by Duke and the half marathoners continued on to finish where we started. Our finish was 2 miles away from the start (and my car) and ever though there were supposed to be buses, I never saw a single one. So after trudging through 5 mile I had to walk 2 more back to my car. I'm still salty about that one. Nope, not doing it this year.

On a happy note, Kev and I FINALLY saw Expendables 3 last night because I LOVE Stallone. Like love love love love me some Stallone. I know he writes all of these movies and sometimes he does and awesome job, like Expendables 2, and sometimes I think he craps out something. 3 wasn't bad, but it wasn't amazing. I think it really needed an unexpected cameo, like from Jesse the Body Ventura or Steven Seagal, (but I think Steven Seagal is a little out of action hero shape, if you know what I mean). The one thing it was missing that I also really wanted was a training montage. It would have been AMAZING if the old team did a training montage where they got into better fighting shape, and then Dolph Lundgren should have been running on a treadmill with the incline getting steeper and steeper and I would have screamed with happiness. (If you get that reference, you're my new best friend)

(Don't care, it was still better than 95% of the action movies out there today)

Alright folks! Have a great Labor Day! Picnic if you are, enjoy your 3 day weekend and wear all the white pants! Boots and leggings are coming!!

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  1. Oh I was so into a cappella in college, I will def have to check them out! Good luck with your training...I think I'll stick with the pizza and wine :)

    1. Thanks! I think a lot about pizza and wine when I'm running. Bagels too.. I think about bagels all the time.

  2. That beer bread you made on a whim sounded amazing! I wish I could just prepare stuff like that on the fly, but when I do cook it requires a very simple recipe!

    1. After a while I got used to being asked to make things on a whim. :) And I figured that everything's better with butter and cheese!

  3. Drunk history?! How fun! Carbs are so good!! I used to love the treadmill but lately can't get back into it either!!

    1. I seriously love drunk history. I still need a good historical topic because they're doing a thing online where you can record yourself and send it in and MAYBE get on the show.