Monday, July 20, 2015

Scenes From The Weekend

I know that the weekend starts on Friday evening but some interesting things happened during the day. Well, maybe not that interesting but hey, why not?

I spent the morning catching up on some much needed reports and paperwork... is anything really "paperwork" anymore? There's no paper...

Alright, after all my paperwork, I needed a mind afternoon pick-me-up so I headed to Ross (more on that later) and to get an iced coffee. It's coconut coffee season at Breuggers and it is delicious iced. Well, next to the Breuggers by my office is a Jake's Wayback Burger. I've never eaten there but I heard it was good. My impression of the place changed drastically when I saw this.

I tried to move the table to get a better picture but people were staring at me. There's a reason why they hid it. That is a SLIM JIM MILKSHAKE!!! Who thought this was a good idea?? Really? Have they run out of things to put in milkshakes? If you want to protein pack your shakes, just add some protein powder, NOT hunks of smoked meat. Vom,,,,, 

Unbelievably, the chocolate cricket protein powder wasn't the most disgusting thing on the advertisement.

I got back with my coffee and headed over to the empty office on our floor to see how my interns were coming along with their decorating. 

Last week, my boss was sitting on his back porch with a beer and thought it would be awesome to have a haunted house to educate the staff on the new software features we were debuting this week. It's a "Creature Feature". We have 5 rooms decorated like different horror movies.

I worked on the Mummy Room.
Some days I leave work and think, nope, I can't put that on my resume. Nope.... This is what my interns do, decorate empty offices and dress up as creatures. I thought my internship at the Andy Warhol museum was pretty cool, I got to play with his time capsules and catalogue the contents but yeah, they get paid to do this, My internship was $0.

Friday night Kev and I went to Bolt Bistro for dinner. My cocktail was yum but my food not so much. I also left my phone in the car so no pix.

Saturday morning I was up bright and early for Pump class, Well, 10am early. It's the perfect Saturday morning class time. Sleep in and still get a morning workout? Perfect.

I got home and had a hair appointment to get my roots touched up at 130. Kev wanted breakfast and we "thought" we could get to Briggs for breakfast and still get to my appointment. Nope. We called and the wait was 10 minutes. We got there 5 minutes later and the wait was 20-25 minutes. Grrrr.... It was too late to go anywhere else so we just decided to wait. 

My food was gross. Everything tasted like plastic. I told my hairdresser and she said that Briggs went downhill and tastes like old people. I don't know, my food was gross but the server was messy and that was a huge turn off for me. She splashed water and coffee all over the table, the coffee pot she left on the table was wet, it was just messy... and plastic-y.

Saturday night we wanted to see Trainwreck but sadly it was sold out and we went to Ant Man instead. Dang this weekend sounds depressing. It really wasn't that bad, I swear. 

Sunday morning is groceries and laundry. As i was leaving, I saw this in my cul du sac. That's a family of 7 asshole deer. I hate them. They have no people fear. They run in front of cars, eat our flowers, just are a general nuisance. They were back when I was walking Cleo and she really, really wants to chase them. If I thought she would come back, I'd let her but Cleo chasing dear equals a half hour of me chasing Cleo.

The Big Spoon lady was sampling all their nut butters. Since I have 0 self control when it comes to nut butter I walked out with this one and a belly full of samples. Nom....

A few weeks ago we had a work happy hour and I discovered this deliciousness. 

Today I found it at Trader Joe's. Yay.... It's in my fridge now. 

I also found this, much to Kev's delight. 

Then we took Cleo to the pet store for a wash. I take her to Unleashed and for $15 you can use their facilities, supplies and they clean up your mess. I think it's a great deal. Clean dog and I don't have to clean the bathroom. Win win.

She's never happy to get a bath and at Unleashed there's a wall of what I refer to as "awful animal parts". You can get beef trachea, dried duck feet, moose knuckles, you name it, they dry it and dogs eat it. I let her pick out something and she went with what might be an elephant ear.

That thing is huge. Now she's lording over it. Because the cat will take it. The cat never takes anything...She doesn't want your dumb elephant ear. At least she smells good now.

After bath, I went to the gym, folded laundry any ended the day with some blogging. Not terribly exciting this weekend but I have a clean dog, which is an accomplishment.

Tell me you did something awesome.

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  1. I swear everyone tried/saw Train Wreck this weekend, but don't worry i'm in the same boat as you and didn't get to see it! I love your boss's idea of having the different rooms - talk about interactive for all your co-workers!! Hope you have a fab monday! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

    1. Any man was fine but I'm not a comic book fan. And they LOVED the haunted house! My interns did a great job!

  2. My weekend? Quality time w my Mom! Yay!! She brought the lil ones back (confession: it would have been ok to keep them a few more days.. DOH!) but alas, they are home. I greedily informed family that they could have the multitude of leftovers and took mom out for girl time. Hehe ended up at Panera. She gets salad and 1/2 a Sammie and I get broth. Win-win! :) off to Kohls afterwards to go nuts over a 30% off. I saw Minion tees and a Goonies tee and strongly contemplated buying a Me-Gift... I held strong... No tee nec. today... Treated her to a Lemonberry Cream Slush at Sonic (why does everyone love Sonic & IHOP when they visit??) and I got my Sonic Ice. Yep. Loving the ice at Sonic... And no I am not anemic (always asked that...) now mom is gone and all back to the norm at the Smith House. I have next consult tomorrow w specialist- crossing fingers, good vibes, positive thoughts, juju and shaking a chicken that it goes well! LOL

    1. Did the consultation go well???I think I saw that it was pretty pricey to get what you need. :(

  3. My dog would want that big ole ear. Guaranteed.
    Yuck for bad service & food that tastes like plastic. That's never good.
    I wanted to see Trainwreck - the hubs Ant Man.. so we saw neither :)

  4. I LOVE the TJs rootbeer!!

  5. A jerkey milkshake?! Seriously?! That might be the grosses thing I've ever seen. But that cocoa peanut butter looks delicious, so it balances it out. :)

    1. "jerky milkshake" THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID.
      OMG I'm sorry. There was no holding that back.

    2. Sooo fricking nasty. I can't believe anyone thought it was a good idea.

  6. So in 2013, someone introduced me to alcoholic root beer. I feel like now everyone is finding this new brand and I'm over here like, been there, drank that. I really should thank my friends for keeping me ahead of the curve.

  7. Oh no. Eeeewww. Whoever came up with the beef jerky milkshake is a sick, sick person. Sorry you had nasty, plasticky food! But yay for yummy nut butters and a clean pup! :)

    1. I KNOW! Who thought that putting a slim jim in a shake was good???