Friday, July 31, 2015

How to have a Successful Outlet Shopping Trip

I don't even try to deny that I love me some outlet mall shopping. Always have, since the first time I experienced the glory and majesty that is outlet shopping. I think part of it is due to what Kev calls, my "seemingly endless ability to walk around and look at stuff".

I don't deny it, I really can look at stuff forever.

Last week while Kev was away I opened the mailbox and saw this....

Well, well, well, I knew what I was doing on Saturday. Since I love outlet shopping so much, I thought I would share some of my favorite shopping tips.

 - Wear some comfy shoes. I can walk endlessly in sandals, so I'm good either way, but there's nothing worse than smooshed toes when you still have a lot of shopping to do! But not too comfy. Anything with laces is a no-go. I hate having to take off my shoes and re-lace them each time I try something on. Don't get me started on shopping in boots either. 

 - Be smart when you choose your outfit for the day. I saw ladies in maxi dresses and gladiator sandals on Saturday. Poor choice.... Again with the having to take everything off.

 - Stay hydrated! I stopped and got a beverage on the way there. Really though, you need to drink, unless there aren't many bathrooms at your outlet mall, or they;re far apart. In that case, drink next to nothing.

- Look for gems in unexpected places. I found these awesome shooties at the Gap outlet and they were an additional 20% off, plus my coupon. They're perfect for the fall. I'd never expect to find cute shoes at the Gap, but I've had pretty decent luck there.

- Sign up for coupons. I know. we all hate the endless sale emails, but you want those coupons when you go to the outlet. I send all those types of e-mails to my yahoo. That way I can filter out the things I care about and the junk. That weekend I had a coupon from the Gap outlet for an extra 15% off all sale and clearance. Yes please!

- For $10 Tanger Outlets will sell you a lifetime membership into their "savings club". Each time you visit you van get a coupon book that has an extra % off. I did that last year when we got my MK purse and the extra 20% off the bag more than made up the cost of the program. And they send you extra coupons. 

- Plan to visit around holiday weekends. The outlets are more crowded then, but the Labor Day / Memorial Day / Columbus Day sales are usually pretty good!

- Get something for Kev (or your Kev) when you go. It helps deflect the number of bags you bring home. :)

Those are a few tips for a successful outlet shopping trip! So, what did I get?

At the Hanes outlet I got 2 pairs of clearance crops and 2 sport bras. They were 75% off and $8 apiece. NICE! Oh, and a pair of Zella crops from Nordstrom.

I so love this waterfall / kimono / cardigan sweater from the Loft. I wore it on Monday with a black dress underneath and it was super cute. It's going to be even cuter with tights and booties in the Fall. 

Not from the outlet but one of my folks had on this sweater the other day and I fell in love with it. She got it at Target and no lie, I went and got it at lunch that day. It's so soft and perfect for the fall, or now in a cold office. 

I KNOW... I have a small cardigan problem. Really though, this one is super lightweight AND it matches the stripes in a dress I've had for a while. A white cardigan looked dumb with it but it was all I had. Until now. :) This one is from the Gap

And I totally got the gray shooties from the Gap.

All in all, a pretty successful trip! 

What re your favorite outlet shopping tips?


  1. I really am on the hunt for good bras - I didn't think about going to our outlet mall - good excuse to make a trip :)

  2. Those booties are so cute! Oh my gosh wearing the wrong clothes/shoes to go shopping is the worst. Like wearing a dress but then only trying on a shirt...I don't care how cute that shirt is, it's gonna look weird if you're trying it on paired with just your undies! Hahaha.

    1. So true! I hate having to unbutton / unlace clothes when trying stuff on. It's the worst.

  3. Great tips! Our outlet malls are 45 mins away so I don't go all the time but I LOVE to look at all of the stores when I do go!

    1. We have one about 45 minutes away on both directions. :) I probably go more than I should, especially if Kev is out of town.

  4. Ooooo.... I remember when they built this outlet. I was definitely there the first weekend. lol