Monday, January 26, 2015

Low Carb Pancakes and a non-eventful Weekend

Back to the grind for another week of work. Thankfully I really like my job, even though I have to write reviews this week. Oh the joys of review time. Right now I'm trying to blog with a cat on my lap and one curled up next to me. They have no sense of personal space. Everything is their space.

My exercise was pretty non-existent this week and I'm OK with that. I had a busy few days and the evenings I had free, I didn't feel like adding another thing to my day. Sometimes you just have to make peace with it and just accept that you can't do all the things.

Instead I tried to catch up on some blogging and KD stuff. I mostly succeeded. :)

Friday night Kev and I went out to dinner. We tried to go to Vinnie's for steak but didn't have a reservation, which was no bueno. Instead we went to Couquette which was super disappointing, I ordered the steak tartare which I always get and it was gross. They added WAY too much mustard and it was over powering, I sent it back and the chef said, "too bad, that's the way we make it". Seriously? I've eaten it there before as well as at may other French restaurants and it never tasted like that. Ewwww.... I remember working in restaurants and dealing with cocky chefs, they're a pain but it really put a bad taste in my mouth for the rest of the meal. We won't be back.

Saturday morning I had an acupuncture appointment and when I got home I sat on my butt most of the day and worked on my cross stitch. I can't stop and I want it finished. The end is in sight and I already bought the frame to hang it in my bathroom. Let me tell you, my fat cat loves nothing more that to sit awkwardly on my lap and bat at the string as I'm working. It's the only exercise he gets aside from stuffing his face and beating on doors, so I guess it's a good thing.

I also made these killer low carb pancakes that are really really close to the real thing.They even look like real pancakes!

Kev had to leave early Sunday morning so it was just me and the animals all day. I went grocery shopping, bought the dog some treats and me some new running sunglasses.

Headed out for my run around 130 and I think I did 3.5 miles. My Garmin wasn't charged and I used my Nike+ app. I ran the trail and I KNOW that from the start of the trail to the bathroom it's 1.87 miles. That's what my Garmin always says. The app said it was 1.75 miles and that my pace was 12:35. No, it wasn't. Add in the extra distance and I'm faster. 

Can I just take a minute to again comment on the ridiculous people on the Greenway? The last 2 weeks there have been tons of people on their kids, which great for them. Let the kids get out and get some fresh air. However,  I will push your 4 year old out of my way when they dart in front of my running self. I'm not falling on the trail because your kid is swinging a stick. 

AND what is up with the people feeding the seagulls at the lake??? Don't feed them an entire loaf of bread, they are poop machines and will dive bomb runners. Running through a flock of seagulls (heh heh) is never awesome and I swear if one of them poops on me I'll wipe it on your bread bag.

It was almost 60 degrees when I finished my run which is ridiculous in January. Just plain crazy, I didn't need a long sleeved shirt.

After I got home and showered I took Cleo to the dog park and she wanted to leave almost immediately. Why? because I gave her a new chewy treat before going on my run and she obsesses over them. She's convinced that the cats are going to steal them. Sigh....

Low-Carb Awesome Pancakes!
1 cup cottage cheese
1/3 cup Quest Nutrition Baking Mix
4 eggs
1/2 tsp baking powder
1 Tsp Coconut flour
2 tsp sugar or 2 tsp Truvia Baking mix

Blend until smooth in a food processor. Spread sum butter on the griddle and go to town! Add a few blueberries for a little added sweetness.

That's my weekend! Did you do anything exciting???

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  1. Ha! Great minds think alike, I experimented with a banana version of low carb pancakes but mine went terribly wrong. I will have to check out this recipe next time!!

    1. The Quest baking mix makes all the difference. It's corny to say it's changed my life but it's so dang good.

  2. those pancakes look delish - I normally use GF bisquik lol but if I'm trying to be good, I just use a banana and a egg. Definitely not as good as the real thing, but yum enough.
    I am getting a Garmin for my birthday - so excited! I'm especially excited to use it because I use the Nike App and I know it has issues sometimes.

    1. I LOVE my Garmin. I just need to remember to charge it. :) The Nike app made me all sorts of ragey because I KNEW it was wrong. And really these pancakes are amazing.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! They are super delish! I'm probably going to make a big batch to have for the week.

  4. I am going to be trying out your pancake recipe probably tomorrow since I have a snow day LOL! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  5. Those sound so reasonable to make and they taste good? I'm intrigued!

    1. They really do taste good, not like some of those other low carb pancakes. I've tasted some awful ones in the past and I swear the Quest baking mix makes all the difference.

  6. They are really good and the closest thing I've found to a good low-carb substitution!

  7. They are SO good! I added a little more coconut flour and they were more cakey. But when I use less they're almost like crepes which is what Kev likes.

  8. Those pancakes sound really good. And look good nutrition wise. Where do you get quest baking mix?

    And what are you cross stitching?

  9. The pancakes look yummy and I could easily add blueberries or banana for my little who loves fruit in pancakes. That chef on the other hand put a bad taste in mouth also! I hope that it was just a bad night for him, no excuse but still.

  10. Seagulls are the worst!! What were they thinking! Those look really yummy!