Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Wednesday Confessions

It's been a while but I wanted to bring back some Wednesday confessions. I guess I need to atone for my sins. So here goes. #confess

1. I confess that I was ready to call the animal shelters because my cat was missing for almost 48 hours. I saw Titus before everyone came over for rehearsal Sunday night and I figured he escaped when people were coming in. He didn't come for breakfast Monday morning and I was a little worried. Tuesday morning he still didn't come for breakfast and I told Kev to go look for him outside. I was afraid he'd been dragged off by some wild animal. That cat doesn't miss a meal.

Got home yesterday, Kev hadn't found him and I asked if he'd checked in all of the cabinets and up in the attic. Then I opened the door to the linen closet and he jumped out. My cat was locked in the linen closet for almost 48 hours and I feel a little bad about it. At least he peed on the towels which are super easy to clean. He seems really happy to be out and it's not like he was going to starve to death. #hesreallygoingtopeeonsomething

2. I hate Greek Yogurt. Everyone is on the dang Greek yogurt bandwagon and it makes me want to vomit.

3. I'm concerned that one of my employees might be a serial killer. He quotes Silence of the Lambs all day long. If the cops came and asked if I were surprised that bodies were found in his back yard, I'd say no. #Imnottheonlyonewhothinksthat

4. I'm more upset than I should be about not being able to find a Chuck Norris calendar this year. I really, really love my monthly Chuck.

5. I still have my Christmas tree up. It's dry as a bone but that dang thing is still festive. We put it up late and I'm getting every last bit of Christmas out of it.

6. I texted the house cleaners to see when they were coming back and she didn't respond for 2 days. I knew they were out of town but I was terrified that they thought my house was too dirty and not worth what they were charging. I had a lot of anxiety that I might have to find someone else. 

7. I'm hiring a new intern and I can't wait. I have so much crap for her to do and I needed her yesterday. Just waiting for her education to be verified which makes no sense because she was home schooled. Seriously, just call her mom. #thatrefridgeratorisn'tgoingtocleanitself.

I'm super excited that Melissa is bringing back the Wednesday confessions! Go check out the other posters! Also check out #hashtaghumpday. Love it!

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Spill your guts, what do you need to confess?


  1. wow, your coworker. don't be alone with him in the elevator!!

    1. I just know something bad is going to happen. I don't know what or where but there's something there..

  2. I had a coworker be quite inappropriate to the women. Lied a lot as well. Well, a year later it came to light that he'd take medical claims home so as to pad his numbers yet not do the work with said claims. He was raided by the FBI b/c they were DOD claims. OMG....SMH....

    1. When I was at Wachovia one of my employees was taken away by the Department of Homeland Security. They came and asked me to bring him to a conference room. I think he was wanted on charges in Jamaica.

  3. Lol it really is. He told me he was hit in head with a brick a few years ago and now everything makes more sense. The last manager made some questionable hiring decisions.

  4. Your employee and my neighbor should be friends.

    And I'd be just as paranoid about the cleaners. Mine texted me earlier this week though so I think I'm okay... for now!

  5. Oh my gosh... I laughed so loud at my desk about the killer in your office :) .. sorry - I have a warped sense of humor... apparently you do too :)
    Glad your kitty is OK!!!!

  6. Poor kitty, but I know I've done that once or twice. Your employee sounds freaky, beware. Eek.

  7. One of the last time I went to visit my sister, I locked one of her dogs in the pantry and I could hear him whining, but I thought it was because she had went outside to put something in the car and he thought she was gone and I was yelling at him to STFU. She came back inside and was like, Where's Noodles? I told her I didn't know but he wouldn't shut up whining and she walked down the hall and realized the whining was coming from the pantry. When she opened it, it was like he'd never seen daylight in his life. Oops, my bad. It was really only like 5 minutes though, drama-king.

    And I can barely tolerate regular yogurt, greek yogurt is just too thick and nasty for me.

  8. Haha these are great! I would be freaked out if I lost my cat-- but maybe not as much as I was when my roommate lost her snake. Yes, we had a missing snake for 3 days in our apartment! We finally found it coiled up in the heater closet. I still get chills thinking of that!
    Melanie @

  9. Yikes, I am glad that you found your cat! They are good at getting themselves locked into places.
    That is kind of creepy about your coworker quoting Silence of the Lambs so much...
    Oh man, I wish I could hire a house cleaner! That would be so nice :D

  10. Poor kitty! My parents cat just went missing last year and they never found her. Super sad. My dad thinks she's in a closet somewhere...I don't really want to think about it. So glad you found yours though! And the serial killer employee is freaking me out and I don't even know them - how do you deal with that kind of creepy?