Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thankful Thursday

If you happened to come over from the Angelos article, WELCOME! Thank you for taking the time to look at the magazine and actually type the blog address in your computer! The original blog post that started the whole thing can be found here. Again. thanks for stopping by!

This week I wanted to drop by super quick and play along with Rebecca's Thankful Thursday!

1. I'm thankful that hopefully some people still stop by and read my blog even though I haven't been the best reciprocater in the last few weeks. Work is kicking my butt and I;m usually organized enough to have a little procrastination time during the day. Not so much anymore.

2. I'm thankful that I work for a company who is experiencing tremendous growth and is able to create multiple new positions and expand departments. I really like being able to give other people the opportunity to join out team

3. I am also thankful that someone sat me down and showed me how to write a proper resume before throwing me out into the world. And this was a time before Internet where we had to speak with people and get their opinions.

A few of the things I learned not to do:

  • List "Create flyers" as one of my areas of expertise on my resume. I actually make a pretty sweet flyer but you know what, it doesn't go on my resume.
  • Ignore spell check.  PLEASE, click on the little spell check button before you send a resume to a hiring manager. It's a small thing that means so much. You know what, I'm going to spell check this post right now.
  • Properly format my resume. Maybe print it out before sending, do all the fonts match? Oh wait, why is this thing bold? And this bullet clearly is a different font from the rest and much better written. You copied that from somewhere else. 
  • Spread it out over several pages. I had a small break down when my resume went to 3 pages and I've been working for quite some time. When you have 4 retail jobs, you can put all that on 1 sheet of paper. 
  • Don't smoke all the weed before an interview. I'm not dumb, I know you were high.

4. I'm super thankful that my boss listened to the small panic attack I had over the quality of resumes and interviewees I've had to deal with the last 2 weeks. I'm going to recruit my own people. I need to go to some networking events and find me some people who refrain from lighting a bowl until after the interview.

5. I hate even numbered lists. Thank you mild OCD.


  1. So glad I don't need to do a resume now. It's been 38 years at the same place. I'm sure they're different today than what I learned.

    1. I don't think they're that different. :) Right now I;m just looking for someone with decent grammar and no misspellings on their resume.

  2. Thanks! It really is exciting. Now if I could only find some good people to hire!!