Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My Love Affair with Ross

I think we all know that  I kinda love Ross, a lot. They have no idea who I am or that I'm writing a blog post about them. I've had a lot of shopping success there so I thought I'd share my secrets. I know some people love TX Maxx and others love Marshall's but Ross is my jam. 

One of the big reasons is that there aren't all that many racks of clothes to look at. I have a tendency to get overwhelmed when there are a lot of clothing choices. Forever 21? I can't even. There's no rhyme or reason to that store, the racks are too full and there are 17,000 different styles on one rack. Nope. 

If you're anything like me, I think you'll love Ross. So here are my tips to a successful Ross trip!

 - Not all Ross' are created equal. This might sound strange but it's true. I have friends who can't eve find anything when they go to Ross and I usually don't walk away empty handed.. There are several Ross in the area but I always go to the same one, and that's the one I send everyone to. 

If you're local, the Ross in Morrisville is my jam. I have a friend who has pretty good luck at the one in Durham on 15/510 too. Definitely skip the Brier Creek and Triangle Town Center locations, the one at Triangle looks like it was looted. 

If you don't find anything at one, try another location, don't write off the entire chain!

I may or may not have bought this dress in the short and long version...

 - Don't just look in "your size". When I go, I scour the medium rack as well as the larges, you never know what might be hiding in there. Since we don't have consistent sizing in the US, you have to try on a LOT of different styles to see what looks best on you. Honestly, though, I'm never going to buy an XL or anything over a size 10 because I'm vain. If it doesn't fit, I'll find something in my "size" that does. 
This dress was $8!!!

 - Ross is the BEST place for dresses, Hands down, love, love, love the dress selection. I think I bought a sweater there, once.... Everything else has been nothing but dresses. 

It's no secret that I love dresses, The more selfies I take, the more I realize that dresses look better than pants on me. I have a small-ish waist and big hips, so I need the definition of a waistline.

Two years ago I looked everywhere for a formal dress for convention and ended up spending more than I wanted. This year I got that blue dress for $14.99 and got SO many compliments on it. 

 - Think outside the box! Sometimes you'll see something that doesn't quite look like "you" but you never know until you try it on. I have one dress from Ross that was $24.99, everything else has been under $20.
This isn't outside the box, it's totally me, it's black and striped. $11.99 no brainer.

 - I love going to Ross during my lunch time, especially on days when I'm already wearing a skirt / dress and have my spanx on. That way I know how it's going to look. 

- Ross is a GREAT way to try out some trends that you might not be sure about. If you drop $20 on it and only wear it that season, no biggie. I like to spend more on staple pieces that I'll wear year after year, like shoes and jackets. My tastes change all the time and something I loved 4 years ago, sits unworn in my closet.
I NEVER thought I'd wear a jumpsuit but I LOVE this one!

Everything in this post was bought at Ross, and let's be honest, it's not everything I've ever gotten there. If you have a Ross in your area, head on over and check them out! You won't be disappointed.

Ross, TJ Maxx or Marshalls?

Do you have a Ross nearby??

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  1. I LOVE Ross and you are so right about their dress selection, it's the BEST! I have gotten so many cute, really cheap dresses there! Now I want to go to Ross...

    1. I love so much. I've converted a bunch of friends too. I'm apparently a bad influence!

  2. that's the thing about those stores - you gotta want to HUNT for things. I'm in the mood some days - not so much others. But even on those days, I love their home stuff/kitchen stuff / journals. I never walk out empty handed.

    1. I never do. The one thing I like about Ross is that they don't have too many racks for me to look at. The fewer the better!

  3. I was excited to read this because were getting a Ross in our town soon. We already have a T.J. Maxx but I go there more for home goods than clothes. I'm with you, the place overwhelms me. I can't wait to Ross opens up!

    1. I love Ross so much. It's the best place to find cute dresses. I hope your first trip is successful!

  4. i can't remember if I have better luck at Ross or TJ Maxx, now that it's in question. Ross, I think. But you're right, it does depend on where you go. Most of the ones in CHS have been seriously picked through so it's hard to find anything. Maybe I just need to go to the rich bitch areas. No, no Megan, you need to stop shopping. I wish this method of talking myself down would have worked last night before buying FOUR pairs of running shoes.....

  5. Got some great deals girl! I really like the patterned maxi with the peach, and the detail around the collar of the first. Fun to find some dresses you really enjoy!

    Thanks for linking up with Turning Heads Tuesday
    Jess x