Friday, July 17, 2015

Decisions, Decisions....

Yesterday I told the story of selling my old jewelry at the pawn shop. Like I mentioned, it's time to figure out what to get with my "winnings". Kev said that if I sold my jewelry I had to get something substantial that I would actually wear. Now I'm on the hunt for a decent piece of jewelry. 

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll already know what I bought, well, some of it... Really though, you should follow me on Instagram, especially if you like pictures of my food, my cat and booze. Not my cat with booze, but come to think of it, she might be a little calmer if she she had a little vodka...

Here are some of the things I'm contemplating.

David Yurman Cable Bracelet. I think this is a classic that I'll wear for years. It goes with everything and is really versatile. Bailey's Jewelers has a thing where the month of your anniversary you get $100 off a $200 purchase. Our anniversary is next month and they'll let me use the coupon early. $100 extra dollas is always nice.

Ippolita Sterling Sliver Rock Candy Mini teardrop earrings. I saw these at Bailey's when I was looking at the David Yurman bracelet. They're so pretty and really would go with anything. They're a top contender but for the price, I think I could get a similar look at Kendra Scott.

Tory Burch leather wrap bracelet. This is on special for the Nordstrom's sale. It's reversible too and I really love it.

Totally not jewelry, but something substantial that will last a long time, right?? Tory Burch Melinda Flats, also Nordstrom Sale. I showed Kev a pair of Tory Burch flats once and he asked if the price for 7 pairs. He was unimpressed by the $225 flats. This might be my only chance.

I've been looking for a decent leather bag to carry my laptop, coffee and lunch. I love how simple and sturdy this one looks and it has a place for my coffee. However, I DO have an anniversary next month... Hint Hint Kev. You can order it here. I like the Steel Grey and the brown. It's a tough call on the color.

Kendra Scott has a new collection that just launched and I love. love. love these black agate earrings and the white howlite. They're perfection in person. I might have a slight Kendra Scott "problem".

What do you think? If you were going to get a nice piece of jewelry, what would it be?

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  1. I'm not a huge jewelry fan so I'd totally go for the flats or the bag.

    1. I was leaning hard towards a Tory Burch bag but Kev said I should buy jewelry. lol

  2. I'm Obsessed with Kendra Scott! Gosh I always want everything!!! Love those earrings!!!!!


    1. I love me some Kendra Scott too! Maybe a little too much. Now that they opened a store near me, all bets are off. lol

  3. I think if I were splurging on jewelry I might get a Kendra Scott Rayne necklace since they're all the rage. But I'm like Rebecca Jo, not a huge jewelry person so I'd probably get clothes or something!

    1. In definitely walked away with a Rayne necklace. The new stones were too pretty to pass up!

  4. I love earrings in theory.. but I've been so horrible at actually wearing any... oops. As for the rest of that stuff.. I'm lucky if I remember my keys when I leave the house. Also, I have this thing where I lose expensive things. How I am an adult still makes me wonder.