Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Convention Recap - Part One

Did you really think you'd get away without a convention recap or two? Nope. for the 3 readers who're interested in the recap of a sorority convention, read on friends. And Mom, hi Mom. If this isn't your jam, come on back next week when I'll be back with awkward selfies and pictures of my cat.

On to the recap! My day started bright and early at 5am and I had to get ready and dressed for the day. I had a 7am flight and an 1130am meeting, in Orlando. I got up at 5am, planned to leave at 6am and catch my 7am flight. I'm sure to many of you, this seems like a really bad idea. BUT, at the RDU airport, this is TOTALLY doable. I really love our little airport I have checked my bag, gotten through security and at my gate within 20 minutes of being dropped off, No problem... Except this day. I have never seen so many people in that airport before. Seriously, the line for bag check was ridiculous. Thankfully I realized I could drop my bags outside with the skycap and get in line for security. I wouldn't have made it if not for the skycap.

Get in line for security and when I get to the front, the TSA agent starts complaining to no one in particular that "these people aren't lining up like they're supposed to". She was talking about me and some other people. That's when I spoke up and told her that  we'd happily go where she wanted if she just told us where to go. I got the biggest TSA stank eye. Crap. I'm going in the back room and she's going to touch my boob and now I miss my flight. 

Thankfully that didn't happen and I made it through security, ran to my gate and STILL had time to get my coffee. Hell Yeah.

I arrived on Friday along with most of the National Leadership Team. We advise chapters nationally as opposed to working with the local chapters. Really though, I still do both because I still work with the ladies at NC State. 

The first day was full of meetings and finally meeting the rest of the Chapter Accounting Specialist Team as well as my fellow Division 5 peeps.

Preach it Pandora.

 I got my special convention badge with the blue NLT ribbon. Snazzy.

One of the things that happens at convention are the business sessions. It's where roll is called, the chapters get to show off their flags, the delegates vote on new members of National Council and proposed amendment bylaws are voted on.

When those business sessions occur, we have to wear all white and white robes, we also sit with our divisions in our special seats. One of the cool things are these placards. The delegate signs the back each year and it's a cool way to see all those who've come before you.

After the last session, I think I finally made it to bed around midnight. It was a super long day, but it was the first of many. 

Saturday morning started bright and early with CAS training and then we had a NLT business session. One of the last things we did at that session was the dagger ceremony. Daggers are given to new NLT members to signify their service. They're worn behind the pin or incorporated into a piece of jewelry. It's how you can tell that someone has served on NLT. I knew that this was the tradition but it didn't really sink that I was getting one until right before the ceremony.

Seriously, so cool. I'm super excited to add that piece of hardware.

Of course there are pictures, so many pictures. And a glorious hotel carpet. 

It was another long day because the collegiates started arriving Saturday afternoon. Even though I wasn't there as the "official" Chapter Advisory Board person for NC State, they're still my girls and my advisees. I needed to make sure they all got in OK. 

We had the opening session, more meetings and again, back to bead at midnight-ish.

That night Kev was off playing poker and sent me this text.

Kev knows me. Some of my favorite things are gambling and money. Nothing like a nice stack of poker chips to end the day. BTW - he won.

On to Sunday! Day three of convention for me. We were in business sessions most of the morning but when we finished I needed to get a picture with me and the Xi Chapter flag.

Every convention, the chapter delegates walk down the aisle with their chapter's flag. It's pretty cool and the alumnae for that chapter are encouraged to stand to show their support. Last convention I got a picture with the NCSU flag but mine had already been taken down. Each chapter has a Greek letter designation based off their date of founding, The Kappa Delta chapter at the University of Pittsburgh was originally colonized in 1920 and disbanded in the 30's during the Great Depression. Luckily for me was re-colonized in 1979!

While I was getting my picture taken, a BUNCH of Xi collegiates and alumnae cam over and introduced themselves. I was SO excited that there were so many of us here. Xi chapter representing at convention!

So, you remember the GYPO Summer Challenge? Well, Amanda and I were both participants who weren't really able to play along during convention. HOWEVER, on Sunday the outfit guessed it, a WHITE DRESS. We had to take a picture and post it on the GYPO Facebook page.

After a long day of meetings and business, it was time for dinner and the awards ceremony! That night it was cocktail attire.

This is the night when awards for the Alumnae Chapters, Chapter Advisory Boards, House Corporations and individual Chapters are announced.

I was super excited to pick this up for the Triangle Alumnae Chapter! I've been a member since I moved to NC and have served as President, Programming, PR and Membership. That group has a special place in my heart and I was thrilled to be able to pick up the award!

Honestly though, I was waiting to see what Eta Upsilon won. I knew they had done really well over the last biennium and I really, really wanted to see them win something.

AND THEY DID! They won a Recognition Award which is given to the top 25-35% of chapters in the country. I'm so proud of them, seriously, a LOT of time, effort and hard work went into that little bowl.

Me with 2 of my awesome advisees, the past and current chapter Presidents. These ladies earned this award! I told them that 20 years from now, when the shelves are full of crystal bowls and sliver platters, this bowl will have mints in it and no one will remember it's significance, but they will. 

AND Eta Upsilon's amazing House Corp won an Outstanding House Corp Award as well! Overall it was a great night and they're bringing home more silver to display in the house!

Phew, that was just the first 3 days of Convention, we still have two to go!

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  1. This looks like so much fun! I love spending time with girlfriends. And you ladies look great in your white dresses! I love Alison's challenges! Susan

    1. I was excited to find I white dress I loved. I probably have 3 in my closet that are just OK, but the eyelet one is by far my fav!

  2. Thanks! I was so proud of them, they worked really hard over the last 2 years!